Fat Burning Abdominal Exercises for Men Over 50

http://CombatEnduranceTraining.com Fat Burning Abdominal Exercises for Men over 50 are hard to find. These Abdominal exercises really help men over 50 burn f…

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291 Responses to “Fat Burning Abdominal Exercises for Men Over 50”

  1. Alex Reply

    I have tryed sit ups, to crunches, to running, to going to CUrves, to even buying the benderball! Its not working…nothing I do is working. I do not feel that I am working out my stomach like when I do leg work or arm work the next day i feel soar but when I do ab work it feels like I haven’t even been working them out. The rest of my body is in shape but I just can’t seem to get my stomach in shape! HELP!

  2. timq3dimensionscom Reply

    How many should i be aiming for?
    My waist is less than 30 inches.
    What do you do to stop yourself becoming bored and focusing on the pain?
    Any other advice?

  3. sujan adhikari Reply

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  4. Sanjeev Kumar Reply

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  5. rakeshjha8408 Reply

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  6. manoj kumar Vaikath Reply

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  7. Bertie Bassett Reply

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  8. pubudu dissanayaka Reply

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  9. payman91 Reply

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  10. soman magar Reply

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  11. Daniela Branza Reply

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  12. Ronan Nakarmi Reply

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  13. rahul poudel Reply

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  14. sikshya maharjan Reply

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  15. Edna D. Greenleaf Reply

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  16. Vova Lukyan Reply

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  17. Steven J Bradley Reply

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  18. reenu bajracharya Reply

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  19. Hasan Sujon Reply

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  20. Naresh Maharjan Reply

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  21. Taras Balaban Reply

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  22. Bipana Stha Reply

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  23. Kuldeep Sandhu Reply

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  24. TheAbStand Reply

    If any of your viewers have trouble doing these exercises due to lower back pain, we encourage them to visit us at theabstand*net It’s an ab machine that works the midsection while standing, putting less stress on problem areas.

  25. Yura Podimov Reply

    “A single tyranny, instead of a million. What’s the choice?” cried

  26. Andrew S Reply

    okay well i have to go to a dance competition coming up, and all i am wearing is booty shorts and a bikini top (i did not choose the costume for dance) and i would like to know how to get a flat tummy, well i am not that chubby, i am pretty skinny actually, well not that skinny, i still have some chub, and i would like to get rid of it, so is there anyway i can get a flat stomach!!!??? PLEASE!!! p.s i would never want to starve myself either… food is my friend.

  27. Yura Podimov Reply

    tried to lift him, clasping him round the chest under the arms. He was very

  28. Yura Podimov Reply

    “The stupid average working-people.”

  29. arjundolphin Reply

    Yes I agree cant even believe it. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I exercised my abs were still jello.

    Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

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  30. Haptikwow Reply


  31. nasty1 Reply

    I’m a girl and I wanna keep my tummy flat BUT I don’t wanna end up with a 6 pack like a boy :| so would I end up like this if I did 50 sit ups a day or not?

  32. jlghfe36 Reply

    Monday and Thursday, twice

  33. srijan bamrel Reply

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  34. anstitus86 Reply

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  35. Spider Pc Reply

    I am female, 17 years old, 5’6” and weight 160 pounds. I am hoping to lose 20-30 pounds. Im thinking of doing Tae bo to lose the weight…but there are like a million videos to choose from. Which dvd should I work with? And how long do you think it should take me to lose the weight with tae bo? (I am going to stick to a low calorie diet as well.)

    Also, if anyone has any other suggestions other than tae bo, please, recommend them to me! I just picked tae bo out of the blue because I’m not quite familiar with any other work out videos…

  36. Sejal Shah Reply

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  37. Prakash Sharma Reply

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  38. stingerms Reply

    I just want to be attractive again. Not necessarily for the shallow bitches out there, but just so some girls that are worth it will actually be willing to talk to me. That is how it all starts. Any ideas?

  39. Laxman Tharu Reply

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  40. Bruce Aranguiz Reply

    Dude is doing it and his face is like “this shit is easy”

  41. Catherine Joseph Reply

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  42. Chamila Wijegoonawardane Reply

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  43. Sergio David Carmona Reply

    if you can do 3 or 4, great!, but if you’re a begineer, you must do 1 or 2 and rest 1 day :)

  44. Sergio David Carmona Reply

    Sure, the ripped abs need the cardiovascular training to burn fat

  45. Ramit Giri Reply

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  46. jcarsony Reply

    its obvious this guy doesnt lift

  47. ties groenen Reply

    i think evry day if you can ?

  48. 100209forever Reply

    Yes, it keeps your heart rate up. By keeping your heart rate up, you’re burning extra calories and fat. So you do the mountain climbers to burn extra calories and fat, and the abs exercises to strengthen the muscle.

  49. Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage Reply

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  50. jan paki Reply

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  51. jan paki Reply

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  52. kanchonraja Reply

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  53. ISlandyute11 Reply

    flutter kicks look so easy, but suck so bad!

  54. KiddGip885 Reply

    you have to eat right and then train

  55. Varsha Chowdhury Reply

    yes i mean it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. you can see it here bit.ly/190a2ri?=kopnz

  56. candyicon Reply

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  57. Scott Bull Reply

    I am teenage girl and i really want to get my stomach stronger. How can i get great results really fast? Thanks for all your help!
    also do u know any low calorie and low fat snacks that would be good for me to eat rather than junk food? thanks soo much!!

  58. Maggie Reply

    What’s the best medical way, for figure and skin, the safest healthwise, for a 48 years male with 10 kg overweight in abdominal area and no sound history of any illness ?
    Are fat disolving injections safe, or the latest best ?

  59. jordenkotor Reply

    I’m 14 and I only weigh like 120 but bikini season is coming and I wanna have some nice abs not a 6 pack, but something you can kinda see…
    i HATE crunches!!!!!

  60. Superman Reply

    I sprained my knee a couple of years ago; since then my knees have been hurting often. I woke up this morning with a huge pain in my knee and Its worse than usual idk what I should do. I want the pain to go away, I have work in a couple of hours I work at an mma school so I would love for the pain to go away what can I do?

  61. sean Reply

    There is a football game in about 4 weeks. Well me and mah girlz be painting our stomachs and spelling out our school mascot thing. Anywayz…. I want some abs! lol Not just for the game but just becase i want them. Any help on how i can get good resutls? Like should i do crunches? How many? For how long? Every day? Or is there any otehr techniques that work well? Thank Yall very much fo yo help! :)

  62. Erfan Reply

    how to get quick abs for the summa! :D

  63. Taylor2k Reply

    ok well ive been working out for a like a month and a half now and ive noticed ive lost 7 pounds and my tummy is getting flatter but it seems like my love handles got bigger and thats one of the main things im working on! why wont they go away! will they ever? how can i lose them! please help me!

  64. toast Reply

    i recently noticed i’ve got small “love handles” and i want to get rid of them asap, before they become big “love handles”…what the best -efficient way of getting rid of them, is there a special excercise i can do??…like a routine??…..thanx.

  65. Alex Reply

    Im just wondering what kind of exercise you recommend for me to do so I can get rid of my nasty love handles, I’m 5’3, I weight 115-118 lbs and I’m 17 years old. Ohh, I need to get rid of them by a month !! soo if you know what exercise, what to wear on my belly like a belt or something, and what to eat, please help !!


    Okay guys, im 17 and 82 kgs, and I got the unwanted fatty boobs, stomach and the overweight body, and im a male.

    My question is that I wanna guide or a few things to help me get rid of the large amounts of fat, including a few tips on exercises that I can do inside of the house, (I have problems with walking and jogging in my area) like skipping or jumping around and such. Also, a guide on foods I should be eating (does the special K diet thing work?)

    I also want to know if its possible to lose most of this fat starting from now and until school starts next year, which is around 2-3 months, since ill be working hard to lose it, im gonna pace around 1-2 hours a day. Btw, what are some indoor cardio activities I can do without the use of any equipment?

    Oh yeah, I dont expect to be thin or anything, I wanna lose enough fat so I can wear clothes without having to hide my stomach and try hiding the boobs, u know? and last of all, staying healthy and fit in the long run! serious answers=]

  67. RichT Reply

    im 5 foot 3 in. i wiegh 116 lbs i run a 7:50 mile everyday on the treadmill and i do a mile and a half on the elliptical in about 15 min and i do between 3-5 miles on the bike at the gym and i do 200 crunches every day i do track so half of this is for training but i wanna know how long will it take for me to notice defined muscles especially on my abs?
    im on a 1500-1700 calorie diet

  68. Derek Reply

    im 16 years old and weigh 105 and i am 5’2 but the thing is i feel like i have a really bulky body and have alot of fat around my mid section which makes my hips look huge!!
    soo what kind of exercises should i do to look smaller??
    any tipss

  69. Chester Reply

    I am a boy, 18 years old, and with a height of 5’2”. I weight 63 kg.I have started following a particular routine of the following works-
    1)Running 4 km every day on my treadmill
    2)10 push-ups per day
    3)Drinking only Green Tea in evening snacks without any sugar or milk.
    4)Avoiding all the types of fried foods or fatty items.
    My abdominal muscles are barely visible and I still have slight ‘Love-handles’ Will my routine help me lose fat, just enough to make sure all the muscles are visible?

    Please comment.

    P.S.-I cannot do anything out of my house and I do not have time to attend the gymnasium everyday because It is nowhere near to my home.I would just like to know If I can have some desirable result in 1 month.

  70. The Inc Reply

    I’ve tried to eat right and exercise but it doesn’t seem to help. I want to look great in jeans and feel better about myself.

  71. Dom L Reply

    And do those waist trimmers work….if so, how are they effective.
    Just wondering.

  72. Dana G Reply

    It’s so annoying because not to be concieted but im naturally skinny but then my stomach i like bulging times ten! I hate it.

  73. simply complicated Reply

    im 14 year old boy 6ft size 13-14 feet ( if that helps? ) big build, thing is im 15 stone, doctor said ok for my high but on the higher allowance guidelines if i took my top of you would see a few stetch marks on my stomach and a big belly and man boobs, its upsetting really and i want not toned up so good that i have to work 3 hrs a day just to stop it turning into fat, i’d like a flat stomach with some muscle or just no belly or man boobs, i go gym and im trying to get a membership, but how many calories should i eat/burn a day then? heres a normal day for me:

    Wake up 6:35
    Get downstairs 6:40
    Have cereal or beans on toast ( rareley i have that ) 7:00
    Go upstairs/Have a bath 7:50
    Go to nans ( bike ) (1 Mile)
    Walk to nans to school 10 mins
    Walk from school to nans 10 mins
    Bike home ( 1 Mile )
    Bike From home to park 5 mins
    Play football for 2-3 hours
    Bike from park to home 5 Mins

    Thats a normal day, obviously i dont do it everyday but most days sometimes i go gym instead, so can you give me some pointers and buying the ab king pro. will it help? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Medicarn-Pro-Ab-Bench-King-abdominal-exercise-fitness_W0QQitemZ190306064516QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_3?hash=item190306064516&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1696%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1307%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50

  74. Scott W Reply

    I weigh from 145-150 and I am male. I have about 13% body fat, not to long ago I had about 12.2%. I’m about 5’11″ or 6′. I have a 28/29 inch waist-line, small enough where in normal stores I have to get pants from the boys’ section, and I wear a small-medium shirt sizes. I eat right, I make sure I don’t eat certain things that contain bad ingredients such as Partialy Hydroginated oils, and I work out lots. I’m deffidently strong, I can 10 rep bicep curls two 40lb dumbells in each arm, max out over 50, perform 16 pull ups in a row, almost 50 pushups, breeze through a 3.1 mile Cross Country run, and so much more. I get called “Skinny” or “scrawny” alot, yet I still have a big gut and man boobs! What could I possibly do wrong that I still have all of this? I watch what I eat and I have a decent amount of muscle in my upper body for crying out loud! (My abdominal muscles I keep tight without even thinking, after years of being fat, explained in the next paragraph, so my gut doesn’t look as bad as it really is)
    I lost about 45 lbs of MEDICAL steroid fat that I had from a horrific accident after about five years of having it from the ages of 11-15, right now I am 16. Is it because of that steroid fat that I can’t go skinny? Also, why am I at least not muscular, or even defined well, other than on my back, which is highly defined, and sort of on my shoulders and arms, but I have to flex them? (Excluding my back) And how come you can see my abs, when being flexed, even through my gut, where 80% of my excess body fat seems to be?

