How To Get A Six Pack For Women : How To Get A Six Pack For Women : Here’s how to get Stomach muscles . . . Stomach muscles Training program Obtain access to a st…
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305 Responses to “How To Get A Six Pack For Women”

  1. louisewoods1984 Reply

    I am working out constantly to get a six pack, but I don’t want to ruin it by eating the wrong foods. What specificaly should I eat?

  2. stingerms Reply

    I know girls would love to lick that six packs during sex. At least it’s really like that in the movies.

  3. JackReynolds Reply

    I would like opinions from both genders… What do you think? Are six packs attractive on girls as they are on guys or just a little bit of defined, sculpted abs enough without the six pack? Also, why do you think this?

  4. uberfailz Reply

    Im 14 years old and workout out but cant get abs and also take Maximuscle Pomax.What can i do to get a six pack for the summer and how long will it take?

  5. Paul M Reply

    On a highschool level what are the differences between men and women’s volleyball, because volleyball is usually protrayed as a women’s sport. So I’m just curios as to how the men play volleyball because GENERALLY men are stronger than women. And I’m wondering if that translate to the way the game is played. Also what kind of body does volleyball give for both men and women, six packs(men)?,broad shoulder?, calves or thighs? I’m just wondering.

  6. Jon P Reply

    If a woman has a six pack (before pregnancy), then what will her tummy look like 7 months into pregnancy?

    i’ve always wondered this, but never found an answer.

  7. nathan Reply

    So far I’ve been doing everything right. Eating right, excersising, cardio, abs, the whole thing.
    However, instead of getting the flat, toned stomach I’ve been waiting for, I getting the bulky, bulgy muscular stomach.
    I’m not a big fan of the woman six pack and i just want a flat, toned stomach.
    So what am I supposed to do?

  8. lucasg615 Reply

    I know it is harder for a girl to get a six pack than a guy but im just wondering how i could get one im skinny so i dont think it should be much of a problem but wat kind of work outs could i do to get one?

  9. Jonathan Reply

    What does everyone think of 6 pack abs on a woman? I am thinking of doing this as I already have a toned stomach, I really like the look, just curious what others think.
    So six pack abs on a woman? Yay or nay?

  10. balinderk2000 Reply

    People say when you work out and try to lose weight, youre supposed to do strength excersizes and the like.

    But wouldnt that give you a really ugly six pack? What woman would want such a masculine feature?

    Im guessing that since so many people here ask about ab workouts, the above is not the case.

    If so, then can someone give me a picture or even a name of a celebrity so i know exactly what happens when you work your abs?

  11. Mark M Reply

    I’m a 21 year old woman and been doing my daily exercise but my personal trainer told me I should have a six pack by now and I haven’t can someone please helpme get my six pack.

  12. Larry R Reply

    I’m a girl, and I’m not gay, but i think women with six packs or lots of muscle look disgusting.

  13. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    I’m female and Ive recently started going to the gym 4-5 times a week and doing sit ups and crunches. I have a bit of stomach fat but not a lot. What should I do to get a six pack and how long will it take me?

  14. krow147 Reply

    Why do they all go gaga for men with six packs? Why do they want men with beer bellies to wear a t-shirt on?

  15. baldy eire Reply

    I’ve been doing p90x here and there…I was wondering what is the fastest time for women to get a set of six pack abs. thanks :)

  16. thinkthought Reply

    How can i get a six pack/’ really hard flat stomach fairly quickly?
    Thanks in advance xx.

  17. evangldbrg Reply

    I already have an athletic build, I’d like to maintain the frame I have and develop a six pack quickly. I noticed that when a ladies booty starts pertruding her stomach usually does too and that is not the look I am going for. I want to have better posture all together. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of ladies that have small waists and large torso’s….that’s scares me. My cousin calls that…the tazmanian devil look! I don’t care how intense the work out is…i’d prefer for it to be something I can do 30 minutes out of everyday. I’d also like to build my endurance. I’m 5’5 126lbs. Thanks.
    Ok, I need actual names of exercises so I can look them up and find out how to do them right. Maybe like 5 or 6 different ones I can do everyday or in my free time when I’m watching tv.

  18. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    You see alot of uplifting support geared specifically towards fat women but men dont get the same support.You hear people say that women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes then when it comes to men youre only attractive if you have a six pack and a chiseled jaw line.Why do women want men to accept fat women but theyre not willing to accept us fat men?

  19. sakyue1993 Reply

    I know it’s strange but I’m curious.
    I think if he has developed six pack muscles than that might be easier for him and he doesn’t need to train like a starter woman with no muscles.
    That’s what I think.Or does belly dancing requires a lot different muscle exercises and workout?

  20. Kaden Reply

    I don’t like six packs on women i like the 2 packs that just gives you the lines of a tone stomach what can I do (in workouts to obtain that)?

  21. Dark_LovexXx Reply

    I want to get a six pack sooner or later.

    Here is my routine i think could work..

    2 sets of 100 crunches each day.
    And 2 sets of 30 leg lifts.

    Will this help, please leave answer. Thanks

  22. Sir fliesalot Reply

    Why do they go all gaga for men with six packs? Why do they want men with beer bellies to wear a t-shirt on?

  23. Mark Reply

    like i dont want a six pack or anything i just want a nice flat tummy so what would i do differntly

  24. BRUTE Reply

    I heard if a women that has a six pack cant have children because they need fat in there stomach?

  25. borabora5524 Reply

    How many minutes should I do to get a six pack in 1 month. my height is 5″7 and I weight 142 pounds. My body fat is 14.51 and my body mass 22.

  26. Zack Faria Reply

    I really want a six pack by the end of the school year. I do not know any exercises that will get me a six back. So if any of you could give me some tips, websites, ideas, or any exercises that will help me that would be great. Thanks :3
    I don’t need to loose weight I just want a six pack!

  27. stingerms Reply

    Can women too get a six pack?Do women have rounder abdomen even when they have flat stomachs.

  28. Picean Reply

    I’m a 18 years old female. I try to work out when I have time like at school. I’ve always naturally had a nice stomach. It’s nice and toned and you can see me six pack. But I always see guys have the cut when they have a six pack. I’ve seen some women have cut but I was wondering does anybody know how I can get the “cut”. Thanks

  29. jag43216 Reply

    Id like to know what i could do to improve my six pack, i have one right now but id like to make the cuts in it deeper.

    And please provide workouts/exercises with either no equipment or just dumbells please because id like to see my options for home training

    Thank you guys

  30. evil chevy Reply

    I been trying to lose my pregnant looking belly for years but I notice that everytime I do some strengthening exercises like ab curls they dont last long. what other one really will keep it looking like a six-pack for a woman? Because I want to look good again in my old clothes I still have.

  31. llb443 Reply

    Just wondering if a barely noticeable six pack is attractive on a woman…or if not then what is?

  32. Andres C Reply

    Ive done many sit-ups over the months, and have developed a definite six pack.. i have to pump it in order to show the first four, and to show all six i have to stretch the skin on my stomach, and push it downwards then the whole six pack is visible.. I read online, that i already HAVE the abbs, but i need to remove the top layer which is covering it.. I heard that if you rub the stomach in circular motions it could help? Their are also those creams which are used to burn fat excessively, and the main purpose if for women who have saggy belly’s from Birth.. How do i do it?

  33. Vultre9 Reply

    I heard that if the average female has a six-pack she does not have enough body fat and that it is only healthy for a male to have six pack because males can have lower body fat. Is this true?

  34. Harriet W Reply

    without a six-pack ab – what does he have to do to get women?

  35. Joey 01 Reply

    Was wondering what exercises I could do daily to get a six pack…maybe in a month or 2? thanks!

  36. henryshensbcglobalnet Reply

    I want to change my texture pack to the painterly pack, so I downloaded it to my computer, but every time I open minecraft and go to the mods and texture packs button, it isn’t there. What am I supposed to do?

  37. stephen m Reply

    What size packs would be needed for 3 nights, 1 week, and 2 week camping summer and winter? How would a 70L pack work? Also, where should the tent be palced? I don’t ever see tent attachment options for packs?

  38. Matthew Reply

    What is it about a six-pack (Abs) that turn some women on? I mean, I have know some women to go crazy over guys with six packs and not care much about anything else. I think it’s absurd to like a person soley for their physical features. Although having a six pack is a slight sign of a persons health but it can also be a sign of a lack of good health.

  39. Marlon P Reply

    I have been to this camp before. I ALWAYS over pack. I need a list of how much clothes to bring. Example shirts : 1 Tank tops: 2. Something like that so i don’t over pack. Also if you have any tips to fit everything in one duffel bag that would be great! Thanks!

  40. Anny Reply

    If that woman was in front of a six foot, not so fat but not so skinny (healthy size) man (who has no six packs and bulging biceps) and said “You better respect me or I’ll kick your a$$.” Will that man obey because he is scared of her? If she’s not intimidating, how large will her biceps and how much more will her abs have bulge out until she is intimidating?
    Thanks in advance.

  41. andresumoza Reply

    Can someone please give me a dailey fitness routine to do? I go to the gym and I am a serious dancer, I do, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Street, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Modern.
    Yes I am a girl and I want to get to a six pack, what is the best way to achieve this?