  75. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    ok i am a freshman in high school, and i am 50-100 lbs overweight and am 6 ft 6 or 6ft7, i actually am a good looking guy with great facial features and stuff, first of all, whenever someone talks shit, they say i have man boobs which i do not and they go for my weight and stuff because it is always their target, i want to drop weight because no girl wants to date a guy who is fat, at least no girl i am interested in, i am 14 years old, what are some ways i can lose weight the fastest because i want to be fit and possibly lean maybe by the beginning of sophmore year if not faster, i am 6 ft 6 or 6 ft 7, what is a healthy weight and how and how long would it take to get there, and no i will not become anorexic or bullemic, i appreciate the help a lot

  76. Boo Cookie Reply

    If i were to run everyother day. Could this tone me up
    or just help my legs out?
    Because, I want to lose belly fat. I was thinking
    burning the fat off then toning them.

  77. MexicanDude Reply

    okay, i just wanted to see u ppl’s reactions. lmao xD
    a thumbs up to evryone :D

  78. blarg blarg Reply

    I am 15, 5’8″, and 118 pounds. I am taking health right now and they say if one of your parents are obese, the child has 50% chance of being obese. My hips are not huge but I’m not straight down like normal. Is there any workouts to focus on the hips. I also have that bulge (not real big) on my stomach. I know crunches.. But what other exercises? Is my weight average? I just want to be toned. Thank you !

  79. Larry R Reply

    im 5’3 and i weigh 150 pounds, im not fat all over just in my stomach, i run 5 days a week and burn around 500 calories. i wanna lose 20-30 pounds. does anyone have any suggestions??? diets?? anything??
    ive lost 10 pounds so far in about 2 weeks

  80. Erfan Reply

    My ultimate long term goal is to lose 50-60 lbs of body fat, be slimmer and get firmed up( lower and upper body). To be just toned . I’ve been told that before I start the strength training. Its best to start with the cardio and stretching. The reason for this is because I would be developing muscles under the fat and it would become bigger and not slimmer. Also eatting a healthy diet I heard is also very important to lose the fat off your body. I’m trying to eat veggies at every meal, even breakfest and drink lots of water. Trying to be stressfree. Being stressed out can cause cellulite apparently. What are your views and opinions on this? I’m on the right track? How can I improve more?. Some things about me is I’m 5’6, 220 lbs. Most of my weight is in my hips, stomah area, waist,upper and inner thigh area. My My arms are very flabby as well and fat needs to be lost from there asap.

  81. have faith Reply

    how many sets of excercises should i do per body part?

    how many reps per excersice?

    What body parts should I do each day?

    a scheduel would be nice…

  82. Taylor2k Reply

    Now I was working out the other day and I pushed my arms really hard with pullups. I did 3 sets of 10 pullups (actually the sets went more like 14 on the first one, 7 on the next one, and the last time like 5). I did them until I couldn’t do anymore. Then I did a series of arm and ab work outs. Now I have two questions here. First, its been 3 days since then and my arms and upper back around the bones and my front shoulders still hurt really bad. I’ve tried using some electro massager(the type that massage you’re muscles with electric currents) and I tried like moving my arm. Nothing works, it’s like stuck in a bent position because my muscles are so tense and it hurts to straighten them. What can I do to regulate it and make the pain go away? My next question is, why don’t I feel pain from my ab workouts? I did some ab workouts on an ab machine but I only felt like slight pain in my abs, I feel more pain in my lower back. I did crunches until I couldn’t do anymore, but I only stopped because my body wouldn’t let me do anymore, I felt like no pain in my abs. So, I figured that I worked my abs really good since I couldn’t do anymore. But since I feel no pain I feel like I’m pussying out of the excercise. Are you not supposed to feel pain from an ab workout? Why is it more in my lower back? also my friend said I will probably feel sore in the abs the next day and I wasn’t. I was only sore in my arms as I said in the first question. It was almost like I did no ab workouts at all.

  83. Ev dog Reply

    My husband has been having severe abdominal pain. CT ruled out kidney stone, masses, blocked bowel, but the report says there are two loops of small intestine that are thickened. The doctor put him on antibiotics for inflammation, and we go back in 2 weeks, but I am worried about this being something serious.

  84. The Inc Reply

    im 135 pounds and i want to drop down to 120 – 115 by summer
    how do i do this ? what exercises should i do ? how many sit ups ?
    please help me
    the most weight is around my stomach and thighs how can i get rid of it?

  85. clntvrrt Reply

    My 14 year old daughter has been complaining on stomach and lower abdominal discomfort. They doctors ruled out anything in her stomach and ruled out bladder, kidney and yeast infections. When you touch her stomach it is tender to the touch. Yet doctors cant seem to find anything wrong. She is not sexually active.

  86. steve Reply

    Today, my mom is having a full abdominal hysterectomy. She is going through menopause and her period consistently wouldn’t stop. She became anemic from all of the blood loss. I was just wondering what are the risks of having this procedure and what are the steps in doing this?

  87. che-che Reply

    er, Im 12 , I dont drink!

  88. Thomas Lopez Reply

    Ok I’m 16 years old weigh about 190 pounds and I’m about 5 ft 10″ tall if that matters I’m upset with my body I have a disgusting belly and I have man boobs which are the thinks I hate to my very soul >_< so my school opened up a gym ,completed with weights treadmills work out machines, for us students to go to after school and I just joined them today and will be going 5 times a week, now I don't really know how much I wanna loose but I wanna get to the point where I have a flat chest and a flat belly, what do you guys recommend me to do I need advice on work outs and nutrition (also I have a nutri-bullet in case there are any good formulas for me) thanks

  89. Echo Reply

    When a women gets pregnant, her uterus enlarges to hold the fetus ( the baby). After a women has a baby, some how her fundus goes back into the abdominal cavity after she gives birth to the fetus. How does this happen? Please explain! I need precise and definite answers! Thankyou

  90. whites are not the only racists Reply

    Please give me diets and detailed workouts like how long and how to do them

  91. Ed D Reply

    im a dancer and i excersise but i cant seem to get a toned flat stomach

  92. crzyinluv Reply

    So recently, every time I wake up in the morning, I get a painful lower abdominal pain. It’s sometimes real quick. But mostly whenever I go to use the restroom it hurts so bad! Like if i’m starting my period even though I just got off it about 2 weeks ago. It’s major cramps when I use the restroom, or whenever I sit down. Should I be worried? What could it might be? Is there a cure? Should I go to the doctor? HELP!
    Oh, and i’m 16 years of age.

  93. Kobe Reply

    Basketball, Football, Track, Lacrosse, Soccer

    This year i had NO time to eat breakfast. i woke up at 6:30 every morning. toke shower brushed teeth used the bathroom. and was in my room by 7:15. i got dressed and my dad toke me to school at 7:50. And the school breakfast ends at 7:50. so i can’t eat breakfast. & my family NEVER has breakfast food. & even if i did get breakfast food they eat it all up -_-

    So i read things and they said if you starve yourself you lose muscle (i wasn’t starving myself). i had no time to end so thats like i could do is starve myself till i ate lunch.

    When i got to lunch at 1pm i usually ate x2 as a normal person, because i was that hungry. but i ALWAYS do sports, so luckily i stayed healthy (weight wise).

    Then when i got to weight lifting i realized i was weaker than i was the year before. i realized when i didn’t eat breakfast and starved till lunch i lost protein.

    Now i’m aiming for a 6 pack. i have a 2 pack and 3 pack slightly showing. How can i get muscle again. My exercise is no problem because i workout shoulders back and chest one day & abs the other day. i run everyday so i work my legs then. I just need help knowing how i can regain my muscle i lost from starving ALL year.

    Also i like try to grab the fat in my legs, can’t really get anything
    i try to grab fat in my arms, can’t really get anything
    but when i grab fat in my abs, i grab like a lot.

    Did all the fat like go to my core ?
    Fitness Plan

    Ab Day : 30 minute running, p90x abs.
    Shoulders, Back, Chest Day : 5 sets of 10 Pushups 5 sets of 10 Resistant band pulls.

    I drink nothing but water. NOTHING BUT WATER

  94. Rassling Fundamentals Reply

    so i go to the gym alot. i wanna get a lean thin frame, not a jacked steroid one. What weights should i be lifting, how many reps, and stuff like that. i’m 5’8 170 lbs. i wanna look like skinny cause i’m so short. you know, tone up the legs, ankles, calfs, ABS!!, arms and chest. Again, i wanna get lean and skinny, not jacked and bulky. please i need help lol

  95. Jermaine J Reply

    Whenever i do crunches my back starts hurting a lot (about after 20 crunches) way before i start have a good workout. When i do transverses ab exercises my back seems fine, also leg lifts. I used to do a lot of sit ups. My back usually is fine its just when i do abdominal exercises.

  96. Dr Dorian Reply

    I tore an abdominal wall muscle a few days ago, It hurt in the same spot for a day and then it spread to my chest, and other parts of the torso. Is this normal?

  97. Taylor G Reply

    Well in expiriencing burning feet soles daily and a sharp pain on the lower right abdominal side ( almost on a monthly basis) I have gone to thegp but he just told me to take paracetamol.Its really not helping any advice?

  98. Mark Reply

    I have been having upper abdominal pains for about a week along with menstrual cramps. I saw some dark brown blood (spotting I usually get right before my period) in my underwear two days ago but i haven’t started my regular flow yet. Are my upper abdominal pains connected with my period. . or what’s going on? I know I should go to the doctor so please don’t comment saying so. Thanks in advance.

  99. Yoshi Reply

    Can low back disc pains cause abdominal pain? Or would it be 2 different things going on?

  100. Mike Reply

    I just started having an abdominal pain a few minutes ago. I haven’t had abdominal pain in quite a while. It’s been a really long time. But it just came right now. What do i do to help it get better?

  101. Cliffy N Reply

    Abdominal Exercises can get fantastic results but the multiple assorted ways to get to the end are complicated. Has anyone completed the steps and can offer support and directions to me so that I can complete the program too.

  102. whites are not the only racists Reply

    One of the grisly facts about “drawing and quartering” is that a human’s intestines can be cut out of the body without causing immediate death – hence the quartering. Why then was abdominal surgery rarely successful until around the 20th Century? The Romans had brain surgery.

  103. apleaforbrandon Reply

    Hey fitness people! Does anyone have some examples of abdominal exercises appropriate for people who are obese? Many of the ab exercises I see are a challenge because of the paunch I already have.

    I often lay on the floor and lift my feet, but the sit ups are hard as my fat gut gets in the way.

    I’d love your ideas!

  104. evangldbrg Reply

    chronic abdominal pains, so the doctor has called for a full blood count and an ESR test or something.
    What are they looking for?

  105. Blake Reply

    My abdominal is a little loose from having a baby i have been excersizing every day except for weekends. I do situps with a five pound ball, i run on the stair machine and a couple of other machines i dnt kno the names of but is there a certain way to work out my abdominal that will help tighten it.?
    I dont want to lose weight i just want to tightn my abs

  106. Harry Reply

    So I had my first CT scan today and it was not fun. It was for the abdominal/pelvic area so they did contrast dye through the IV, made me drink a contrast liquid, and did an enema as well. Ever since the enema I’ve been having tons of abdominal cramping and the urge to use the bathroom (to go #2). I’m drinking more fluids to flush it out but my stomach still keeps cramping w/out having anything coming out. Any suggestions?

  107. Mike Reply

    My boyfriend and I had sex, and I am a virgin – it’s been two days, and I am having severe abdominal pains – we had sex the day my period ended. I’m nervous about everything, being pregnant, and rupturing something. It feels like a combination of gas and soreness. Opinions?

  108. ScRSC Reply

    I want to build my abs. What kind of exercise should I be doing to target my core body, and how many times a day? I am already thin enough so I don’t need diet or weight loss tips.

    I want to achieve noticeable abdominal muscles by the beginning of July. Is there a way I can do this in 5-6 months?

  109. EzioAuditore1459 Reply

    Recently I have developed abdominal pain, large quantities of gas from my mouth and my behind, and I have suddenly obtained the ability to burp on command (for which I have tried my whole life and never managed). What is wrong with me?

  110. BRUTE Reply

    I’ve had an abdominal CT scan (because of my constant constipation), but I’ve heard that CT enterography is a specific examination of the small intestine. Is it any better? Does the abdominal CT scan show the small intestine at all? Does it find tumors? Or will I need to do a CT enterography aswell to be sure?

  111. Coffee t Reply

    I do a few abdominal exercises that involve weights, usually 3 sets of 3-5 different exercises. Is it okay to work the abs a consecutive days?

    Also what about pectoralis muscles? Any suggestions on increasing chest muscle mass in 30 days?

  112. Balla Reply

    I’ve been having anxiety problems for a long time now, and the severity varies greatly.
    But recently, I’ve been under a lot more stress due to school and other things.
    I’ve been having abdominal pains the past few days and was wondering if it could be anxiety.

    Are there certain types of abdominal pain that are more likely to be caused by anxiety?

  113. ttocs Reply

    My coach says i need to build abdominal muscles, any excercises?

  114. Cole Reply

    I know you cannot spot reduce fat but I have a real problem area in my abdominal region with fat!!!. I am currently on a high protien diet and do 30 mins of cardio every day. What else can I do ?

  115. heavenly sword Reply

    I exercise my abdominal muscles one a week. To get my abdominal muscles to show, does it require a lot of exercising of the abdominal muscles, or just not having a lot of body fat?

  116. TommyKay Reply

    In July of 2011, I had an open hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction to try to prevent a hernia. My Doctor recommended that I don’t get pregnant again, but if it happened, I am curious to know why I couldn’t. He used pig skin to repair my hernia. Please no rude comments, I am just curious and not planning anymore children. I just wouldn’t want to be in a bad position in case my husband and I ever had a surprise. Thank you for positive answers to those that do choose to answer!

  117. Michael Reply

    I have an oblique abdominal strain, and it hurts when I exercise. I am very much into sports and I hate sitting on the bench, will it damage anything more if I play through the pain? and is there any exercises I can do to make it feel better and heal faster?

  118. Roflcopter Reply

    How to reduce abdominal or tummy fat? I like to have a thin waist and broad chest. I am a gym beginner and i like to know what equipment i have to use and what manual exercise i have to do for that.
    in addition what dieting habits should i have to keep my abdomin toned?
    Any answers, information or comments please!

  119. Lucas H Reply

    Is it possible to see a babys heartbeat through abdominal ultrasound 3weeks/4days after conception date? When is the earliest after conception date to see a heartbeat?

  120. Willie Reply

    My father has been told here in Canada that he has an abdominal aneurysm. I am trying to find out if there are any new procedures as far as treatment goes. He may have to travel to the United States for private medical procedures. I am also trying to find out the cost. Anyone who has just been through this type of ordeal and lived to tell me about it now so greatly appreciated.

  121. Scott Bull Reply

    I went at 5 wk 5 day and it was vaginal but the tech seemed kind of rough and it was painful. I go back at 7 wk 4 day. When do they switch to abdominal u/s’s? I don’t want her to do another vaginal one.

  122. Denali Reply

    I often have abdominal pains in my left side and stomach during and for a few days after intercourse. What could be the cause of this it’s usually around time for me to get my monthly.

  123. Patrick Reply

    I am having an abdominal hysterectomy and would like to know how long the recovery is and how painful and how long you stay in the hosptial. It will be a complete.

  124. Agent 47 Reply

    I had a abdominal ultrasound and should of been around to 2 to 3 months pregnant when I had it done and they said no fetus, I had to have a full bladder, was it possible they missed the fetus?

  125. David Reply

    I am 11 weeks and only had an abdominal one, what is the other like?

  126. Kaylla Reply

    I have a very sharp pain on my right lower abdominal right above my hip bone. Very rarely does it hurt unless I push there it sends a haorrible sharp pain in that area. Im just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this pain could be?

  127. liza Reply

    Ok so I do core exercises and they always say tighten you abdominal muscles when you do this. How do I do this? Am I suppose to hold my stomach in? Are is there some else I am suppose to do.

  128. ericmreitz Reply

    What about an STD would cause abdominal pain? Is this a serious sign? Why or why

  129. Clayton Cottrell Reply

    I think I have abdominal seperation. I am just now realising this 7 months post partum. Had no idea what it was until I read about it. Can I still do exercises to close it? Or is it too late to try now? Also, can this be dangerous at all if it never closes?

  130. Rassling Fundamentals Reply

    I recently hurt my neck and shoulder and because of this, doing crunches is very painful. I still want to continue working out and doing exercises to flatten my stomach, but I don’t know of any other effective exercises to do this. Can anyone please recommend some good abdominal exercises other than crunches? Thanks for your help!

  131. Xbox Gamer Reply

    This may be TMI, but this has happened several times. I am not on my period nor am i going to start it any time soon..
    But sometimes i get these bad cramps that are painful and make it hard for me to move. It occurs in my lower abdominal and my rectum. Lasts for about a minute and goes away.

    What could this be?

  132. JackReynolds Reply

    I am 37w4d pregnant, and at my doctors appointment on wednesday she said I was 2cm dilated and the baby’s head was “right there.” I have been experiencing a lot of lower abdominal pressure lately, and irregular contractions. I have also had diarrhea, do you think I will go into labor soon?

  133. Derek Reply

    When I go on the treadmill and jog I get abdominal pain after, it kind of feels like that feeling when you have really bad diarrhea except it’s not diarrhea, and then I also get vagina discharge. What could this mean? I’m not pregnant and it’s not possible for me to be, so it isn’t anything like that.

  134. Sergeant Pickle Reply

    I just started having an abdominal pain a few minutes ago. I haven’t had abdominal pain in quite a while. It’s been a really long time. But it just came right now. What do i do to help it get better?

  135. PIE BOY Reply

    I have a very strong abdominal region (I can do around 115 crunches in 60 seconds). However, I have a flab of skin. Is there anyway to increase the tightness and elasticity of this skin?

  136. Jeanelle the Retard Reply

    About two and a half weeks ago I started exercising on a daily basis to get into shape. A few days ago, however, I pulled a muscle in my pelvis and have not been able to do any abdominal exercises besides crunches because my normal exercises involve the use of my pelvic muscles. I would really like to continue exercising my abs and don’t want to be out of commission while my pulled muscle heals. Are there any abdominal exercises I can do (besides crunches) that don’t involve using pelvic muscles?

  137. Picean Reply

    How to develop muscles and increase strength of abdominal? and how can i increase stamina and muscle endurance? please.

  138. RuMKilleR Reply

    I have an almost flat stomach, and I’d like to make the lower abs a little bit tighter. I a lot of sit-ups as it is, but they don’t seem to be targeting my lower abs. What are some exercises that will help to tighten my lower abdominal muscles? (And possibly my waist?)

  139. Scott W Reply

    I know that the layer of fat above abdominals will not be removed by ab exercises but only through weightloss. But do ab exercises do anything to flatten your stomach or are they pretty much useless? Short question: will ab exercises (such as crunches and push ups) flatten my stomach?

  140. ademuth93 Reply

    Hello !
    My trainers in the gym they told me that it is impossible to strengthen the abdominal muscles as the ideal , Which is a 6 muscles in the abdomen unless he did the break-fat , I do abdominal exercises often to get the ideal format for abdominal muscles but is the trainers talk is right ? that abdominal exercises is not enough to get what i want ?

  141. jdubdoubleu7704 Reply

    I’m really trying to burn fat, mainly on my stomach, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m naturally slim, but I have just a bit of fat on my stomach, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem anywhere else on my body. How can I increase the fat burn on my stomach?

  142. whitesoxfan2347 Reply

    I have been doing cardio exercise for over a month now and lost 13lbs total. The problem is, I can’t seem to get my stomach flat. Would strength / weight training take care of this problem? I heard that cardio and ab exercises are not “spot” reducers. Am I right?

  143. have faith Reply

    I’m trying to find ways I can increase my bust size while still exercising my legs and stomach. I’m trying breast massage but it’s not working great yet. And also what easy, at home abdominal exercises are there that will work fast to flatten my lower stomach? Thanks.

  144. Cpt Excelsior Reply

    I train at least four times a week in the gym and burn on average about 600 calories every time. Then I also make some abdominal exercises every time I’m there. But how long should I expect it would take? By the way, I only have a thin layer of fat on my stomach and I eat healthy and not too much every day. :-) heeeelp

  145. Smashing Pumpkins Reply

    I just started exercising again. I am doing about 45 minutes of aerobics and 15 minutes of abdominal exercise a day. Is this enough to help me lose weight. Is changing my diet along with exercise the only way to lose weight, or will exercise alone do it over time. I know that building muscle helps you burn more fat, so is that enough to help me lose weight? I have been exercising for about 3 weeks and have actually put on some weight.

  146. Johnky J Reply

    I am trying to eta healthy and exercise do I need some exercises to burn fat and calories that can be done within an hour.

  147. Terrence Reply

    I don’t have the opportunity or the finances to join a fitness center, but I am wanting to loose some extra weight and tone up. I am able to go for walks in the late afternoon or evening, but I want to be able to do more. Are there any quick fat-burning exorcises I can do, like walking or jogging in place–something like that?