  42. heavenly sword Reply

    i want a six-pack not fully ripped just almost there any tips?
    i live in uk and i can’t join a gym till im 16
    i do 10 mins of sit ups a day any better suggestions?

  43. Agent 47 Reply

    How long would it take and how many should I be doing daily to achieve a six pack? i’m a girl btw.

  44. Erfan Reply

    I do cardio and strength exercises every day and boxing once a week, how long do you thinknit would take to get a toned stomach or/and a six pack?

  45. Xbox Gamer Reply

    Me and my mum have decided to try get a six pack for summer! How long would it take if we did sit ups and crunches everyday? And how many should we do? Bare in mind we have work from 9-5 every weekday!:)

  46. Malcolm Hudson Reply

    I’m about 5’2 I weigh 116-118 I’m 14. How can I get a six pack? It seems like I have a a tiny bit of abs but all my fat covers it. What’s the fastest way to get a pack by the summer or before school begins? Thanks!

  47. Echo Reply

    I was just at the pet store getting dog food and I got Eagle pack Holistic but isn’t that different then then premium kind?

    The packaging I am used to is different for the holistic kind.
    I hate when they change packages too! I went in circles in the store looking for the other package.
    I almost went crazy!

  48. RuMKilleR Reply

    Im going to start doing sit ups to work on a six pack. Im going to start doing 3 sets of 30 sit ups everynight, an do little by little more as i progress, or in other words, can handle.

  49. Xbox360king Reply

    Is YA turning into myspace or what? You have guys showing their six packs and woman showing breast and thighs. I just don’t know why anyone would want to use their own picture as an advar.

  50. Hannah Reply

    My marvelon birht control pack is 28 days and for the last week of the pack, 7 days are circled meaning period could come any time then and in which it is called the reminder pills…

    Do I take the x2 remaining pills that are left in the pack or when do I start the next pack of Marvelon?

  51. maskills24 Reply

    Need to pack lunch in advance, but can I make 5 sandwhichs on Sunday for the whole school week? Or will they go bad/ soggy?

  52. isk8at818 Reply

    My boyfriend wants to know how to get a six pack. He is 14 years old, 6″1, and around 160 pounds I think? I heard it takes at least 3 months. What should he do to get a six pack? How many days a week, for how long? Thank you.

  53. johnkaiser 22 Reply

    How many Blond women have six pack abs?

  54. jag43216 Reply

    Does the phrase woman six pack have a different meaning than just a regular six pack on a woman?

  55. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior Reply

    I have a six pack but you can only barely see the top pair of them. My six pack is really hard, but it doesn’t show. You can actually feel the abs if you run your finger through my stomache. I have a lump of fat at the lower region of my stomach. Does the small lump of fat have anything to do with this? If so please recommend an exersise so I can get rid of it.

  56. xiM Clutch Reply

    I’ve been working out for about 2 months now and the main exercises i do for my stomach are sit ups. I’ve noticed you can see a bit if my six pack now but i don’t want that because i think six packs don’t look nice on women, i just want a flat stomach. Any ideas?
    Its only the start of my six pack, i’m trying to tone up my lower stomach so i thought sit ups were the best. Whats a cardio work out?

  57. Dom L Reply

    I’m 14 and quite healthy. I dance every Saturday for 3 hours and do regular exercise. I was just wondering how I can get my abs really toned. I’ve been doing daily workouts and if I have time during the day, I’d do 50 crunches or bicycle crunches. I can tell that my stomach muscles are hardening up but was just wondering if that’s all I need to do to succeed in getting a six pack. I also want to lose a bit of my stomach fat so what do I need to do in order to accomplish that?
    Oh and don’t say that I’m too young for all of this, I’m doing it not only for myself but for my dancing because I need strong stomach muscles:)
    Thanks in Advance!

  58. Ray D Reply

    I have a six pack and i want it to be bigger what is the fastest way to get it bigger!
    This question was asked by my husband not me but still please answer.

  59. Joe M Reply

    Should I use a 64×64 Realistic pack, or a 16×16 painterly-type pack? I like the realistic feel, but on a 16×16 all my friends can download, and support it too. Which do you think is best?

  60. tjpimpin Reply

    I still have like 4 pills left in my first pack (this is my first month to take it) but I just started my period. When I finish this pack and get my new one do I start the new pack the day after I finish the old one, or on the sunday?

  61. morbiusdog Reply

    when should i start packing the hospital bag…..and what should i pack in the hospital bag?

  62. John Reply

    One pack in one month. Would this cause any serious damage? When does damage become irreversible?

  63. Malcolm Hudson Reply

    I got a refill on my birth control today (MonoNessa, and today is Wednesday). Should I start this new pack (28-count) tomorrow or do I wait until Sunday like I did with my first pack? My first pack only has 2 left, do I finish those or just go straight to the second pack?
    For some reason there are only 6 placebo pills. And I wanted to ask my pharmacist but my dad was in a hurry to leave and I didn’t want to keep him waiting longer.

  64. airdogspace2 Reply

    Each cold pack will contain 100 mL of water. Estimate the mass of salt that must be added to the cold pack to attain a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. I don’t know how to do this, please help.

  65. Joey 01 Reply

    I’ve watched some videos on youtube and i noticed this texture pack that has realistic sunlight and shadow effects. Can someone please tell me the name of this texture pack?

  66. balinderk2000 Reply

    Also, is there any news about a 3rd map pack.
    And if you can answer this, what extra do i get if i get limited edition and can i buy it in stores or only online.
    Thanks very much in return guys !

  67. Chris R Reply

    Well I am a little confused about the difference between the Expansion Pack and the normal pack for Sims 3 pets, because I want to buy the game, but I don’t know which one to choose. Whats the difference?

  68. Franklin Bluth Reply

    I’m looking for a surfing pack but I don’t know what defines a “surf” pack from a skate bag from a regular back pack.

  69. liza Reply

    Placebo (white pills) ended yesterday so new pack should start today but no period!

  70. happyha31 Reply

    Hi I have a bearded dragon and a flat pack vivarium and setup so including all the lighting and shit… How long honestly will it take to assemble it… It’s a viv exotic flat pack! Do I need drills I’m not good at DIY ! So yeah how many mins approx

  71. Chris R Reply

    I’m about to start my second pack of Ocella birth control soon. There are only 21 active pills and 7 sugar pills. The directions on my pharmacy paper says to wait 7 days if you have a 21 day pack…Does that mean 21 active pills or a pack with just 21 pills in it!? I’m so confused, somebody, please help me! I’m new at this.

  72. Kobe Reply

    Ok so i want a 6 pack because i to get fit for summer! I have been trying but nothing seems to be doing anything. But i dont want to go to the gym i just want to do it at home without using equitment. Need some ways to get a 6 pack Help!

  73. David Reply

    I am trying to get our hospital bags packed but im not sure what I need to have for him. I know my hospital gives us all kinds of stuff to go home with so im not sure what in really need to pack. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  74. Milk84 Reply

    I am a 19 year old college student and I work at a hospital as an intern and this woman seems a little too friendly to me. I know she is just joking, (I hope) but I just don’t like her jokes.

    I once poured out a few mints into my hand and she said, “Hey that looks like my birth control.”
    I laughed at the joke but then she started making subliminal references to her sex life which I DO NOT wanna know or hear.

    I remember her telling me that if she were younger, we would have hooked up. I am slightly flattered but a little more creeped out.

    I also remember that she asked if I had a six pack. I said I am working on it then she touched my stomach and stepped back. Other times she suggests me to come to work dressed as a male stripper and that I would do well as that job.

    This woman is old enough to be my mom for crying out loud. I don’t hate have prejudice against older people, but COME ON! I would treat this situation the same way if she were indeed 19.

    I don’t wanna file a lawsuit or whatever because I don’t feel unsafe, just uncomfortable. Would this be good?

    “Look [insert name here], You and I are friends and I appreciate your helping me learn the ropes in this place as an intern. But would it be possible to turn it down on these jokes? This is a work place and I feel a level of professionalism is important. I’ve got the intern coordinator running around here and you’ve got your boss running around as well. I also don’t feel comfortable personally with your jokes. It’s okay to have some heavy humor here and there but for the most part I just don’t feel comfortable.”

    I have a personal policy of not dating or getting intimate with coworkers and I ESPECIALLY have a policy against this. What do I do? Am I being oversensitive?

  75. Rkmc Reply

    Im 33 wks pregnant and i was wondering when i should pack for the hospital and what i should pack. And how much should i pack.

  76. Blake Reply

    I started my first pack on 12/16 and the pack is almost finished (I have 6 of the hormonal pills left and 7 of the placebo pills). I know I am supposed to take the placebo pills during my period but after the placebo pills are done do I just start a new pack? My pack starts on a Sunday so do I start the pack the Sunday after my period finishes like I did with the first one? Or do I start the new pack on whatever day of the week the placebo pills finish?

  77. Ray D Reply

    I have the texture pack already, but how do you get it into the game?

  78. nathan Reply

    I want the John Smith texture pack and was wondering how to install it.

  79. The Beatles Reply

    I just finished my first pack of birth control using a generic of Seasonale. With my first pack it told me to wait 7 days before having unprotected sex. Do i have to do the same with my second, third, fourth, and so on pack? And am i protected while taking inactive pills?

  80. musicistabest Reply

    How much is a pack of marlboro reds in a kiosk or a supermarket in holland. Prices in euros is fine.