  148. Ramblin Spirit Reply

    Hi! I’m a female and I weigh 120 lbs, 5ft 3in, 27 inch waist. I’m trying to get rid of the layer of fat that’s covering my abdominal muscles. It’s not much at all, I just want it gone so I can see results. Help?

  149. friendly 4 Reply

    I am 15 years and 6 months old. I am a male teenager. My height is 1.63m (5 ft 4.2in) and I weigh 61.3kg. Although the BMI calculators and charts show that I am at a healthy range, I know for a fact that I am almost overweight. Before the summer holidays begin, I would like to lose 2kg per week for 6 weeks. I want to weigh around 50kg. I have man boobs, I am insecure and I have a chubby belly. All my friends are either thinner or more muscular and it makes me jealous.
    What I have decided to do is to go our local leisure centre and work out at the gym. I have been doing Karate for over a year now. I have put away my Xbox 360 to prevent me from just sitting down and playing for a long time. I have a trampoline (10ft) in my garden and a mountain bike that I just need to clean up, pump air into etc. I didn’t do much exercise at home but I want to change my life now.
    I have also decided to not snack, not eat foods such as chips/fries, pizza, sausage rolls, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, KFC, McDonald’s etc. Instead, I will eat food with more protein, carbohydrates and tiny amounts of fat for energy. I will also drink skimmed milk every night with a little sugar.
    So far this is my plan to becoming healthier and much thinner. Once I become thinner, I will start to tone my body. Lift weights, push-ups, sit-ups etc. This is so that I can get a good abdominal structure and muscular biceps and chest.
    All I want to know is what sorts of food I should eat per week and what I shouldn’t eat at all. What exercises (that a teenager will be allowed to do) should I do at the gym. Are there any fat burning exercises to do on the trampoline? What should my daily intake of calorie be? How much water should I drink per day?

  150. Miguel M Reply

    I have been doing several abdominal exercises (targeting the core and the sides) over that past month. I was have a small gut, but assumed the abdominal exercises would get burn the gut away. I was told that now in addition to the abdominal exercises I should do cardio, that way my abs will be exposed. Is this true, am I doing anything wrong?

  151. Joe M Reply

    For example, I have a little bit of a stomach gut. Does abdominal exercises burn that fat faster than another type of exercise such as cardio or arm/shoulder exercises?

  152. Heath Reply

    I know how to do a good quality Sit up (:

    But i’m wondering how many i should do a day for it to make a difference? I’m also dieting because i know that if there’s a layer of fat you won’t be able to see a flat stomach.

    I don’t want a six pack or anything, i just want it to be toned (:

    Also what other abdominal exercises can i do to help?

  153. MexicanDude Reply

    I am trying to get a six pack and am doing very well. Except for the bottom part.It is a little more flabby than the rest of abs, and I can’t feel the muscles under it. What are some good lower ab workouts that not only work the lower abs, but that would also actually burn the fat too.

  154. evil chevy Reply

    I am a lean and healthy 18 year old. I have no fat on my body except for on my lower stomach. While the easiest answer is do everything. What is more effective to weight loss, burning 500 calories a day with elliptical, bike etc, or eating 500 less calories a day (less saturated fats, more whole grain etc.) ?

  155. Hannah Reply

    What are some different types of lower abdominal exercises? I’d prefer something very advanced and extremely difficult if possible. If you can only give me names and/or descriptions, that is fine!

  156. Caltel T Reply

    i have just started exercising everyday,once a day for 1 hour 20 minutes,its been 3 days now and i want to lose my belly fat.i am currently lifting weights,running cycling,jogging,crunching and a few other abdominal exercises.my problem is every time i eat,my belly bloats up(becomes big again)and i dont if i am gaining all the fat i burned on the previous workout,because my belly looks just as big as before it was before my workout..is it too early to expect results after three days?,how long should i wait before i can check if there is a change with my belly? and how many meals should i eat each?,what kind of food should i eat?,plus how big or small should my portions of food per meal be?

  157. clntvrrt Reply

    I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying of building muscle over top of fat, and more muscle on top of that fat… such as abdominal exercises.

    Is that true? Also, is it true that it’s harder to burn fat if that situation presents itself.

  158. Jerosh Nagulachandran Reply

    I am trying to get a six pack. I have cut down on fatty foods a reasonable amount and apparently it is a lot more effective to burn fat through cardio than it is to build ab muscles doing sit ups

  159. NC Baller Reply

    I am trying to loose 100lb, I have lost 30 so far, (exercise and diet). I have lost cm all over (30cm this month – biggest loss at the gym this month!), but the excess fat on my lower abdomen seems to be getting flabbier (if that is a word). I am not looking for short cuts, but I want to know if there are any extra exercises to help with the lower abdomen, and what should I do about supporting the flab as the diet and exercise continue to work.

    I have Crohn’s, which has made any constriction or abdominal exercise impossible in the past, and that is what I think has caused the blubber to settle there. So now the Crohn’s is not causing any problems, I need to learn how to work these muscles again.

    I am also using a skin firming moisturising cream, and it seems to be helping on my arms and thighs.

    I am going to the gym (Curves) 4-5 times a week (30 min), swimming when I can, walking 3-4 times a week, and using ‘The Bean’ 4-5 times a week.

    Thanks for all advice.
    Any idea’s?

  160. Rishi Reply

    What are some exercises or workouts that will help get rid of love handles or muffin tops? And will I start to see results in less than a month?

  161. lucasg615 Reply

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight around my waistline, but I don’t have any weights or anything at home, i’ve just been doin lunges and wall sits. Any ideas?

  162. ttocs Reply

    My abdominals seperated during pregnancy and I heard that doing crunches will only worsen the situation. So what is the correct exercise I should be doing?

  163. turg143 Reply

    I’m writing a paper for a class and I need to know the average abdominal circumference of a 5 month old baby. I’ve searched through the internet but all that keeps coming up is the circumference for fetuses in utero determined by ultrasound.

    Does anyone know? Or does anyone with a 5 month old (or any infant really) care to share what their baby’s AC is? I’d really appreciate it!

  164. PolishPokeyPimp Reply

    I’ve noticed some guys have these wierd v’shaped muscles near their lower abdominals.

    I found a great picture, and ive outlined it to show exactly what im talking about:


    What are those?

    And more importantly, how do you work those out to achieve that type of definition?

  165. easton j Reply

    I have just started running 4km per day but I don’t know whether or not this distance is enough for me to be able to loose fat around my lower abdominals. Please give me your advice.

    P.S. I am currently 15 years old and 5, 10″

  166. alberto s Reply

    I have a body fat % of between 9-12 and im doing many abdominal exercises for about half an hour, and i was wondering when mixing cardio with this how many calories should i aim to burn?
    My body fat % is 12.5 just found out, i need to get it down to around the 8 / 9 mark in a small period of time, how many calories should i burn in my 3/4 days i visit during the week?

  167. Victoria T Reply

    Is there an exercises that can strengthen abs and burn lots of body fat to quickly reveal those six pack abs? I am looking for an exercise or machine that can strengthen your rectos abdominal and burn fat. Is there one? If there is how many calories an hour does it burn and how long does it take to see results? Thanks!

  168. Matt Reply

    I am doing couple of different types of abdominal exercises for fat loss, i have worked out completely one month with abdominal crunches and cardio but my body result is very slow in burn fat at abs. I am sticked on fat loss diet structure. Here my question is,there is any great exercise for FAST fat loss at belly and effective to turn my body into six pack ripped with in short period of time?

  169. Gage Reply

    I’m 13 i am losing weight (from 115 down to 109 in a few months) but i still cant get the fat to come off. How can i target the fat to burn it off my abdominal region. Any special exercises for that would be really appreaciated. I walk for about an hour and a half at a medium pace 3-4 times a week so please help
    I am a boy and i just really want to know how to target the stomach fat.

  170. josh12rox Reply

    I have a stomach that sticks out more than it should. It’s not really big, but it does effect my confidence. I’ve heard before that if you have a layer of fat on your stomach and you do abdominal exercises that it just creates muscle under the fat and doesn’t change anything, but because my stomach isn’t very big will it work for me? Or will I have to do cardio workouts?

  171. RichT Reply

    I have about 18% of fat. I am in track and I also run about 2 miles a day after track practice. I do abdominal exercises almost everyday except for saturday and sunday. Sometimes I play basketball softball and volleyball. I need to lose this fat by April/May. Any advice? Maybe even some exercises to help out? (female)

  172. Rkmc Reply

    Or do I have to do a variety of abdominal exercises? Please explain.

  173. Superman Reply

    Is there any certain things I should eat before I do my cardiovascular exercises? Should I run at a higher speed or lower? Anything special I can do to increase fat burning?

  174. Boo Cookie Reply

    Exercises? Running? I don’t have a lot of free time and also a knee injury so maybe running isn’t the best solution. Thanks!

  175. Patrick Reply

    I’m naturally skinny, so I only have a thin layer of fat covering my stomach- but it’s still rounded and not exactly flat.

    I don’t really know much about this…Do I try to burn the fat on top of the abs or work to make the abs more prominent?

    If I do a lot of abdominal exercises everyday, Can I get a flat stomach within 2 weeks? Would cardio be better for that?

  176. ibjammin44 Reply

    Im a 14 year old girl, my height is 5’6 and i weigh 167 lbs. I wanna get to 137 lbs by the end of august and stay there. My BMR is 1569 calories per day, does this mean thats the amount of calories i nees to take in per day? And also what exercises can i do to burn fat off all over my body? And how do i make my stomach flat and then tone it just a little? Ive heard of some people doing abdominal exercises and their stomach end up looking bigger? How do i prevent this? And i need a good, fat burning, metabolism boosting, easy to follow diet. Also how do i motivate myself to stay in the diet/exercise and not give up? Also do i have to give up ALL junk food? And how do you know how many calories you have taken in? How often abd how much should i be eating? Sorry for so many questions i just really wanna loose weight.

  177. Phillip123 Reply

    I am a 17 guy. I would like to burn around my abdomen. Unfortunately, I do not have time to go to a gym. However, I do have dumbbells at home. How can I use these to burn fat, and build muscle around my abdomen?

  178. lucasg615 Reply

    I’ve tried leg raises, crunches and bicycle crunches and by the time I start to ‘feel the burn’ my back hurts so much I have to stop, what can I do?
    I’ve tried supporting my neck, leaving it alone, looking up, looking forwards, doing small movements, adding a pillow and curling as I do it but none have helped!

  179. Alex Reply

    I am 19 years old and also an ectomorph, currently has high carbs-moderate protein diet. Just wondering on how could I remove my abdominal fat without burning muscles. Doing cardio will burn my muscles since I am an ectomorph. Will low carb-high protein be a better diet? Will this diet burn my muscles?

  180. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    My daughter has tummy fat that she wants to loose- not alot of fat but some and i dont think diet pills will work!

  181. Seth Reply

    What exercises and tricks/ tips will help me loose A LOT of weight?
    I don’t want to starve and i don’t want to eat gross food. I don’t want to do impossible exercises either. so what moves will halp me burn fat and gain muscule in the stoomach area?
    I like weights and don’t like machines, and minor changes in diet( like size or food type) are what I am looking for.
    OH, and an estimated time of how long results would take would be nice too!

  182. fattiemanny Reply

    I currently go to a local gym around 3 times a week. During each session I do around 50 minutes cardio exercises (35 min on the airwalker and 15-20 minutes fast-walking) followed by some resistence training around 30 minutes using weights and abdominal exercises around 15 minutes. I have already lost some weight in the process but I would like to lose more weight in a healthy manner. I am also doing a low-carb diet limiting myself to 7-8 carb units a day where 1 Carb unit would be around 28g of pasta or 1 slice of white bread. Any suggestions welcome.

  183. Seth Reply

    I know you burn as many calories as on a treadmill. That treadmills are great for fat burning. Are exercise bikes great for fat burning? (They do burn fat obviously, but alot? same calories so..)
    So exercise bikes dont burn your abdomen/belly fat?? thats what im using it for.

  184. Gundown64 Reply

    Hello, i want to ask you if there is any way for losing fat from the stomach area without cardio(running). I am currently doing a home workout for the abdominal muscles and my stomach feels more tough now, but the fat over the actual muscle is driving me crazy. In other words i want to make my stomach more relief. when i make my exercises i sweat, but i am not sure if this will be enough. Also can this “fat burning be done in not fitness conditions because i can not separate time for fitness now. Thanks.

  185. Ray D Reply

    I know that you can’t Target fat, but I don’t understand. If you work out one area will your muscle replace the fat in that area, in other words, will you lose more fat in that area than another area? If you do abdominal exercises, will the muscle get rid of more fat in the abs than any other area?

  186. Dr Dorian Reply

    I want to tone my legs a little more and lose my tummy pouch. Some things to know about me first: I do have a healthy BMI. My thighs are large because of muscle, I just have inner thigh fat. I have lordosis (curving of lower back) so apparently that makes it harder to lose the tummy fat.

    I go to the gym almost every day to every other day. I focus on all areas of working out and have many many exercises I do.

    What I want to know is: What are the most effective ways in burning lower abdominal and inner thigh fat? I eat healthy for the most part, I splurge every now and then but I definitely don’t eat high fat foods every day. Should I take protein powder supplements to help?

  187. JDOGG1122 Reply

    I just purchased a weight belt that adjusts to up to 6 pounds. I am very fit, but I have a little bit of stubborn belly fat that, really, annoys me. I’d be happy if I could burn it. I do alot of cardio and abdominal exercises and try to watch my diet and drink plenty of water each day. Any tips? Can anyone tell me if it’s worked from personal experience?

  188. Thomas A Reply

    I know that “abdominal exercises” is a bit of an umbrella term and that this question is very common – but i’m fully commited to it. Recently my chiropractor instructed me to do 30 push ups a night to align the muscles in my back (or something along those lines) and i’ve kind of incorporated this into a fitness routine.

    I do my 30 push ups a night (i’m seeing good results already) which i’ve been doing for about 2 months now, and i’ve been doing 3 sets of 15 sit ups. I’ve read some conflicting arguments about sit ups, some claim they work, some clain they don’t, etc etc… I feel the burn, but no noticeable results yet.

    I’m a pretty skinny guy, 140 lbs and 6’3″ and I hardly have any fat on my stomach, so i’m hoping it shouldn’t take too long to see some results. Any suggestions for home exercises to target that 6 pack i’m looking for? Thank you!

  189. Derek Reply

    im trying to get a flat stomach by summer and i was just wondering do you guys know any foods that will help burn the abdominal fat?
    -thanks in advance:)

  190. MentallyCryppled Reply

    I am trying to develop some washboard abs here. When i flex, they are pretty sweet, and you see 4 and like half of the last pair. But when i don’t flex, my stomach is pretty flat, but you only see light outlines of the abs, and its kinda squishy. So does this mean i need to burn more fat doing cardiovascular exercises, or that I need to be doing more abdominal exercises? Or both?

  191. BRUTE Reply

    What exercise is best for a female to burn fat while building muscle, especially in the abdominal region? Please be very, very specific, I practically need a regimen laid out for me.

  192. sakyue1993 Reply

    I lost 40 pounds recently and now have a body fat index of 13%. I’ve been doing abdominal exercises for a while to get good abs but not many of them work as well as I’d like. I’m not trying to loose fat either. I’m past that part. I’m trying to build muscle and I’d rather not have to go to a gym, I’d rather do body training at home. Does anyone have an exercises that they personally use that work?

  193. toysruslover Reply

    I have pulled my abdominal muscles but i was told i could still play in a football game. Throughout the game I felt really breathless so I was wondering, is this normal for people who have pulled their stomach muscles? Also, what can be done to treat the pull?

  194. xLittle21Yaox Reply

    I have been having abdominal pain in the right lower side for months now. DO I have irritable bowel sydrome or chronic appendicitis or something else? Please help im so sick of this! WHAT CAN THIS BE? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! IT STARTED OUT AS A DULL ANNOYING PAIN IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY. AND NOW ITS GETTING MORE PAINFUL!! WHAT IS THIS???? IM NAUSEOUS FROM THE PAIN! PLEASE HELP ME! IM SOOOOOOO SICK OF THIS AND WANNA FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS!!!!


  195. Cpt Excelsior Reply

    I am 17 years old, and I am starting to get love handles and chest fat. I’m not obese or even overweight according to my BMI –I can even dress up casually and not look fat at all–, but I don’t want this increase in mass to go on any further. What are your suggestions on daily exercise routines? Or do you have a website where I can find info for teens? I know teenagers burn calories faster than adults, so most of the routines I’ve found I don’t think apply to me. Currently I am running one to two miles every day, doing 50 sit ups, and 25 push ups. I am planning on doubling the sit ups and push ups just as soon as I get used to the current amount. So please guide me in this if you can.
    I am 5’7″ and weigh 152 lbs.

  196. turg143 Reply

    Hi, I’m 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and have had abdominal cramps on and off for the last week. The problem is that last night I woke at 3 am with severe cramps in my back and abdomen. Unlike previous times when I just changed position and it went away it stayed for about half an hour and was radiating right around me, not really so much in the middle but the sides and back hurt. Is this normal? I’ve already had one miscarriage and I’m really worried. I’m seeing my doc tomorrow. Thanks.
    I’ve not had any spotting/bleeding whatsoever.

  197. Nick Reply

    I have really bad abdominal pain where I fell to the floor last week in pain, went to one doctor and he told me that it could be my appendix yet when I went to see a different doctor he did some tests and told me it was a bladder infection. I was given antibiotics for 5 days but only took it for 4 days as one of my family members put it in the bin by mistake. I still have bad abdominal pain and I am always tired but I am not pregnant. I used to have very bad abdominal pain and got loads of tests done in the hospital about a year ago but they didn’t find anything wrong and just turned around and told me it was probably due to stress but this pain is a lot worse. Any ideas? Thank you

  198. Splash Log Level 2 Again Reply

    just saw an advert on a heath site claiming having identified 5 foods to burn abdominal fat for men.
    I’m concern about been ripped of again with a miracle cure.
    Has anyone checked it out?

  199. Balla Reply

    I have really bad abdominal pains and a very bad lower back pain. I have also emptied my bowels a lot for the last two days, I’m feeling very tired and week and emotional, what could it be?

  200. stealspartansbcglobalnet Reply

    my lower back started hurting after i was on the computer for a couple of hours this morning. gradually it got worse, but not too bad. i just masturbated (clitoris) and then got an excruciating abdominal pain where i could barely walk correctly for a minute or so. its been about 5 minutes and the pain isnt so bad, except when i move too much. im a virgin but i skipped my period this month…i was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong? thanks!
    i also skipped last month…if that has anything to do with it.

  201. Superman Reply

    My mum is lying on the couch nearly to the point of crying… she is complaining of unbearable abdominal pains and she has not slept all night. She has been sitting on the toilet and throwing up the majority of the time… she claims this is the worst she has ever felt… anyone who can help PLEASE ANSWER! No stupid answers either… Thank you!
    I’m thinking it may be Kidney Stones…

  202. Kristian Reply

    Is it when your belly stands out??? Or/and flabs?? How does abdominal weight gain look like and what is it??

  203. ouch Reply

    I want to do exercises to achieve well defined abdominal muscles (six pack).

    I know that you have to eat really nutritious as much as you train. But I already have almost no body fast, because I have a really fast metabolism.

    Also, when I tense my abs, I can already see the creases where they are supposed to be, even though I never worked out my abs. And I’m 13. But don’t say I’m too young, because I know several kids in my school who already have a six pack.

    I tried the bicycle crunch, but it’s too hard to do perfectly. I always mess up with the pedaling motion with your feet.

    So is there any other good ab (and oblique) exercise, that doesn’t require equipment?

  204. clntvrrt Reply

    For a little over a week I’ve been having lower abdominal cramps. It kind of feels like mentral cramps, but a little bit duller and feels more like it’s gas that is stuck there. I sometimes do have gas with it and sometimes it feels that it is difficult to pass almost like it feels blocked by something. Usually when that happens I end up having to use the bathroom but that doesn’t seem to relieve anything or not that I’ve noticed. I’m not pregnant, my period isn’t due, it’s not my appendix or anything of that sort I’m VERY sure of. It just feels like gas that is stuck and won’t leave. Sometimes it’s on the left, sometimes on the right and MOST of the time it’s both straight across. Has anyone ever had that feeling? It’s really annoying. I mean, I can tolerate it, but it’s just really damn annoying.

  205. opurt Reply

    I have abdominal pain a lot..not like cramping but just hurting and sometimes it feels like cramping,,,sex is usually painful starting off and yesterday at the doctors they said the found a little blood in my urine and since i have had implanon for two years and rarely get cycles that it could just be my cycle trying to start…I’ve had this for a little over a week now and been to the doctors twice but they do not seem worried at all..any idea? is the doctor right? its just never done this before in two years.

  206. brincks26 Reply

    Hey everyone!
    I have a question – please only people with some medical knowledge answer. I’m a medical student, so i have some idea about this stuff, but i’m at a loss!

    I have had a 5-6 month history of episodic right lower abdominal pain. To quickly summarise my history – i have endometriosis, which i had a laparotomy to treat in July last year, at which time I also had a Mirena put in.

    So i started having this pain, and it was originally roughly once a month. I assumed it was related to the Mirena, or cycles, or something.

    However, in the last few months it has become more frequent, and more severe, and completely unrelated to whatever ‘cycles’ i may have while on the Mirena. It disappears between 6-24 hours after it began.

    Its also always in the same place, roughly midway between my bellybutton and the top of my pelvis, and 3-4 inches to the right.

    The pain can become very severe, and i feel very nauseous at times.

    So heres my actual question. does anyone have any idea what it is????
    The fact that it goes away makes me think its not my appendix. Its too lateral to be my uterus, too frequent to be ovulatory pain….
    I’m at a loss!

    My GP dismissed it (in fact didnt even let me finish desribing it)- I’m not worried that its something thats going to kill me, but i’m sick of it as im on practical rotations and I would like it to be gone!! My problem is that without having an idea, I have no idea what kind of doctor to see.

    Please, anybody, help!