  81. Xbox360king Reply

    I am looking to find a Minecraft texture pack that looks somewhat close to the starting texture pack. Basically, I’m saying I want an advanced, yet basic texture pack.

  82. unbleevable39 Reply

    I am on a 28 day pack for birth control and and currently on the sugar pills (last 7) and there is 4 left in the pack. If I skipped the last 4 sugar pills and went straight to the next pack tomorrow would I skip my period? I want to skip it because I am supposed to have my period on saturday and am leaving for a trip that day so I don’t want to have it. HELP!

  83. evangldbrg Reply

    For my birthday, I am going to celebrate with a few friends at a water park. Well, I need some ideas on what to pack when going to the water park. Pizza will be provided, but what about snacks and other foods? Any ideas on what to pack?
    I will be going to Schlitterbahn where picnic items are welcome.

  84. johnkaiser 22 Reply

    How many outfits should I pack for my baby when I pack my hospital bag? (There’s no telling how long I’ll be in the hospital for) so how many should I pack for her just to be safe? What about myself and my husband? How many should I pack for us?

  85. Michael C Reply

    I know what to pack in my carry on, but not in my checked baggage. Do I need one?

  86. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused Reply

    I am using it for the first time and I purchased the refill pack because it was cheaper. The back says use the starter pack first.. Just wondering what the difference is? Aren’t all the pills the same?

  87. Kevin Reply

    I dont want a hunk style 6 pack or anything, just more defined. Whats a good workout to strengthen stomach muscles?

  88. apleaforbrandon Reply

    Is there a map pack that give asension and moon. Or do they come sprit if so what are their names?

  89. alberto s Reply

    I took my first pack on the first day of my period. What do i do for my second pack? Do i finish the first pack then start a new one right the next day?

  90. Lasagna delivery guy Reply

    Can a girl even get six pack? How long does it take to get fit? How can i increses my running speed?

  91. Ed D Reply

    I have a six pack and am still trying to burn a little bit of fat off my abs, but how do I get an eight pack? Do i just keep training my abs, or intensify the training or what?

  92. Maggie Reply

    Do I pack it tight or loose? How do I get it to burn longer then 15 seconds? Do I fill it to the brim?

  93. baldy eire Reply

    I have a battery pack that is 12V 7.2 amps. I want to run some LED xmas lights from it that are rated at about 7 watts. (100 lights)

    How long will these lights run for off this battery pack?
    The battery states “12V 7.2AH/20HR”

  94. krow147 Reply

    I’m on my first pack and i’m not sure on how long it takes to start.

  95. Travoiz Reply

    If I killed the alpha wolf in a wolf pack what would the rest of the pack do if they saw me do it?

    I watched the movie “The Grey” earlier and was wondering what the wolf pack would do if he won and killed the alpha male.
    Yeah They Grey was a pretty good movie. A lot better than movies they have coming out nowa days.

  96. John G Reply

    How many tops and bottoms to pack and how often to repeat them?
    The weather is about 70-80 degrees! If that helps!
    Thanks so much! 10 points for the best and detailed answer!

  97. sean Reply

    I’ve noticed that some soft packs are more expensive, and you can’t pack them or anything.
    I’ve always wondered this, so if you know the difference that would answer my question.

  98. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused Reply

    What should I pack. Obviously I’ve seen all the lists, but I want a realistic one. And what size case.

  99. Xbox Gamer Reply

    in your view who offers the best home information pack proposition in the market place. And why??

    I need to write a seminar on this and just dont know where to start

    Can anyone help me?

  100. Ryan Dunn Reply

    I want to buy an expansion pack for the sims 3 on PC. I’m leaning a little towards ambitions or late night but i can’t decide between the two. Any suggestions?

  101. Jeff Reply

    I am using airtel 2g internet with an internet pack of rs.199, it will end on 20-5-13 and due to some important work i want to activate 3g pack of rs.9. So, please tell me whether my current pack will be deactivated or not?

  102. Noe R Reply

    I got the modern warfare 2 map pack, but i downloaded it on the wrong profile on accident. Is there any way i can get it to work on the other?

  103. Mark M Reply

    How do i make a minecraft texture pack a go from 128x to 16x?

  104. ouch Reply

    i’m working on strengthening my stomach muscles and i won’t do crunches because i keep reading that they can cause back problems… so i’m looking for other ways to help strengthen my stomach.

  105. ScRSC Reply

    A friend told me that stomach muscles are different and should be worked out everyday to achieve abs. Should I work it out everyday?

  106. Roar me R Reply

    All exercises I do for my stomach muscles (such as sit ups) end up toning the top of my stomach but not the lower abdomen bit.. Does anyone know any exercises I can do??

  107. andresumoza Reply

    When I take riding lessons my instructor always tells me to use my stomach muscles. I don’t understand what they are and needless to say therefore can’t use them. Could someone please explain to me what stomach muscles are?

  108. Hotshot t Reply

    I can’t do sit ups or any ab excersize at the gym. I can’t even pull myself up an inch because my stomach muscles are so weak. What can I do to strengthen them up to at least be able to start doing sit ups?

  109. Cole Reply

    Lately I’ve been working out just my legs I’m thin trying to get muscle. I want my bottom,legs to look fit will getting a six pack help with my shape?

  110. x_blind_x_gamer_x Reply

    I am a male looking for a daily vitamin pack to help with my weight loss. I’ve already changed my diet and go to the gym about 5 times a week. I’d like to add a vitamin pack to help me lose this weight and help with my health. Which ones should I be looking at?

  111. Jesse Reply

    Does anyone know why a testicle would rise when i take a deep breath, or tighten my stomach muscles? I feel no pain or discomfort, and it goes back to normal when i relax the muscles.

  112. Samuro Reply

    What to do in order to strengthen your stomach muscles? I meanen after losing 20 lbs of .fat there is still a bit of fat left around belly area. I do daily work out but no more noticeable difference there so somebody told me to do the above mentioned stuff.

  113. Disrae Reply

    I hear people say that your dies is the most important factor in getting a six pack but I want to know if this is ok: I workout around 4-5 days a week, most of my diet is fairly healthy but most days I end up eating more chocolate than I intended to. I don’t eat loads but I do eat it most days. Will this be ok or do I need to cut it out to get a six pack?
    I’m 17, 5’7, around 125 pounds with a 27 inch waist.
    Here are 2 pictures of what my body looks like now:
    Also looking at the pictures how do you think I am coming along in getting a six pack and how long do you think it will be before I have a defined six pack?
    If the pictures say deleted just click on them and you will see the images.

  114. andresumoza Reply

    My stomach is my weak spot, if I get hit there I’m on the floor groaning for at least an hour. Also it’s a little flabby so now, I’m trying to build muscles in my belly and I want to know what the best/ or your most recommended way of building my stomach muscles. Thanks!

  115. Patrick Reply

    I had twins 8 months ago and during my pregnancy my stomach muscles separated due to my size. The hospital gave me a exercise sheet when I left but to be honest with having twins I didn’t get much time to do them and I have misplaced the sheet. Does anyone know any good exercises or websites with the exercises to help my stomach muscles.

    Thanks in advance.

  116. rashest_hippo Reply

    There’s some kind of stomach virus going around and I must have gotten it because I spent the night throwing up. After some rest I feel better but my stomach muscles are really tight. I’m not nauseous but I’m not hungry either and I can’t get rid of this feeling. Any tips?

  117. mavis24 Reply

    Hi, I had my baby on February 15th and while I don’t look pregnant anymore, my once firm stomach is now flabby. I’ve been hitting the gym or working out in some way every day and I’m not seeing any changes. I’m wondering if my stomach muscles are just blown out from delivery and pregnancy. When can I expect to get back to normal?
    I haven’t been exercising since she was born, a little bit before she was a month old up to now.

  118. thinkthought Reply

    Ok, so I have really weak stomach muscles and need strengthening help. I am not fat in the least, but I have right at my stomach/abdomen a 1/2 in of pudge that I have no where else on my body from simply not having my stomach muscles holding in my guts. Any quick exercises to help pull that in?

  119. Alun J Reply

    My stomach muscles have been hurting SO BAD bc i have been working out and doing sit-ups and i don’t usually. So I was just wondering if anyone knows what helps sooth muscles? Please help!

  120. DuckieM10 Reply

    Are there any exercises i could do to tone my stomach muscles using dumbbells as an assistance.

  121. Elijah luv Reply

    Would doing plan for a minute a day, and side plank dor 30 seconds each side start building my stomach muscles up or would that little just be useless?

  122. unbleevable39 Reply

    I exercise often but mostly it’s biking and figure skating. I noticed that they only seem to tone up my leg muscles. What would be the most effective workout/exercise to tone the stomach muscles? Preferably a method that works fast also. I exercise everyday so I would just add this to whatever I do daily. Thanks!

  123. Xbox Gamer Reply

    And what can you do to prevent it?

    Sometimes when I run, my stomach muscles feel like their burning and start to cramp up. Its so much easier to run when that doesnt happen so how do you prevent it?

  124. everydayGuitarist Reply

    Most of my day I am either at sitting in class, walking around at work or sitting at home doing homework. I’d like to know if while sitting or walking, if by clenching my stomach muscles will aid in toning my stomach.