  207. mal_functiongeo Reply

    abdominal mesothelioma symptoms

  208. Brendan O Reply

    On both sides of your abdomen. I’ve had 3 ultra sounds over the course of the last year or so, and they can’t find anything out of the ordinary. I know that the majority of my family has IBS, but I’m not sure of the symptoms.

    I also have lower abdominal cramping, as well as an upset stomach from time to time.

    Any ideas??????

  209. Lia-lu-li Reply

    I’m 25F army spouse-I had a lapascopy and tubal ligation on 3-20-07,
    next day I had severe pain on my left side I went back on base the
    next day with a nice ambulance ride due to a bruise and pain they
    just gave me some morphine and I was discharge the same day. 4 days
    later I ended up off base in another hospital with a 12cm*10cm
    abdominal wall hematoma and was hospitalized, then discharged and to
    the ER about 4 times after that. They told me I had to get a drain
    Back on base to have another surgery to put a drainage pump with
    another incisition on my navel. I been through hell and back with
    severe pain, unable to work and do anything plus I suffer from ddepression. I been taking percocets 5/day n been going to pain
    managment and now they are sending me to the neurologist. I can’t
    seat for a long time, raise my left leg for exercise is very weak,
    nor use my stomach muscles because the pain on my left side about 5in
    from my navel kills me. what can i do?
    Well I had antibiotics in the second op the drainage pump, but they never put me on anything after the first surgery which I think is what they usually do. THe chief GYN on base kept me with percocets for 3months and then thePain DR took had me do a CT scan and it said the hematoma was nearly gone. He cut my dosage down to 3/day and gave me some elavil for depression, but I have my wellbutrin already and just added this for my sake. I tried to do it but the pain was driving me crazy so He said he can’t do anything else, so adjusted my percocets back to 7.5/3 day instead of 5mg/5day he thinks it might be a nerve so by me going to the neurolodgist, he can block the nerve and the pain could be gone. I truely hope so, So I can live my life and enjoy it with my 6yr old daughter. I know that the only thing that has kept me sane is my faith. I have been really patient doing what they tell me to do but is been almost 6mths and I’m worse than before this damn surgery. God Bless N Thank U

  210. tjpimpin Reply

    For the entire afternoon I’ve been trying to find out what the cause of my abdominal pain could be, but searching hasn’t yielded much results because apparently my symptoms dont fit anything specifically. While I dont expect to find the exact answer on Yahoo you never know who else has experienced these things.
    Background; I’m a bit on the heavy side and live with my boyfriend who is a heavy smoker. Developed a cough from it, but he’s since started moving outside to smoke. Dont eat 3 meals a day (cant afford it), stressed almost constantly, and I get less than 5 hours of sleep a night due to work and family obligations.

    Okay, so this sort of happens every so often, but the last time I can remember is several months ago, where I’ll get a growing pain in my upper abdomen (favoring no side) that sort of feels like someone dug fish hooks into my innards and is pulling them in opposite directions. The pain worsens during standing, and if I distend my stomach. (anytime you throw ‘distend’ into a search for abdominal pain a whole slew of different problems comes up. My stomach is not distending on it’s own, the pain increases when I physically distend it by pushing my stomach out).

    Today the pain started like that, just a growing fish-hook discomfort, but its started increasing a bit in magnitude regarding the level of pain. Normally it just hurts and I let it pass, but this time the pain is a little more centralized on my right. (It’s still the same pain on both ends, but when I distend my stomach purposely the pain increases in the right a little). Sitting helps, sitting forward and standing hurts a little more too. Yawning, which causes my stomach to distend, is the most painful, and will stop me in my tracks, but if I hold my stomach down when I yawn then it’s fine.

    As of now the pain is subsiding, but I cant find symptoms like this anywhere on the web. I’d like to avoid the doctor since I already have to see them for a couple lumps on my lymphnodes (basket case I am) and I already owe them 200 I cant pay back so yeah. Personal experience or advice would help great. If I have to go Dr….I’ll figure something out.

  211. mrankinmatt Reply

    I have had lower abdominal pain, fever, heartburn, and nausea for 4 days now- what could this be?
    The pain is very low- possibly pelvic area. 2 weeks ago I had same symptoms on my right side- now it is on both sides. I’m 99% positive it is not pregnancy. 2 weeks ago I thought maybe it was appendicitis, but it went away. To add a little more graphics, it feels like I need to “go” but I can’t.

  212. evil chevy Reply

    I feel constant pressure /bloating feeling near my upper right abdominal area for almost 5 months now. I recently got an blood test for the Cea Ca-125 Alpha fetoprotein; they all came back negative. I also got an MRI that shows an unconfirmed report of liver lesions
    , they say I need a follow up until next month… Can liver lesion cause these symptoms or is it liver cancer? Also I got a gastroenterology test that says I have an small ulcer in my stomach with a inflammation. I am on omeprazole for 3 weeks, but the symptoms are still there. Whats wrong? Can this be liver cancer?
    Thanks, Also this pressure is relieved when I lay down? Why does this happen?

  213. Marshal Reply

    I went to the ER due to an abdominal pain. When I got there they didi series of test and was told that I Will need a ct SCAN. the technician misread my test and did a ct scan of my abdominal. After the scan, he told me that I have a fibroid and send me to ultrasound. well the ultrasound shows that i’m 7 weeks pregnant. I’m worried about my unborn baby and the impact of radiation on him or her. Please has anyone been through this before. Pls help i’m really worry.

  214. musicistabest Reply

    Hey, I’m a 15 year old guy and am 130 pounds. I am not a super chubby kid at all but for some reason all my fat seems to collect in my abdominal region. I really want to get rid of it somehow. I eat pretty healthy and I get good nutrition n stuff. I also swim for 2.5 hours every day on the swim team and do a lot of deck work (crunches, leg lifts, ect.) there too. I don’t know what to do about it. Any help? Thanks!

  215. Jason Reply

    soo i havent got my period yet…on the other hand i did have sex with my bf like 2 weeks ago he ejaculated in me but i wasnt ovulating..but ive been getting headaches,and bad abdominal pains and feeling really nauseated..and weird mood swings..mayby its a virus idk anyone know why could this be happening?
    idk if its all in my head..

  216. nick s Reply

    I am 33 years old, just finished my period 4 days ago, and for the past 24 hours have had lower abdominal pain, goes away when I take tylonel, feels like pulling/cramps…………i do have a doc appt but not until Thurs, any ideas?

  217. timq3dimensionscom Reply

    I have been having upper left abdominal pain for about 8 months now..it usually occurs after i eat or drink anything..or when i am full..when i burp or or feel heartburn type symptoms coming..i am very curious what this pain is it has been driving me insane..i have read many suggestions online but no symptoms seem to be the exact same as the ones i am feeling..if any one has any suggestions or have the same pains occuring i would appriciate some suggestions..when first telling my doctors they said it was normal and they were not worried about it..but its been occuring for so long and is starting to get rediculis…thanks for your help..by the way i am a 19 year old male 6 foot 1 about 220 pounds

  218. Sonny Reply

    When having both an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound done for say lower left pelvic pain, does the sonographer only look at the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus) bladder and kidneys?

    Are they able to view your colon and bowel as well? If you say had an enlarged lymph node or a hernia in your lower left pelvis and had a pelvic or abdominal ultrasound done, would this be seen on the ultrasound or picked up if the sonographer wasn’t looking specifically for these things?

    I’m just trying to figure out what can and can’t be seen with a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and that if you have a palpable lump in your pelvis (and it was not a mass (cyst), what else could it be that would/could be seen on the pelvic or abdominal ultrasound?

  219. Ray D Reply

    the mri report that I was given, for back pain, says that I have sevaral small abdominal retroperitoneal lymph nodes, and a 8 x 13 hepatic lesion on the liver, and that I should find a doctor to check this out.

  220. Gabriel Kenney Reply

    My doc is closed today and since 2 days back I’ve been feeling:
    Abdominal and pelvic pain
    Constant Urination
    A constant headache
    and now a slight fever

    If it helps, I do have cysts in my right ovary and am taking birth control pills about that.

    What’s wrong with me guys??

    Thanks :D

  221. Duke Reply

    At what waist measurement is a female considered to have abdominal obesity?

  222. toysruslover Reply

    So lately I wake up in the morning with upper abdominal pain. I think it might have to do with my sleep. Last week i went to bed any where from 10 p.m.- 1 am. And get up at 6 a.m. The time I went to bed at 1 a.m. the pain was worse. I wake up and after a few seconds then pain starts to come. Should I go to the doc? My mom doesn’t want to because it doesn’t happen through the whole day.

  223. Heath Reply

    I am a 27 year old male and for the last couple of months i keep getting woken up bout 7/8 in the morning by an abdominal pain it’s like I’ve been punched in the kidneys and I’m winded as soon as I get up 4 a bit the pain eases takes bout 20/30 mins. I’ve been to the doctor who said it might b kidney stones but that has come back all clear now there saying it could be muscle related problems but all I know it’s not getting better if anyone could shed any light on this I would b so pleased as it’s really starting to ruin my life!!!!

    Thank you
    Kevin paice

  224. SteveO Reply

    Over the past four years I have been having infrequent attacks of severe abdominal pain. After some investigating, my doctors thought this was related to my gallbladder, but the ultrasound showed nothing. They ended up treating me for an ulcer. The attacks are still happening even after treatment. Ultimately, it was decided the problem was biliary cholic.
    I get these attacks about four times a year. Each attack results in a trip to the emergency department, where I am given injections of gravol and a narcotic pain killer like Demerol or Dilaudid for the pain.

    The pain is from my bellybutton to where my ribs meet – and sometimes wraps around my ribs migrating into my back. X-rays and ultrasounds always come back fine. My bloodwork shows an elevated white blood cell count. Liver, kidney, and pancreatic function are always normal. I’m being sent for a HIDA scan soon. Does anyone have any ideas of what this pain could be if it isn’t my gallbladder?

  225. ibjammin44 Reply

    I’m having trouble understanding why the abdominal aorta is sectioned into “proximal, mid and distal”. Shouldn’t it be sectioned into superior and inferior sections? If proximal means closest to the point of attachment, when referring to the abdominal aorta, is the point of attachment the heart? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  226. cardskid22 Reply

    I have had reoccurring abdominal pain for a month this lasts about 3-4 days being 2 weeks apart. This time I am getting small red spots/patches on me in random places( wrist, under chin, under eye) but there are only a few.
    Is this something I should be worried about?

  227. mal_functiongeo Reply

    During the past couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I haven’t had much of an appetite and dark fecal matter but not black (no blood). The worst of it all is the rectal/abdominal cramps. What could it be? Please don’t say go to the hospital now or something like that because quite frankly 1. that will scare me and 2. I would rather wait to go to the doctor.

  228. The Inc Reply

    Severe Abdominal Pain in entire abdomen?

    Hi, I’ve had this pain for the second time in a year and a half. It’s excruciating. I can Barely breathe without it causingmypain toworsen.I’ve beentoa doctorbutthey say its just IBS.

    Pain described: Stabbing Sudden then worsens Entire abdomen It hurts to breath, walk, talk, andmoveingeneral.