    I’m not looking for answers telling me to get out and do real exercise because I already do that, but I am also trying to put exercise into time when I’m at school or working.
    Also, I am not looking for drug remedies.

  125. Kristian Reply

    I don’t mean like doing sit-ups and excercising them, but I never realized how much I use my stomach muscles, like when I’m laying down and I sit up, I’m even more conscious of how tense they get or like reaching forward to get something…I have tried to avoid it but I find myself doing it anyways…is this really bad?

  126. Matthew Reply

    I am a dancer and need to strengthen my stomach muscles a bunch! How can I do this? Any exercises that actually work?

  127. Dana G Reply

    I want to learn Static Trapeze and need to build my stomach muscles more as my arms aren’t very strong to carry my own body weight.

  128. llb443 Reply

    I am a gymnast and every month we have a strength test. I need more stomach muscles and arm muscles so ya. We don’t have any weights at home. Should I ask my parents to buy some or just do some push ups and crunches. I really want to move up a level this season so pleaso help! Thanks to all who answers!

  129. lets roll Reply

    Other than pull-ups and pilates(?) is there a way to train the stomach muscles?

  130. Jermaine J Reply

    My husband pulled a stomach muscle by coughing a lot and coughing hard. He’s in a lot of pain and only feels like laying down and sleeping. He actually yells out in pain when he coughs…What can he do?

  131. alberto s Reply

    I work out everyday. I toned my upper stomach, and my lower stomach, but there is a chunk of flab covering my lower stomach muscles. How to I get rid of that flab covering my lower stomach muscles?
    I excercise by doing a TON of running and jogging.
    I also stretch (everyday) , and do sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, wall sits, and occationally push-ups.

  132. Lachlan Reply

    I’m a slender 19 year old vegetarian female, I have a flat stomach but I want to develop stomach muscles. As in, not abs to the extent of female weight lifters, but instead I want delicate ab lines and cross sections on a slim stomach. What should I eat and what exercises can I do?

  133. jdubdoubleu7704 Reply

    I have played volleyball for 10 years and always go between beach and hard-court but I have never really fully developed my stomach muscles 100% and am looking at taking up a sport which will help this as well as keep my cardio vascular up (if possible). I live in Australia and in an inland city so anything beach is out of the question. My legs, arms and upper body are very strong but need the missing piece fixed.

  134. henryshensbcglobalnet Reply

    My stomach muscles have been really tight since i did 50 situps the other day and I want to know how to loosen them up because the stomach muscles hurt when I try to stretch. Any Help?

  135. Thomas Lopez Reply

    When I lean over, typically at my desk, I feel a weird and a little painful sensation on my right side. It feels like my stomach muscles are caught between my skin and my rib cage. Possible? Is there something to work out or work on to keep that from happening?

  136. Matthew Reply

    Hey guys, so i was hoping you guys could tell me how i can make my stomach muscles more visible. I do cardio to burn the fat (are there ways i can burn the fat more effectively? please be detailed), and i also work the area. My diet is clean, etc. (So please avoid telling me this) All I’m looking for is some upper ab definition… and overall flatness (i don’t really care for a full on 6-pack) Does building up the muscles in that area through targeted exercises help? I also drink shakes and sometimes just water with a little bit of protein powder. Will that help build up my muscles to show more? Please help!! I’ve seen tumblrs of people who have gone from rolls to beautiful defined stomach muscles How do i achieve this? Any real plans you guys have followed and received results? Please help! I want the abs of my dreams! Thanks to ALL of you in advance! =) (I am female btw if it helps)
    Please guys, I don’t want to take any pills or medicines etc. I would like to achieve this the natural way and through hard work!

  137. Sophia C Reply

    I’de like to get a flatter and firmer tummy but everytime I try excersizes that are supposed to help instead of using my stomach muscles, I end up using my neck and shoulder muscles and end up with a stiff, sore neck instead of a tight, toned tummy. Can anyone tell me what to do to solve this problem. Please only sensible, professional answers!

  138. Moore, Ron Reply

    Why is it so hard to build stomach muscles and how do you get abs?

    I just can’t seem to tone it up, everytime I try to do it, I fail.

    There are not good gyms in the area where I live and its so hard to find a personal trainer.

  139. The Villain Reply

    I am a fit person who does 2 hours of cardio 4-5 times a week. I don’t eat the right foods though so still have a little bit to much fat on me. I have decided i want to start eating healthier things (not starve myself) and would also like to improve my stomach muscles. I know that obviously i need to do stomach crunches but ithere is so many different types. Which is the most effective and how many and how ofter do i do these?

  140. Praveen Reply

    ahh my stomach muscles are killing me.. and it has been two days after I had a hardcore workout session.. what can i do??

  141. Gabriel Kenney Reply

    After people work out, sometimes their stomach muscles hurt for a couple of days. What is actually happening to the muscles that are making them hurt? I know it’s because they maybe haven’t been worked in awhile, but what is happening?

  142. Gabriel Kenney Reply

    What some things i can do to strenghten my stomach muscles? cause i know that is one thing u have to have to be able to sing. I want to learn how to sing really well. And also, im kinda shy, so can u help me on ways i wont be afriad to expand my voice.? Its always so soft it doesnt really get loud. So can u help me?

  143. Jesse Reply

    Whenever I climb a rope the next day I can feel my Stomach muscles hurting. Why is that? Is it a good workout for your abs?

  144. colingrillo Reply

    Hey, I have relatively strong stomach muscles and I want to build the lower stomach muscles more, for sit-ups and crunches don’t affect them as much as they do my upper-muscles. What can I do that will just build the lower ones? V-snaps? Perhaps something to do with legs, like leg-lifts? I don’t really know. But thanks in advance! :)

  145. Jon P Reply

    I just taught a tap class and we went over their dance repeatedly for recital and my stomach muscles are EXTREMELY sore now. I feel like I just did a bunch of sit ups. I would expect this with jazz, etc but not tap so much. Is it possible to have them feel that sore after teaching? Thanks!

  146. musicistabest Reply

    Im 14 and 4ft 11 and i want to build up my arm muscles and stomach muscles and put on some weight so i dont look like a tinribs. Also so people dont push me round and stuff and if they punch me i can hit em back twice as hard. Any things i can do? (Other than wieghts)

  147. johnkaiser 22 Reply

    How can i help keep my stomach muscles slim and thin. What do i need to do?

  148. airdogspace2 Reply

    I feel for the past hour or so that my stomach muscles keep tightening like a bad spasm but the thing is that I am not trying to do it on purpose and don’t know where its coming from. It’s painful and it is taking a lot of effort to force me to stop. I am not exercising right now and not trying to do anything, so what could the cause be?

  149. stealspartansbcglobalnet Reply

    Hey, summer is coming and I want to have a flat stomach so I can wear my bikini with confidence. I’ve tried doing sit ups and eating healthier and dumping all my junk food. But that layer of fat over my stomach muscles doesn’t seem to be budging. I dance three times a week, so I’m fairly healthy. But does anyone know any exercises or diets I could use. Thanks ;D!!

  150. ericmreitz Reply

    Since your stomach moves up and down (assuming you stay on your back), it seems like you could be working out your stomach muscles all night.

  151. Cupcakerum Reply

    I don’t really care about getting six pack abs or anything. I just want to be stronger and have stronger stomach muscles.

  152. Terrence Reply

    I have been trying to tone up my stomach muscles but it’s like whatever I do I don’t get the results I am wanting…

  153. Death Knight Reply

    I am traveling on a plane and I need to pack quite a bit of clothes, any suggestions on how to pack them in tighter without wrinkles? By the way i’ve tried the rolling… and that didn’t really work for me…Thanks!

  154. JDOGG1122 Reply

    I’d like to pack some ranch or peanut butter in my kids lunches sometimes. What’s the best, least messy way to do that?
    I’m having trouble finding very small tupperware containers. Where would I find them?

  155. Dr Dorian Reply

    I have a mocha chip cookies recipe that calls for firmly packed brown sugar. However, I only have brownulated sugar and white sugar. Is there a way for me to replace/make firmly packed brown sugar with any of these two kinds?

    Thanks in advance!

  156. Smashing Pumpkins Reply

    I hate hate hate packing whether for a week, or a weekend… is there anyway i can pack which would lessen how stressed out i get?

  157. Jamal Reply

    When you are packing for a trip how do you get your suitcase to hold more? Like what are the best ways to pack, fold, etc. I have a lot of stuff and I really want to try to get it all home.

  158. opurt Reply

    I am 26weeks pregnant with my third child and i was wondering if it was too early to start packing my overnight bag. My first child was full term but my second was born at 29weeks. Im not sure if its too early to be packing or if im playing it safe? Whats your advise?

  159. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    The packs I am looking for information are the gel packs that are able to be placed in freezers and in the microwave repeatedly. Thanks everyone!

  160. Jenna Reply

    I want a natural look, just a side or middle part, I currently have a pack of 12 inch hair. I also bought a second 10 inch pack, just in case.

  161. Sergeant Pickle Reply

    I have already got the Heroic Map Pack and the Cold Storage Map but i am unable to play ranked matches. Do I need to buy the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack, the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack, or both.

  162. happyha31 Reply

    wolf pack member wise, what was the largest known recorded pack to have? and the least?

  163. Jason M Reply

    Traveling, small suitcase. Had to pack sportcoat in suitcase. How do I get the wrinkles out. I assume hotel will have iron. Can I iron out the wrinkles?

  164. Thomas A Reply

    My husband is gone for a week to get thngs set up in Idaho. We are moving from Texas to Idaho. I want to pack while he is gone, but I have a 9 month old. I am not sure where to start. I don’t want to pack things I will need and then have to unpack them. Please Help!

  165. United Reply

    When you are picking a packing type for a packed column you have the option of random packings and structured packings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both and when would you use one over the other?

  166. floydian8717 Reply

    Should I rest 1 day between workouts ? Also, I’M a 15 yrs old girl so I can’t do weight lifting, can I get a six pack if I do Pilates and cardio and ab workouts without weight ? Pls give a personalized answer, because I know a lot about abs generally, but I search help for MY situation ! Thanx, 10 points best

  167. Marshal Reply

    Okay now i know everyone thinks oh not another 6 pack abs question but here’s the thing.

    I’ve been working out for 6 months and this is my routine at this present time.
    50 upper abs weighted crunch
    50 lower ” ”
    50 normal crunches
    50 alternative bicycle crunches
    20/40 leg rises
    and twisting

    now what am I doing wrong? my stomach has got flatter and I have a strong 2 pack and a 4/6 forming but Im not content, my abs aren’t strong enough and don’tnt know why don’tnt have a six pack even though ive been trying to eat right and everything.

    im 5″ft 10/11 and 154 pounds roughly. but have a large amount of muscle mass thanks

  168. Con Orpe Reply

    I’m somewhat fit I just need a routine. I have a pool elliptical and a bike. What can I do?

  169. Jonny Reply

    Im fairly toned at the minute, but I think I’d like a six pack by summer. I should have some fair toning by then anyway, because my weight is fairly high for me at the moment (5’4, 117 – I’m 16) so when I stop the exam stress eating I should loose a bit back to my comfort zone (108 -yeah, I vary 9lbs with ease!) and my tone should show more.

    I have a fairly low calorie diet most of the time, spend 10-20 minutes on strength excercises a day and do 4 or more hours of cardio a week (including yoga, but not including doing the odd bit of Pilates in my room)

    I’m not talking Jodie marsh type ripped or anything (eww) but is it ok for girls to have a six pack and is that an ok goal for me?
    Thanks :)

  170. superdork Reply

    I’m a girl, and I’ve been eating healthily and working out more lately, and I think six packs look really good on both men AND women.
    This is what my stomach looks like now
    But I really want to try and get more ab definition..
    Do you think six packs look good on women? Be honest! :)
    I’m not going to choose a best answer, so you can be completely honest.

  171. Death Knight Reply

    I’m 17,5’7, 8 and a half stone and i have a 28 inch waist and i was hoping to get a females opinion on if they think most women prefer men with a six pack or if it doesn’t matter?
    Here is a recent pic of me and i know you can faintly see abs bit i was wondering if you would mind your boyfriend having a body like this or if it is bad.

  172. hank baseballs Reply

    I’m out jogging and I see some women with super-toned abs. I was not sure if I was attracted because it indicates physical fitness or put-off because it’s so odd to see a woman like that. What say you?
    These gals are skinnier, built for running. I was probably 15 yards and could see the definition in their muscles.

  173. Ryan Dunn Reply

    Please say more than “sit ups” or “planks.” Maybe provide a list of little things I can do daily.
    I know this sounds bad but I prefer less extreme exercises. Easy, painless things. Easy.
    I want to be one of those people who run around in just their sports bras you know?

    Any help is appreciated.

  174. Courtney Reply

    Are six-packs on females attractive or hot? I am muscular all over too but not over muscular.

  175. Squall Leonhart Reply

    Im 14 years old. Decent shape. Not fat im actually pretty lean. I would really like a six pack and to build muscle to help self esteem and get in shape, but i would like it in as FAST and easy way possible. thnx for any tips.

  176. sam N Reply

    I’m Not Fat
    I’m pretty skinny

  177. Mike Reply

    im 14 and im pretty skinny and i usually eat pretty healthy i just dont work out except for p.e. in school…

  178. Chris R Reply

    okay I’m a guy first of all. I like women who have little to no fat in the stomach area but I don’t like women with full blown ripped abs. I guess the reason is that I associate six packs to guys, and I am not attracted to guys. Is it just me or are there other people who feel the same? And if you do like the female six pack, why exactly do you like it?

  179. Zack Faria Reply

    what is a six pack of women??

  180. Hayden Reply

    I just want to be attractive again. Not necessarily for the shallow bitches out there, but just so some girls that are worth it will actually be willing to talk to me. That is how it all starts. Any ideas?

  181. Michael K Reply

    On an average, how long will it take to get six pack abs?
    What kind of plan would I have to do? How do I achieve this? ANd is it worth all the work?

  182. floydian8717 Reply

    how long do the minute packs last? I want to buy the 1000 minute pack, but i want it to last a while like 6 months if possible. Is there an expiration on those minutes or do they last forever?

  183. ouch Reply

    i know girls that love them other dont really care whats your opinion

  184. Jason Reply

    So, I’m 17yrs old and I weigh 150lbs and I’m 5’7″… Is it possible to for me to get abs in 3 weeks(which is spring break =D)… here is a link to a picture of me… look at it then tell me if its possible and what workouts i should do….. comment my pic while your at it =P,….. and since i know someone is gonna tell me to shave dont bother cuz i already did =)

  185. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    I don’t know if it is because of sit ups or some other exercise, but shoudn’t women who want a toned stomach be avoiding these kinds of exercises? A lot of girls in exercise videos have six packs. Isn’t it supposed to be gross?

  186. maskills24 Reply

    I have recently injured my knee, calf and ankle during cross country. However i still want to keep my fitness up. Does anyone know of an exercise i could do without using my knee, cause thats then one that hurts the most and most recent. Calf and ankle are getting better and not in as much pain.

    And could someone tell me at what fat percentage do you get a six/eight pack? thanks all!

  187. Goe122 Reply

    Im skinny but Im gonna get Six Pack Body Im Sure once I get a Six Pack Abs Women will be all over me once they see me Shirtless in a Picture

  188. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    I just wanna know if any boy can have a six pack just by being thin bcuz if so I’ll just lose weight.

  189. XplicitzZ Reply

    Ok so alot of people will think this is a dumb question, but for girls, how important is it for their guys to have six pack abs, or at least have good muscle tone? I don’t have like a potbelly or anything, but i’m having trouble getting a six pack. Girls, what’s ur opinion?

  190. timq3dimensionscom Reply

    I was wondering if most women wanted a man with a six pack or if most aren’t bothered
    I’m 17 by the way so i am hoping to get the opinions of people around my age.

    Here is a picture of my body, do you think it is good or would you prefer it more toned?

  191. PolishPokeyPimp Reply

    I usually don’t ask such lame questions, but I was curious what the general population thought about a subtle six pack on women? I work out hard and soon enough I will probably have a six pack. Is it gross because I can always eat some candy to keep a flat stomach.

  192. ScRSC Reply

    Are sexy abs hot?

  193. SKATEskum Reply

    I have a six pack but, do women like six packs? It would be really nice to know if they do. Answers are appreciated especially from women.

  194. brincks26 Reply

    I jump on a plane this monday at 4:30pm and i havent started packing yet, should i pack now? or wait till tomorrow? im leaving for 2 months.

  195. airdogspace2 Reply

    so what are all of the sims 2 extra packs?

  196. che-che Reply

    i know that it is easier for men to get a six pack than women but are there any specific exercises besides basic crunches, pilates, etc that one can do to achieve this stomach?

  197. vanvark83 Reply

    hey everyone, i have heard that it is harder for girs to get a six pack, and most girls will only get a 4 pack. Is that true? and i was also wondering if you knew how i could get a 6 pack or 4 pack by july at the latest.
    I am 13 years old and 5’8, 110lbs. I am reliatevly thin but i dont have any packs.
    Thanks a lot!
    i dont mean like huge muscley ones i mean just a little six pack that isnt very noticable but is stilll there.

  198. Denali Reply

    I go to the gym 5 times a week for roughly 2 hours a time. 45mins-1hr cardio, then an hour strength training. I don’t have a six pack, i do however have defined top 2 abs. I do many core exercises. I know abs are made in the kitchen so i’ve been working on eating much healthier. Today for tea i had; new potatoes, brocolli, hard boiled egg (yoke removed) and Turkey and i won’t have any carbs after 5.

    I’ve read on numerous articles that i should do walking/swimming rather than running for ab building. Why is this? I can’t not run at the moment as i have a 10k race coming up April 7th.

    I’ve also been drinking 2 litres of water a day and 2-3 cups of green tea.

    Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m going to post this in diet and fitness and men’s health to get a variety of answers. Sorry if you see this repeated in the question

  199. Brian Reply

    Nothing cheesey like “Lightening pack” or “Black fangs”
    Something decent?

    ____ Pack?
    Thanks in advance, choosing B/A in an hour :D

  200. encyclopath Reply

    im not that good looking of a kid, but i do have a six pack and whenever i show girls they just are kind of amazed in a way and i just dont get. so why are girls and guys sometimes attacted to a six pack? it confuses me

  201. Hotshot t Reply

    Where can I find the Windows Me(Millenium) service packs?