    Other info: BM are always changing Blood in stool and on Toilet paper on occasions Nausea a lot (not pregnant recently started using nuvaring) Pain before pregnancy was so bad I couldn’t move out of bed (I stayed in the fetal position for an hr) Pain went away after gettin.g pregnant Pain reoccurred 8 months after having son.

    I have no medical now, so I have to refuse to see a Dr until I get approved.

  229. friendly 4 Reply

    I have a dull pain which has been there for a few days. It’s in the left side of my abdominal area near to the bellybutton. It’s starting to give me a bit of discomfort. Other than that my appetite has not changed and my diet is fairly healthy. I do get run down a bit as I exercise a lot and get 6 hours sleep most nights, any suggestions? Could it be serious or just something that will pass over time.

  230. RichT Reply

    Few days ago I felt pressure in my lower abdominal. Then it got pretty painful. It became difficult to use the restroom. It was even hard just to urinate. The pain got worse and at times I was unable to move. It hurt just to twist and turn while lying down. Pain worsened every time I moved my torso even by a little bit. What do you think is causing this problem? I’ve been thinking that maybe it is caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Or I thought maybe my ovarian cysts came back. But what are other possibilities? I am in my early 20s.
    Also I have hard time trying to straighten out my back and sit in certain ways. And even when I am in a position where I don’t feel much pain, just one slight touch to any part of my abdominal causes more pain.

  231. thexbox360player Reply

    how to do abdominal crunches more effectively?
    ive been doing crunches and my abs were sore at first, now its not and i dont easily feel the burn.
    is there any more effective or harder way of doing crunches?
    and plus i do lots of different kinds of crunches including lef lifts
    thanks :)

  232. ibjammin44 Reply

    I came off using citalopram 10mg i was on the medication for years, i came off it about 2 months ago and since coming off i been having bad lower abdominal pain with i get 24/7 and sometimes the pain goes round to the lower back and also get nausea allot for no reason.

    I been to the doc who gave me pills for acid but it has not done much, i was also told by someone else that this might be due to anxiety and if i go back on citalopram the symptoms im having will go away.

    So at this point i dont know what to do because what if i go back on citalopram the the symptoms still persist? that means i have to come back off it again which was a bad experience the first time i did and dont really want to go through that again.

    Any thoughts or help on this would be great! :)

  233. zigg3ns Reply

    I’ve been weight training for a long time now and I’m pretty strong and lean, however, I always have a problem with certain ab exercises because my legs are really long. Some exercises include: V-ups, tuck-ups, jack knife, windshield wipers… the ones that include using my legs to contract my stomach. Mind you, my abs are pretty strong and toned, but how can I improve on these certain exercises? another problem is that since my legs are long, it’s hard for me to round my back when i’m lifting them up off the floor (shoulders too) to hold that position. My back naturally arches because my legs make it unbalanced. There’s so many abdominal exercises i’m missing out on! what can i do!??!

  234. The Villain Reply

    Only this evening, I started to get a stitch feeling in the upper left abdominal. It’s only mild but it’s really annoying and gets worse with movement. I don’t have any diarrhea or vomiting. What could it be? :)

  235. Peter Reply

    during sex i started gettin cramps in the abdominal region and ive had diaherra for two weeks someone please tell me what this means

  236. RuMKilleR Reply

    so I used to get hemorrhoids every now and then and so when I would have them and go to the bathroom there would be a tiny amount of blood when I wiped. Then a few weeks ago out of nowhere I got extremely sick my fever was around 102 for two days and I was completely out of it. I had severe pains in my lower left side. They thought it was a kidney infection from a bladder infection but when they sent it to the lab it came back negative and the symptoms had gone away. Now I’ve been having abdominal pain again after I get heavyish bleeding in my stool. Like, I feel like I’m getting a period out of my butt when I go to the bathroom, heavy. What is this and what should I do about it? I currently don’t have any hemorrhoids unless theyre on the inside but it doesn’t hurt when sitting so I don’t know…
    i called a doctor and I have to wait over a month for an appt

  237. sethburger Reply

    I have a sick feeling but I don’t have a fever or anything. I also have abdominal pain whenever I cough, sneeze or laugh and I also feel nausea sometimes. Sometimes I also feel numbness in different parts of my body but I always get that. I’m 14yrs old and I just got back from our camping last night.

    My shoulder hurts as well, just to let you know…

  238. Gundown64 Reply

    what is the meaning of abdominal ptosis it’s symptoms and causes?

  239. Scorch Delta-62 Reply

    so lately i’ve been having abdominal pain and sore breast( comes and go and its just a mild sore) and i’ve been bloating a lot. belching like crazy. i had unprotected sex but we were very careful. i stopped taking the pills because my period went haywire.well anyways, I bought two packets of the pregnancy test and i was so curious to know whether i was pregnant or not so i used one and it was negative. i took the pregnancy test 4 days before my period was due. i was just so curios and anxious.i a very worried. i was wondering, how many percent can a pre-cum make a woman pregnant? in need of help. thank you.
    i used to have abdominal pain but it wasn’t as painful as to what i am feeling now. maybe it is better if i try to calm myself and not to stress out myself so that my period will come. in need of proper advice. thank you so very much.

  240. johnkaiser 22 Reply

    I think I have adhesions from my 6 abdominal surgeries. What are the symptoms of bowel obstruction due to adhesions?

    My symotoms:

    Severe left flank pain (7 out of 10)
    Abdominal pain (lower around navel mainly 6-7 out of 10)
    Vomiting almost immediately after eating (within 15-20min and not every time)
    Nausea constantly
    Reduced bowel movements (maybe 1-2 a week)
    Also runnier movements when I do have a BM
    Blood in urine
    Passed 4 kidney stones in 1 year (2012-2013)
    2 kidney infections in 9 months (after csection and hysterectomy)

    My surgeries:

    2007 – ovarian cyst removal
    2011 – gall bladder removal (26wks pregnant)
    2011 – myomectomy (7+lb fibroid)
    2012 – appendectomy (9 wks pregnant)
    2012 – csection 2013 – hysterectomy (laparscopic leaving left ovary)

    Any advice would be great. I’m in a lot of pain right now. I went to ER ALOT bc of no ins before I found my current pcp. So ers are relunctant to help with my pain. I do have a dr appt tomorrow. Please help.

  241. Melanie Reply

    im a 15 year old girl… ive been having a pain in my lower left abdominal area, it feels like a cramp. i went to the doctor for it, got urine & blood tests and they came back normal, they felt around and didnt feel anything. but today i felt the pain again (because it comes and goes) so i felt around and felt kinda deep and felt a lump.. well more like a longish one and its tender. what could this be? whenever i run thats where i get my cramp, and sometimes when im just laying down. its random. but if this could be something i wanna know!
    also my hips have been hurting when i walk, usually in the mornings, hurts a lot

  242. Keaton Reply

    Hello. I started having severe abdominal cramp “attacks” today for the first time in my life (I am a 16 year old male).

    The pain was not as bad at first, but as these cramp attacks went on, the pain became worse and worse. At one point it became so excruciating (for about 30 seconds straight, it felt like 30 MINUTES) that I felt that it wouldn’t stop and that I was going to die. It felt like the pain I imagine a woman would feel when giving birth, but most likely 10x less severe. The most I could do was stumble to my couch, breathe in and out very intensely, and wait for the pain to pass. I tried to massage my stomach area, but it only made the pain worse.

    One affected area was a portion of the skin between the belly/appendix area and my private parts, my waist area. The pain was aligned dead center to my belly button. The other affected area was the bottom of my butt, the area right below/on the bottom of my bladder.

    I had the urge to poop the whole time, but every time I sat on the toilet and tried, I would start cramping again (I had to push/squeeze as the excrement wouldn’t come out on it’s own). During my worst attack, I mustered enough energy to stumble to the toilet. I felt like I was going to die, so I had to “push”/”squeeze” as hard as I could to take my focus off of the pain.

    During this time I excreted a large amount of waste (my stool was mainly soft), and the pain went away almost immediately. However, a couple of hours later I started having both those cramps again and the urge to “go”, so I did, and the pain went away. The cycle repeated itself once again after that. I “went” three times in one day. I do not remember if I went to the bathroom to poop yesterday or not.

    Now, I just feel this constant, unwavering pressure in my lower abdominal area. However, the pressure is painless and does not prevent me from doing my daily activities.

    I posted this question to see what kind of condition I have.

    Thanks for your answer.

  243. colingrillo Reply

    i usually don’t get too bad of monthly cramps, due to the fact im on the depo shot, but i got my shot about two weeks ago, and a week later i had sex with my boyfriend without the use of a condom, but ever since then i have had very painful cramps and abdominal soreness. im not sure if its because i haven’t been sexually active for about a year, and if my body is adjusting or if its something i need checked out.

  244. skillz Reply

    i heard sit ups and cardio don’t help a lot. What exercises do?

  245. Lucas H Reply

    I have lots of fat on my thighs, buttocks, and some on my belly. I need a good daily excersise?
    please help i need daily routines and how long to do each for
    thanks in advanced

  246. Jenna Reply

    I know the basics like situps, bridges and crunches and stuff but I wanna know some more so i can burn it off faster

  247. Thomas A Reply

    im a 14 year old male and i have hard abdominal muscles but i have some fat on my body so i look heavy what can i do to lose the fat all over my body ? thanks to all who answer
    i already eat healthy and i exercise a lot

  248. ScRSC Reply

    That is the only kind of fat I have. I am just thinner, but with that kind of fat.
    I am almost 17, and I look very similar to the lady in the picture, just thinner. What measures can I take from now on to burn it all off and keep it off? I began to gain weight a few months ago and I have no idea what to do, or how long it will take to burn it all off. I am willing to exercise 3 hours a day, if that is what it takes. I cannot run because I am injured, so will swimming help burn it off? And diet? What do I do?
    Also, I am getting fat in the area exactly in front of where my six pack used to be when I was in competitive gymnastics a couple years ago, but I quit, gained a bit of weight, and still growing. I need more advice, because I forgot many of the things we used to do in training, basically.

  249. thexbox360player Reply

    I’m a sprinter, and I work out a lot (3-5 times a week). I have a lean abdominal area, and the rest of my body is quite lean. HOWEVER! I am having trouble losing the fat in my arms. I seem to gain muscle (due to the requirement of lifting weights) at that area, but the fat still remains. Muscle + fat = big arms!!! how do i get rid of this excess fat??? The same goes for my thighs and buns. But I’m more concerned about my arms. Please help!

  250. Joe T Reply

    I tried asking this question before, but instead of getting an answer everyone turned on me and called me lazy for not wanting to run to lose fat. So im going to try it again! I’m looking for JUST an answer to my question, if your going to tell me to get off my lazy a$$ and do some cardio I don’t wanna hear it :) Or read it…

  251. morbiusdog Reply

    I was told that If I had belly fat I needed to lose, crunches and sit ups would not help.
    Those exercise’s build up muscles under belly fat and do not help you lose the pudge.
    So I was told to do Cardio and strength training but I have no equipment to use and I am not sure what cardio and strength training exercise’s to start out with due lose belly fat. Do anyone of you know of some that I can do that will burn belly fat? Any other exercises will be helpful thank you.
    I had been doing crunches but I am only noticing a small change in my upper abdominal.