  202. Johnky J Reply

    I’m into cheering and I’ve always wanted a six pack! A few of my friends told me its too manly on women but I want your opinions. I don’t mind some critasism

  203. stingerms Reply

    do you agree that smoking history of less than 50 pack years is not the cause for a persons Lung cancer, but it can be for 50-100 pack years.
    Pack years= no. of cigarettes smoked in packs x no. of years smoked

  204. John G Reply

    I want a six pack like this:

    I’m 24, 5’5, and very slim. What would I have to do to get a subtle six pack like that?

  205. Michael K Reply

    What do you think about 6 packs? When you see a guy with a 6 pack and decently ripped arms and chest/back/shoulders etc. what crosses your mind? I been doing all this work to get a 6 pack i want to make sure its gonna be worth it in the end.
    any1 else i mean her post didnt help me at all…

  206. baldy eire Reply

    like this one in the video,but thats not me.

  207. apleaforbrandon Reply

    I used to have a six pack (well probably a four pack, when i was younger, as i trained a lot) now i’m older and i’ve stopped doing those exercises, i just had a thought that it would be pretty cool if i had one again, as it holds back all the fat, like you can eat a full meal and it won’t show.. anyways, i’m not talking super ripped, but like yeah a six pack?? what’s your thoughts on it?

  208. rashest_hippo Reply

    Is having a six pack a deal-breaker to women?
    I personally couldn’t care less about a flat stomach but I can’t speak for others.

  209. heavenly sword Reply

    is that like physically possible for a girl it doesn’t have to be like a fully defined one but is it possible

  210. Big Banger Reply

    I want to know what service pack is

  211. Lia-lu-li Reply

    what were the names of mw2 map packs?

  212. Clayton Cottrell Reply

    Traveling and I need tips for packing!

  213. slipknot0129 Reply

    Please tell me which packs give Cyber dragon cards because i’m trying to build one. Tell me the pack and if possible the name of the Cyber dragon cards that come in them so i know specifically which packs to buy for certain cards.

  214. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    how do people know wat packs have jersey and autograph cards without opening them.

  215. PIE BOY Reply

    Ive been searching and brainstorming for months. I need a name for a killer wolf pack.

    this pack accepts wolves, as well as “humans” and “cats” and whatever other creatures people come up with to rp as.

    Mostly though, it is just a pack of cold blooded wolves. Familiar packs would be Twisted Fate pack, Sinister Demise pack, Seven Syns pack, Darkest Killers pack, and Black Angels pack.

    if you have any terrifying suggestions i could really use it, as well as any tips for creating a very…

  216. Dark_LovexXx Reply

    Can anyone think of some mechanical application that uses packing (instead of a seal).
    And what is the packing material and how does it work.

  217. apleaforbrandon Reply

    Just curious, because I am going to a bar/club in town tonight and the women at this club are usually a bit older than myself. I am 23, but a lot of the women at this bar/club are around 30′s – 40 years old. I have a good body, above average looks, and I like to show off my abs sometimes when I’m a little tipsy. I have a fondness for older women, so would they be attracted to my physical appearance? The single one’s anyway.
    @ SissyK – But what if you two got talking and you hit it off? And had stuff in common?

  218. Larry R Reply

    Approximately how many weeks?

  219. cardskid22 Reply

    Because my friend told me that women can only get six packs if they inject themselves with testosterone. and I really want to have a six pack!
    Is it true about the testosterone thing?

  220. maskills24 Reply

    any good tips for packing?

  221. Arminator Reply

    i.e. what is equivalent to 1 pack year? smoking point of view

  222. Sonny Reply

    If a really really muscular and fit woman got pregnant, what would happen? Wouldn’t it stretch out the muscles and make them a lot weaker? Would she be able to get back in shape after giving birth? Would it hurt more while the baby is growing if you have a really hard six pack?
    also, would the six pack be on the outside of the pregnancy bump? :O

  223. kamikami Reply

    Ok, well I’ve known for a long time that the Sims 2 come out with expansion packs and stuff packs, and I have every single expansion pack out, but im not sure if i want to get a stuff pack or not? Can anyone tell me what stuff packs do to the Sims 2, and if they are totally different games, or they just are packs of items and stuff like that?

  224. Phillip123 Reply

    do i have to have windows service pack 1 before installing windows service pack 2?

  225. Jason Reply

    I was in a conversation with a friend the other day, and I just really wanted to know, what is the difference between soft pack cigarette boxes and hard pack cigarette boxes?

    If you smoke, what one do you like better?

    I DON’T SMOKE CIGARETTES!!!! I really don’t want a bunch of people to write answers about how smoking is bad blah blah blah. I just want honest answers.

  226. Patrick Reply

    Could someone provide a list of each and every Sims 2 pack made?

  227. Zack Faria Reply

    Is it ok to pack for a trip 4 days before you go, when do you start packing for a vacation?

  228. Heath Reply

    If you are 16 and have a 6 pack and go the gym 5 times a week. How hard is to get that 8 pack.

  229. Noe R Reply

    Such as the Bethesda Pack,Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack and Valve complete pack. Does the pack install games separately or do they all install at once and how does steam exactly work?

  230. krow147 Reply

    Examples: Animal pack, Rock and roll pack…… you get the idea.

  231. Salam Reply

    I’m going to pack back around Europe for about 12 days during July. What size of pack should I get? I was looking at 65000 cubic inches is that too big, too small or just right? I’m going with friends and we will not spend more then one night at a place so we need to carry our stuff with at all time.

    Any ideas on pack sizes and brands would be great.
    Correction 6500 cubic inches

  232. Stevalicious Reply

    I was just wondering what are the expaction packs that I need to complete my collection.Here is what I have:
    Expasion Packs:Bon Voyage and Pets
    Stuff packs:H&M and Teen Style
    I`m not in the mood to search `em on the Internet……Maybe you can tell me…..First who answers gets 10 points so….be fast!
    And also the Stuff packs…..Forget to mention them……

  233. Mark M Reply

    What is the most recent Sims 2 expansion or stuff pack?

  234. ScRSC Reply

    I’m going to buy a new pack soon. I’m pretty set on the Osprey Kestrel series. I just can’t decide between 48 and 58 L. Most of what I do are weekend backpacking trips.. 20 miles.. maybe more depending on where I go. I need enough volume that will accommodate a weekend trip along with a (relatively) light packed pack for a 4 day trip (at the very most 5 days). Can you give me your opinion on what size I should get, 48 or 58 liters?


  235. Kevin Reply

    Do I need to buy Sims 2, before i get an expansion pack or can I just buy an expansion pack and play? Also what are all the different kinds of expansion packs and which is your favorite?

  236. Travoiz Reply

    I was wondering where can you go to ride a jet pack?

  237. dealy Reply

    Im going to mexico next month… Cancun to be exact… i have NO clue what to pack… I heard its pretty hot in july… Any suggestions? PLEASE!
    i meant in terms of clothes and outfits… sunscreen is a definite!!

  238. Random Reply

    I am 14 and don’t want a 6 pack cause only 2 people in my year have one.

    What exercise / sports should I do

    I have a flat stomach, I am strong, I am fast so do I even need a 4 pack??

  239. Mc L Reply

    i am buyin feather edge panels can someone tell me how many packs i will need. i need to cover 36 feet.
    each pack contains 10 panels and pack sixe is
    how many packs do i need

  240. skychi99 Reply

    Was just wondering, usually how much would a new pack like Order of Chaos cost? And how many packs are in 1 tin or package or however they work?

  241. Sir fliesalot Reply

    I’m making a role play website with Wolfs and i need 3 pack name i already have on Rain Pack thanks

  242. rashest_hippo Reply

    I would like to buy a Duluth pack specifically the Monarch (spelling?) pack

    However I couldn’t find a frame for it so…

    Does it need a frame? (do you have personal experience with this pack fully loaded)

    Can I get a frame for it?
    I want a pack that won’t puss out on me canvas is just more durable than any thing I’ve seen a REI

  243. wwwavid360gamercom Reply

    All I want is the best Minecraft beta texture pack.

  244. Flash Funk Reply

    How to get a six pack as soon as possible?

    I’m a girl btw

  245. Sergeant Pickle Reply

    Who made up the Rate Pack?

  246. Agent 47 Reply


  247. davemc74656 Reply

    I can’t get the resource packs to work on minecraft. I have downloaded them and moved them into the resource pack folder (as a zip folder) but on the resource pack on minecraft they aren’t showing up. Can anyone help please.

  248. Milk84 Reply

    I just started playing Halo Reach after about a 18 month break. I know they came out with map packs while I was gone, there is also an “anniversary” map pack. If I buy this will it give me all the maps that have been released for Halo Reach?
    So I need to buy the anniversary map pack and the other map pack? If so whats the other map pack called?
    So just buy the anniversary map pack? or do alot of people have the other map packs too? Thanks guys

  249. Nathan B Reply

    Each pack is 200g.
    2.4kg is 12 packs.
    If I pay $35 for 2.4kg how much is each pack?
    If I pay $57.50 for 5kg how much is each pack & how many packs do you get?
    If I pay $25.50 for 1.9kg how much is each pack & how many packs do you get?
    If I pay $100 for 10kg, how much is each pack & how many packs do you get?

  250. dubmecrazy3 Reply

    Which packing is better? Rectangular , Hexagonal or any other type?

  251. mmminja Reply

    There is this new thing in minecraft and it’s called resource packs. It used to be texture packs but now it’s different. Can anyone tell me what a resource pack is and how to find them???? Thanks.

  252. Kristian Reply

    Well, I was going to restart Shadow Runners then went to my old Shadow Runners site and realized someone hacked it! :( and it was my first pack! I want something like Shadow Runners or Death Moon or something that involves the Moon or Shadows and sounds good! Thank you!

  253. Superman Reply

    can anyone tell me if there is an online website that sells the real original unopened booster packs from the 90s and early 2000s (the packs with first edition charizards and all that). and could you tell me what these packs are called so i can get them at a low price?

    thank :]

  254. The Inc Reply

    Im writing a book about wolves. Not werewolves. WOLVES. Get that in your head before telling me werewolf stories are gay.

    The basic plot is this wolf gives birth to two pups, and the pups are like a form of Yin Yang. One black (Siyah – Dark) and one white (Seren – Light). They’re meant to be bring balance to the packs and blah blah blah.

    I need heaps of pack names. So far I have:

    Kalindi Pack
    Shivani Pack
    Northern Ice Pack
    Kamaria Pack

    You can make them up or use real words, I just need names!

  255. RuMKilleR Reply

    what is better in service pack 3 than SP2
    Windows XP SP3

  256. Michael Reply

    I have jumper pack in my N64, what does it do exactly and how is it different from an expansion pack? Do I need an expansion pack to play perfect dark and Donkey Kong on? Are these the only games that need it?
    BBut With perfect dark, I can’t seem to get to the story mode! How would I (if possible) would I get it to work?
    Are you sure? Now, why would I not be able to play the game?

  257. lildevilgurl152004 Reply

    i am very toned anyway because i play high level squash but i find that my abdominal muscles are toning outwards which is a bit awkward when i put on a dress as im not as slim as i should be,
    please can someone help me tone my muscles inwards for Lovely slim stomach thanks xx xx luv ya

  258. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag Reply

    I suck my stomach in and I look pretty thin, but I want to know how I can strengthen them ( my stomach muscles ) to naturally be flat….. do you get what I mean?
    like… do crunches work? if so is there a certain way to do them?
    I think what I mean to say is that I want to tighten them…

  259. SteveO Reply

    So about a week ago we had this fit ess test in gym. To see how many sit ups we can do in a minute. I can usually only do a set of 10 maybe 15 at a time. I am pretty athletic and havent had pain like this before but I did 55 Sit ups in a minute! (I am a 14 year old girl) it’s been a week and my stomach muscles are still sooo sore. It hurts to do a lot of things! I need the pain to go away!

  260. shahrukh Reply

    The other day i did 35 sit ups in 40 seconds for a challenge in P.E.
    And I pulled the muscles in my stomach and it hurts to laugh and to some extent to walk.
    I have been taking paracetamol but it doesn’t really help. So how can i relieve the pain and make it better?
    I have pulled muscles before as im very sporty but it hurts a lot lot more this time

  261. PillowMan1234 Reply

    I have found that I have extremely weak stomach muscles. Extremely weak.

    I do sit-ups every so often. (I’m lazy) and I find that I can do only a couple before my stomach muscles start to do that weird jerk-y think and then my neck gets sore.

    How can I strengthen these? I get a sore neck a lot from situps (I don’t hold my hands behind my head)

    I think it’s my uppers (whatever they’re called) that need the most work.
    I’m using my back muscles because my stomach ones don’t work…

  262. Andrew S Reply

    Hey everyone!
    So i’m at a hotel and the fire alarm went off yesterday. I had to walk down 25 flights of stairs and then back up 15. I am not used to exercising this much, and from about an hour onwards after the event I began suffering from a dull pain in my lower stomach. It hurts more when I sit down then when I walk, and it isn’t a sharp pain- its dull. Is this a muscle pull or is there something else wrong with me?

    Thank you!



  263. ericmreitz Reply

    Recently, my stomach has been getting harder from planks, situps, and other simple workouts. However, my waist is still the same size, and I don’t see any abs. Why is this?

  264. fattiemanny Reply

    Hiya, in my first pregnancy with my son I had separated stomach muscles and after 2 years they have FINALLY gone closer together. Me and my partner have decided we’re gona try in the new year for another baby but I was wondering if anyone’s stomach muscles separated in their first pregnancy bit not in their second. My midwife told me that the chances are they will separate again but just wanted to hear from mum’s experiences.
    Thanks Xx
    I breastfed for 6months, my muscles seperated by 5inches

  265. everythingisgonnabefine Reply

    I went to the gym for the first time ever on tuesday, and i think i overdone it a bit haha. i done about 150 situps/crunches and when i woke up the next day by stomach muscles were really sore. i went to the gym again on the thursday morning, but didn’t do any situps. my stomach was still sore yesterday and it’s still sore today. it’s not painful when i sit, it’s only when i stand up or cough..i’m guessing this is because they’re getting stretched? anyway does anyone know how long they will be sore for and if there is anything i could do to speed up the process?

  266. llb443 Reply

    I was wondering if you could describe some excercises to tone your stomach & thighs?
    Also are there any foods/drinks that can speed up a metabolism?

    (i cannot do crunches as it causes pain in my back)

  267. airdogspace2 Reply

    My stomach muscles separated when I was pregnant and 5 months later don’t feel any better. At the bottom I have about the width of my thumb of space between them. When I sit up from laying down I feel like I am hurting them.

    I was just wondering if this is normal? I know that not everyone has this problem, but is it normal to not be better by now?

    My midwife was the one who pointed this out to me, but I am no longer with her and have always forgotten to mention it to my doctor. Does anyone know if I should make a doctors appointment for this?? Will it just correct itself?

  268. Big Banger Reply

    How can i make all my stomach to muscle?

  269. Jason Reply

    Im a 14 yr old girl. I play soccer, volleyball, and starting track this spring. I need to get back into shape and i want leg muscles and calfs. Right now i do calf raises in sets of 25 or 50. and i do as many as possible. And ive been trying to do 200 sit ups every other day. Its hard to find time in my busy schedual to run, but any free time i have i get on the tredmill. What other exercises should i be doing? I’m hoping to build a lot of muscle as fast as possible!

  270. Krazy Bob Reply

    I was working out a little today, doing some crunches and bicycles (ab workouts) not too strenuous or anything. A few hours after I got done, I had the worst feeling in my stomach! Like I was going to throw up, but it was a knife pain almost. It won’t go away ): it feels like burning. I’m pretty sure it is a torn muscle or something, does anyone know? It hurts so bad! Even laying down! Please help! Thanks!
    The pain is behind my belly button and a little around that.

  271. BRUTE Reply

    I’m only 7 weeks pregnant but my stomach muscles are really sore as of when I woke up this morning.. I haven’t done anything I wouldn’t usually do such as lifting or anything and I havent been exercising either. I was just wondering if this could have something to do with my pregnancy (its my first) and I’m a very small build?

  272. Roar me R Reply

    i worked my stomach muscles on monday, it is now wednesday and they are still sore, if i work them again am i not giving them enough time to repair? should i wait untill tomorow? thanks!
    thanks lander c that makes complete sense ill do some leg/arm work :)

  273. colingrillo Reply

    i mean like what is used for? like arm muscles are for lifting things and strong legs are used to run. what are stomach muscles for?

  274. Blake Reply

    I’m just wondering, has anyone ever thought about or read anything about people that sleep on the stomachs? Do you believe that it could weaken your stomach muscles? I’ve laid there on my stomach and it feels as if I can’t feel my muscles as much and could possibly make it harder to flatten your stomach… compaired to sleeping on your back… your stomach automatically goes down … any ideas or thoughts on this?

  275. TommyKay Reply

    Last night I ran on the treadmill for the first time in about 2 months and I did 20 sit-ups in between and I now have really soar stomach muscles. How do I get rid of it?

  276. white man Reply

    how do i build stomach muscles???
    i am not fat or anything, its just that my belly skin is flacid and i just hater the way it looks.. what is the most effective excercises or sports i could do???? i am not looking in achieving any six packs or anyting like that. just that the flacid skin is not flacid anymore,…. thnks!!!

  277. isk8at818 Reply

    HI! okay, so i have been developing a bit of a tummy, which i am working to get rid of. ive been doing ab excersizes, and can tell they are working; but my question is do these excersizes help me to loose my tummy, or will i just be gaining muscle under the pouch, making me look bigger?

    no rude please

  278. Harriet W Reply

    I pinched a nerve 18 mo. ago. I still have problems. One is that my stomach muscles will not relax. They do a little at times but when I eat they go right back to rock hard. I have tried relaxers. Heat seems to help when I shower. But not for long. I am thinking maybe a hot tub so I can soak longer. Any ideas.

  279. Mark Reply

    iv been told by my consultant at hospital that i need to strengthen my stomach muscles, can anyone help me with ways to do this or even give me a plan, thanks

  280. liza Reply

    ive heard that planks ( elbows on the floor straight body and on your toes) are a good way of gaining stomach muscle. do you agree or what is your best method to build up stomach muscles?