  252. David Reply

    I had gained weight after being on a certain medication for about 6 months now. I wasn’t a skinny person, but I always maintained a flat stomach all throughout high school. After december is when I realized i didn’t have my flat stomach anymore when my clothes started to have small bulges when i put them on. My diet has always been the same since eighth grade. Sure it isnt the best or worse diet, but like I said I always had a flat stomach.

    I know that abdominal exercises won’t burn fat and just builds muscle in that area. What are some good methods or workout videos that are good for losing fat in that area? Do I have to change my diet? I would take any advice because this is really affecting me so much personally. I feel so disgusted.

  253. brincks26 Reply

    I’m 16, 5’8″ 128 lbs (approximately) I’m trying for a six pack (I already have an ab workout set) but i was wondering if doing cardio exercise like running would still burn the very small amount of abdominal fat I have. I think I’m underweight as it is so I’m not eating less to try to lose any more, I do eat a healthy diet though. So will I still burn that little bit of abdominal fat with just running or other cardio?

  254. LN13 Reply

    I was looking around and read that sit-ups and crunches don’t burn fat, but build muscle under it, is this true?

  255. lucasg615 Reply

    Please, please, please!! I HATE my thighs!!
    And when you give examples, please tell me what to do.. I don’t know the exercise names LOL!

  256. Zack Faria Reply

    So if i wanted to lose weight around my legs, is an excersie bike not the best option?

  257. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    its just that i have a fair amount of belly fat and a bit of a six pack underneath so would ab exercises just tone the abs and still leave my fat there or would they also help contribute to getting rid of at least some of the belly fat, obviously less junk and more exercise like running are the key to burning all fat but i find those quite hard so will ab exercises burn fat on my abs

  258. Orbit Reply

    i do standing crunches, but what else should i do to burn it quicker

  259. Erfan Reply

    I’ve been going to the gym 4 times a week and eating healthy since the past couple of months . My physique is improving steadily and I now weigh 134 lbs at 23 years old which I think is more or less around the ideal weight .
    But the fat around my belly just doesn’t go away regardless of the cardio and lifting regimen . It has reduced by a fair amount but nothing close to the improvement the rest of my body shows . What can I do to speed up my abdominal fat reduction ? I understand that spot training doesn’t work at all but if I continue with my cardio at this rate , I will probably end up losing more muscle mass than fat . Please help .

  260. Wooooody Reply

    I’ve been doing a toning exercise on youtube for about 4 months now. Now I am wanting to trim the excess fat around my abs so they will actually show. What are some exercises?

  261. Phillip123 Reply

    Last year, I had a bmi of 14.9; 4’11 and 74 pounds (don’t worry I eat, lol) so I tried to gain weight. Now I have a bmi of 16.6; 5’0 (doctor says thats as tall as I’m gonna get TT.TT )and 85 pounds. But all of the weight gain seems to have gone to my stomach D: I didnt eat overly fatty foods or anything, I just increased the amount I ate of everything.
    So, can you recommend any exercises for me to do to help lose my stomach fat?
    Crunches help, right?

  262. Bryan J Reply

    Well, I have a last bit of fat covering my lower abs. I’m at around 8% body fat but I want to burn off about 15 lbs. Would this method work?: Put on 2 shirts, a few sweatshirts, two pairs of sweatpants and a few layers of socks plus a winter hat and taking a stationary bike outside and going crazy on it for about 15 minutes in the burning heat?

  263. zaclo Reply

    i want to lose belly fat within the next 2 months….so to speed things up should i concentrate on cardio alone or combine it with ab exercises? i was told that ab exercises actually increase the size of the belly…but then again more muscle means more fat loss……..am confused on what to do.

  264. skychi99 Reply

    I’m 14, but tall and i do not have the have the average body of a typical 14 year old. i do have broad shoulders and a large frame, which i think is beautiful. i love my body but i do have some stomach fat, I’ve checked whats healthy and what my scale is, and for my height i should weigh 145 and i weigh 160. getting rid of that stomach fat would help a lot! (:

  265. NC Baller Reply

    I need to lose stomach fat fast. Can you recommend some exercises or something that will help me lose stomach fat fast. Need help ASAP.
    need some more advice common guys

  266. Orbit Reply

    what are some good Abdominal exercises for belly fat and ab muscle build? any websites, videos, tips. or any other exercises for ab build and belly fat burner.

  267. louisewoods1984 Reply

    So I would like some fat-burning suggestions. Not really weight loss, I like my size, and I don’t think I am fat. I just have one problem area I want to make better!

    Now I do yoga 2x a week … and I have a really nice/strong physique. I like my arms, butt, legs, jean size, everything! Except… I need to burn a little off of my stomach area. I bet if I lost 2lbs I’d be able to more clearly see the muscle definition in my abdomen.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  268. Lucas H Reply


    I have been 90% vegetarian for about 2 years and walk about 2kms a day, I work in the 10th floor and always use the stairs. My body is strong and have god condition, but the fat around my abdomen would just do not decree a bit. I have very little space and time to do formal excercise and I have tried to reduce my calories intake in a healthy way.

    Any suggestions? ’cause I’d like to stick a straw in my abdomen and suck the fat out.

    Thank you

  269. The Inc Reply

    I have begun to do frequent exercising, but I find myself not gaining weight, but my stomach sticking out more than it normally has. I was just wondering if this was normal or if it’s something else.

  270. MAK & CHEESE Reply

    Im certainly not overweight but i cant get rid of my belly, I have strong abs but my six pack is not visible yet because of some fat covering the muscle. How can I get rid of it with diet and which exercises are good for this?

  271. Ray D Reply

    I can do situps and crunches, they arent working very well anymore, i have lost 55 pounds and I still need to lose about 3 inches off my waist before I m thoroughly happy. Any other abdominal exercises you suggest?
    Or any fat burning exercises at all?

  272. Ray D Reply

    Or does it just strengthen your abdominal muscles?

  273. stealspartansbcglobalnet Reply

    What is the best exercise for burning abdominal fat? Please don’t give me answers saying cardio and a healthy diet because I am already doing both of those. I also don’t want people giving me a work out schedule, I simply want someone to tell me what the best thing for burning abdominal fat, e.g. running, jogging, walking, cycling, jump roping

  274. David Reply

    I hate crunches because despite everything I try, stress is always put on my neck. Even if I simply raise my head and shoulders up without curling, I can still feel it in my neck and it makes me stop. I’ve heard countless people say “if you feel it in your neck, you’re not doing the crunch correctly”, but how do you NOT feel it in your neck? I try tightening my abs and “letting them bring me up” (whatever that means) but I ALWAYS feel it in my neck. I’m about to give up on crunches. Is it because my neck muscles are weak?

    I’ve been doing leg raises for a while and at first I could really feel it in my lower abs, but now, I don’t get the same feeling in my abs, but rather stress/pain in my quadricep muscles is what makes me stop. I tried incline leg raises which add a little intensity to the workout but when I do those my lower back arches and hurts, which I don’t know how to stop entirely.

    I tried doing bicycle crunches but they are quite difficult. Would having belly fat, a bit of “beer belly” if you will, be the reason for these exercise difficulties? I need some help here.

  275. have faith Reply

    I have an hour glass figure but I still have some abdominal fat to lose. I already eat a small amount of calories and I exercise almost everyday. I feel like I’ve hit a dead end. Can anyone help me?

  276. skillz Reply

    I have a little pouch, and NEED to lose it in 3 weeks! What are some maybe good home exercises to do at home to get rid of all fat?

  277. Scott Bull Reply

    I’m looking to burn fat and tone up my upper body. I have a very good abdominal workout program that I have been following for quite some time now, I need good chest/back exercises, I normally do supermans for my back but it just doesn’t cut it… I don’t have any weight lifting machines and all I have for weights is an exercise ball and dumbbells, I don’t even have a weight bench so I was just wondering what kind of exercises I can do for the chest/back/sides of torso with dumbbells + exercise ball. I play on a soccer team and I want to be ready for the season!

    So it goes like this I’d like to burn body fat % in upper body (my legs are fine) and tone muscle at the same time, I don’t want to bulk up, just tone and lose fat!

    Male, 5’7, 154lbs

  278. heavenly sword Reply

    How to burn fats on the abdominal region? Should I stop all kinds of sweet food, or this won’t help either?

    I DO practice crunch ups, but it doesn’t help at all. Almost the same fat layer since 6 months ago….

    Any creative ideas? what excercises, food, habits whatever? please help, thank!!!

  279. steve Reply

    Here’s a question for you all, I’m not fat but more like skinny fat. I’ve been working out lately because of my high school sports and things of that nature. I know I have abs but I still have a layer of fat around them. I’d just like to know anyone exercises for maintaining or gaining abs?

  280. veemodz Reply

    how do i cut back on abdominal fat in terms of diet, i have the exereise figure out, but are there any foods i should really avoid. i heard some dairy foods promote fat storage in that region, any truth to that?

  281. Noe R Reply

    I am 14 (almost 15 in a month). I am 6’2, 160 pounds I’m somewhat muscular and I have been trying to grow my abdominal muscles lately. Here is the problem. When I contract my stomach, I can only see 2 abs at the top, and I have a very little bit of fat on my lower abdominal area. I asked my dad to buy me protein but he said no because it was unhealthy. I’ve been doing some killer exercise yesterday and today. When I contract my stomach now, I can see the two abs at the top and I can FEEL the abs at the bottom and in the middle. I need some advice on how to burn that little bit of fat and show the abs. Also, please mention good exercises that fit my age, height, and also my problem here (Would be nice if you tell me good exercises that burn bottom belly fat and strengthen those bottom abs. Thanks

  282. ScRSC Reply

    M friend always goes to bubble tea, and it’s making me fat because I drink it like every other day. I Know that’s alot and I’ll stop drinking so much.

    I want to know what exercise could you do to work on your tummy to burn the fat that I already have.

  283. Hotshot t Reply

    Any exercise to reduce the lower abdomen?

  284. Phillip123 Reply

    I would personally say that i am fat,,, and no, i actually am how do i get rid of this ,,,,
    i was thinking more exercise than anything,, i just dont know what exercise is the best to lose stomach fat,,

  285. steve Reply

    I’m 13 and would like some tips on how to burn fat mostly on my belly amd thighs I’m 5’5″ and over weight . Please help any advice would do me good . I’ll try anything . I always been a chunky child and I’m okay with it I just wanna get rid of that just some 20 30 pounds mainly in does areas

  286. Echo Reply

    Please, please, please!! I HATE my thighs!!
    And when you give examples, please tell me what to do.. I don’t know the exercise names LOL!

  287. kiltakblog Reply

    I am losing fat now, so who can tell me how to lose abdominal fat fast?
    The more the better !
    Thank you all!

  288. Squall Leonhart Reply

    I am losing fat now, so who can tell me how to lose abdominal fat fast?
    The more the better !
    Thank you all!

  289. thexbox360player Reply

    Please, please, please!! I HATE my thighs!!
    And when you give examples, please tell me what to do.. I don’t know the exercise names LOL!

  290. heavenly sword Reply

    i want to lose belly fat within the next 2 months.so to speed things up should i concentrate on cardio alone or combine it with ab exercises? i was told that ab exercises actually

  291. balinderk2000 Reply

    Update : So if i wanted to lose weight around my legs, is an excersie bike not the

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