  281. Beavis Reply

    I’ve had two children, 1st weighed 10lb 6oz and 2nd weighed 9lb 5oz (3 week early).
    During both pregnancies I complained of pain in my abdomen, hot burning, stinging pain, I was told this was my muscles tearing, I also complained of aching hips and my pubic bone stinging, I was never offered physio or a support belt, just print outs explaining PSD.
    Both babies were c sections as they were both breach.
    7 months after having 2nd baby I have a 4 finger separation gap between my muscles, I have horrendous lower back pain, which is hard with two under 3 and I get a some stomach pain also.
    I am being referred to physio again but worried this won’t bring the muscles back together. My least concern is I look pregnant still, I just want rid of this back ache so I feel normal again.
    If physio doesnt work, do they offer any help through the NHS to repair the muscles??? Has anyone had this done???

  282. Benihana Reply

    I can’t go to the gym.
    I can’t run.
    I can’t jog.
    i can’t do a lot of walking either.
    What else can I do to tighten up my stomach muscles quickly?

  283. Kristian Reply

    does it also make your stomach flatter?

  284. sethburger Reply

    I had sex last night, the first time in 6 months (bad I know hahha) he made me squirt and orgasm but one my lower stomach is killing, like the muscles are pulled, is that possible, or is it something else? X

  285. PoohBearPenguin Reply

    How to find out if your stomach muscles are loose? I mean through some sort of checks or examinations or excercise can we check if they are loose or not?
    What are most effective ways to tighten them back again?
    thanks Jacky for the answer.
    Pls tell me which exercises are best for this purpose. After a lot of research n asking i came to this – crunches, sit ups and cardio (for over all fat reduction). Also I heard that doing the stomach exercises everyday can make things worst. It should be done 3-4 times a week… is all this true? are there better exec? any other tips?

  286. gail C Reply

    I don’t want lectures or anything – I am seeing a therapist etc but usually if I self harm I cut on my stomach. Recently i’ve lost weight and my stomach has built up some muscle. Yesterday I cut myself and I woke up in the middle of the night in immense pain. Is it possible to cut into muscle, or would I have still cut into the fat on my stomach?

    Once again, I just want a straight answer!
    Ok well it seems that saying it twice wasn’t enough: I do not want lectures or people telling me to just kill myself or calling me emo – this is a coping mechanism psychologically speaking, and those of you who are too small minded to get your head around it can just wander off and find someone else to insult. Probably best if you answer questions that you know something about.

  287. che-che Reply

    I have a torn stomach muscle (i’m only 16), and a very thin girl.

    How can I help it heal naturally?

    Its feels sore, I get the occasional pain and burning sensation and muscle spasms. All the doctor said was ” Take 3 advil a day”…. which I don’t plan on doing,

  288. Kristian Reply

    What are some exercises to improve stomach muscles? I’m trying to get a six pack. Any help??

  289. Alina Elliott Reply

    i am in the process of working out and losing weight. right now i’m at 300lbs and carry most of it in my stomach (and have for most of my life). i can walk two miles at 3mph without a problem, i have even started running some on the treadmill.i also do the stationary bike for 20 minutes a day on the random hills setting. i can lift and press any weights, my legs and arms have never been a problem area for me. the problem is my stomach. if i do any crunches or sit-ups my stomach muscles cramp after only a few. (clench up and get shaky) is there anything i can do to slowly build up my muscles so they don’t cramp up? or should i wait until i have lost more weight and then start working on the muscles? also is it true that if i work on my back and stay conscious of my posture it will help my stomach muscles?

  290. Adam Reply

    I want to tighten my leg and tummy muscles, but I don`t really want to go to the gym because there boring and I`m no one can take me because I have to be supervised as I`m under 16.
    I was thinking some kind of dance class, but I don`t know which one.
    I`m really interested in acrobatics, is it too late to become flexible? I could do the splits when I was 8 and do back bridge, cartwheels, handstands. I hadn`t learnt how to do bents and flips at that age though.

    So what should I do to be able to get stomach and leg muscles?

  291. Scott Bull Reply

    I pulled something in my back a few weeks ago. I think it was due to doing Pilates. It was really good for working my stomach, but now I’m afraid to hurt my back again. What kinds of exercises can I do without injuring my back?

  292. Le Pwner Reply

    Housemate claims she doesn’t like sleeping on her back as it makes her stomach muscles tense up. I wondered if we’d hit on a new method for having muscly tummies. I don’t have a natural six pack (I’m not fat, just not ripped either) and I never sleep on my back.

    What are your experiences?

    Can anyone give PERSONAL evidence that might support or challenge the theory that sleeping on one’s back improves stomach muscle tone?
    This may be a myth, but it’s also a theory I’ve just made up. In the scientific method I want to hear from people whether they naturally have toned abdomens or not and how they tend to sleep to see if there is any apparent link…
    I’m closing this early and putting the question to vote as I’m not really getting answers to what I was trying to ask so I have obviously worded the question badly.

    People seem to think I’m asking whether one can develop a full-on six pack by sleeping on one’s back, or that I’m testing some internet myth out. Of course, some people aren’t comfortable sleeping in that position so they don’t!

    Thanks to those who replied, but you were missing the point of my question entirely :(.

    I was merely trying to see if there is a statistical link between sleeping on one’s back and ‘good’ (aha! how do you define good lol) abdominal tone. If anyone wants to answer, I have re-hashed the question…

  293. louisewoods1984 Reply

    I made a new year’s resolution to do 100 crunches a day, every day. i had a flat stomach before, but i wanted to tone it. i followed through, and i now have more muscles in my stomach, but my stomach has also become less flat. could i have developed the muscles outward? what is a good way to tone my abs and reverse the damage?

  294. sick_mick_101 Reply

    i haven’t done any exercise yet my stomach and leg muscles (back of my thighs) hurt like hell, as if iv been working out hard, but i really haven’t. it started yesterday morning when i woke up, and the day before i had planned to do some sit ups but got distracted, yet now I’m in pain and it hurts so much to move around, please help! i need to know whats caused this, iv done nothing differently than usual :( thanks in advance!

  295. homerliveshere Reply

    I don’t know what I’ve done to them but my stomach muscles are quite sore/ achey. Sounds like I’ve pulled them but I don’t know how. My main worry is that when I try to ‘go to the toilet’, so to speak, they won’t help, they just don’t do anything but ache. I’m really constipated and this isn’t helping! I eat a high fibre diet etc but I generally suffer from IBS. Any advice appreciated x

  296. Motordom Reply

    I am close to achieving all of me splits but I have poor extension. When I try to hold my leg at or above 90 degrees my quads cramp up making it near impossible to develope or do battements. My teachers say to use my stomach, but I don’t understand and cannot hold it turned out or turned in.

  297. stingerms Reply

    I’ve been lifting weights to make my biceps bigger (I could feel the bone in my arm and it was disgusting), but my abs have also developed as a result of the exercises. I don’t have an issue with my stomach muscles, but I had a flat six pack prior to this, and now the muscles look like they’ve grown outwards (which makes my stomach look disproportional to the rest of my body).
    Is there any way that I could shrink or tone these muscles to make them less prominent?

  298. vanvark83 Reply

    I was doing stomach crunches the other night and i felt fine,i woke up in the morning and felt like id been stabbed,i could barely move, Is it a pulled stomach muscle ? My intestines feel they been stretched
    I tend to exercise quite alot as my stepdads a personal trainer but hes always working at the moment so its difficult to talk to him about the pain

  299. Nick Reply

    I pulled my stomach muscle wakeboarding about a week ago. A least I think that’s what it is. It was very painful for about a day then it only hurt if I moved the wrong way. It’s shows only the symptoms of a strain not a hernia. I thought I was mostly healed but last night I tripped and while catching myself I felt like I aggravated the injury. The pain went away after about 10 minutes but this morning I have what appears to be bruising around the genital region. Everything I have read says it just the blood drainage from the injury. Freaky never the less. Does any one got any words of wisdom?

  300. Joe T Reply

    what medical test is needed to determine if there is permanent damaged to the stomach muscle

  301. Cupcakerum Reply

    i went out on the town last night and was very sick during the night. now, the following morning i have stomach pains which feel like a pulled muscle, is this what it is or could it be something else?

  302. Michael Reply

    I want to build my muscles and strengthen them. I’ve heard many many different opinions about this. Some unclear points:

    1) Should stomach pushups be done fast, with many repetitions? Or should they be done slowly, causing the muscles to shiver? Or maybe even rise up and then simply hold on to this position as long as possible – static strain?

    2) How should the legs be positioned?

    3) How high should I lift myself?

    4) How should I place my hands?

    5) Is it possible to find an exercise similar to horizontal bar pull-ups, where you just give it all and within several repetition, you just can’t do any more? It always seems that stomach pushups can be done continuously FOREVER, with tens of repetitions, which is annoying and boring.

    6) What about the back? Should it be strained during the pushups or should I avoid it at all costs?

    7) What about those automatic devices that you strap on your stomach and they exercise it? (yeah I know it’s probably pure crap)


  303. everydayGuitarist Reply

    does anyone know of a way to tone stomach muscles quickly ? if so please let me know (:

  304. dubmecrazy3 Reply

    I have the Sims 2.
    Let’s say I buy 3 Stuff Packs.
    Can I install all of them and play the Sims 2 and have access to all of the Stuff Packs new content?

    Like I can combine all the stuff packs to vastly expand my options and use anything from any pack in one house?

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