Rob Riches’ abdominal workout routine

Rob Riches goes to an Los Angeles gym and does a series of abdominal exercises for Prozis fans to learn from. Check out our online store: Prozis Internationa…
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186 Responses to “Rob Riches’ abdominal workout routine”

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  12. anna nikko Reply

    the muscles look like painted…

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    8.50 – that dude in the background copping a feel of that hot chickie.

  18. k3zza001 Reply

    8.50 – that dude in the background copping a feel of that hot chickie.

  19. cescabel Reply

    why not?

  20. Onlyme2015 Reply

    Do you need to keep adding more reps as you go along in order to have bigger abs? Just as how you’d do when building muscles, you keep adding more resistance to gain mass.

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  22. kyle cena Reply

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  23. Spawn223311 Reply

    rob, need to do some neck exercises

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  25. Mistry Reply

    Whenever i do crunches my back starts hurting a lot (about after 20 crunches) way before i start have a good workout. When i do transverses ab exercises my back seems fine, also leg lifts. I used to do a lot of sit ups. My back usually is fine its just when i do abdominal exercises.

  26. The Dark Knight Reply

    My 14 year old daughter has been complaining on stomach and lower abdominal discomfort. They doctors ruled out anything in her stomach and ruled out bladder, kidney and yeast infections. When you touch her stomach it is tender to the touch. Yet doctors cant seem to find anything wrong. She is not sexually active.

  27. norrin_shadowwolf Reply

    I’ve had an abdominal CT scan (because of my constant constipation), but I’ve heard that CT enterography is a specific examination of the small intestine. Is it any better? Does the abdominal CT scan show the small intestine at all? Does it find tumors? Or will I need to do a CT enterography aswell to be sure?

  28. Derek Reply

    I went at 5 wk 5 day and it was vaginal but the tech seemed kind of rough and it was painful. I go back at 7 wk 4 day. When do they switch to abdominal u/s’s? I don’t want her to do another vaginal one.

  29. Roar me R Reply

    chronic abdominal pains, so the doctor has called for a full blood count and an ESR test or something.
    What are they looking for?

  30. jag43216 Reply

    What’s the best medical way, for figure and skin, the safest healthwise, for a 48 years male with 10 kg overweight in abdominal area and no sound history of any illness ?
    Are fat disolving injections safe, or the latest best ?

  31. homerliveshere Reply

    When a women gets pregnant, her uterus enlarges to hold the fetus ( the baby). After a women has a baby, some how her fundus goes back into the abdominal cavity after she gives birth to the fetus. How does this happen? Please explain! I need precise and definite answers! Thankyou

  32. Mark M Reply

    I just started having an abdominal pain a few minutes ago. I haven’t had abdominal pain in quite a while. It’s been a really long time. But it just came right now. What do i do to help it get better?

  33. brincks26 Reply

    I am 11 weeks and only had an abdominal one, what is the other like?

  34. Blake Reply

    One of the grisly facts about “drawing and quartering” is that a human’s intestines can be cut out of the body without causing immediate death – hence the quartering. Why then was abdominal surgery rarely successful until around the 20th Century? The Romans had brain surgery.

  35. Jeff Reply

    Hey fitness people! Does anyone have some examples of abdominal exercises appropriate for people who are obese? Many of the ab exercises I see are a challenge because of the paunch I already have.

    I often lay on the floor and lift my feet, but the sit ups are hard as my fat gut gets in the way.

    I’d love your ideas!

  36. Dom L Reply

    I had a abdominal ultrasound and should of been around to 2 to 3 months pregnant when I had it done and they said no fetus, I had to have a full bladder, was it possible they missed the fetus?

  37. alberto s Reply

    Abdominal Exercises can get fantastic results but the multiple assorted ways to get to the end are complicated. Has anyone completed the steps and can offer support and directions to me so that I can complete the program too.

  38. norrin_shadowwolf Reply

    I exercise my abdominal muscles one a week. To get my abdominal muscles to show, does it require a lot of exercising of the abdominal muscles, or just not having a lot of body fat?

  39. Echo Reply

    I have a very sharp pain on my right lower abdominal right above my hip bone. Very rarely does it hurt unless I push there it sends a haorrible sharp pain in that area. Im just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this pain could be?

  40. Cliffy N Reply

    So I had my first CT scan today and it was not fun. It was for the abdominal/pelvic area so they did contrast dye through the IV, made me drink a contrast liquid, and did an enema as well. Ever since the enema I’ve been having tons of abdominal cramping and the urge to use the bathroom (to go #2). I’m drinking more fluids to flush it out but my stomach still keeps cramping w/out having anything coming out. Any suggestions?

  41. Jon P Reply

    So recently, every time I wake up in the morning, I get a painful lower abdominal pain. It’s sometimes real quick. But mostly whenever I go to use the restroom it hurts so bad! Like if i’m starting my period even though I just got off it about 2 weeks ago. It’s major cramps when I use the restroom, or whenever I sit down. Should I be worried? What could it might be? Is there a cure? Should I go to the doctor? HELP!
    Oh, and i’m 16 years of age.

  42. Terrence Reply

    What are the best abdominal exercises to do to work up a six-pac?

    I really want to get my body in good shape and don’t know of any other good abdominal exercises other than sit-ups.

    Any help is appreciated.

  43. Goe122 Reply

    I think I have abdominal seperation. I am just now realising this 7 months post partum. Had no idea what it was until I read about it. Can I still do exercises to close it? Or is it too late to try now? Also, can this be dangerous at all if it never closes?

  44. Xbox360king Reply

    My coach says i need to build abdominal muscles, any excercises?

  45. Agent 47 Reply

    About two and a half weeks ago I started exercising on a daily basis to get into shape. A few days ago, however, I pulled a muscle in my pelvis and have not been able to do any abdominal exercises besides crunches because my normal exercises involve the use of my pelvic muscles. I would really like to continue exercising my abs and don’t want to be out of commission while my pulled muscle heals. Are there any abdominal exercises I can do (besides crunches) that don’t involve using pelvic muscles?

  46. jdubdoubleu7704 Reply

    I know you cannot spot reduce fat but I have a real problem area in my abdominal region with fat!!!. I am currently on a high protien diet and do 30 mins of cardio every day. What else can I do ?

  47. tjpimpin Reply

    I have an oblique abdominal strain, and it hurts when I exercise. I am very much into sports and I hate sitting on the bench, will it damage anything more if I play through the pain? and is there any exercises I can do to make it feel better and heal faster?

  48. Muzahid Reply

    I am having an abdominal hysterectomy and would like to know how long the recovery is and how painful and how long you stay in the hosptial. It will be a complete.

  49. brincks26 Reply

    I tore an abdominal wall muscle a few days ago, It hurt in the same spot for a day and then it spread to my chest, and other parts of the torso. Is this normal?

  50. Brody S Reply

    I am 37w4d pregnant, and at my doctors appointment on wednesday she said I was 2cm dilated and the baby’s head was “right there.” I have been experiencing a lot of lower abdominal pressure lately, and irregular contractions. I have also had diarrhea, do you think I will go into labor soon?

  51. Victoria T Reply

    In July of 2011, I had an open hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction to try to prevent a hernia. My Doctor recommended that I don’t get pregnant again, but if it happened, I am curious to know why I couldn’t. He used pig skin to repair my hernia. Please no rude comments, I am just curious and not planning anymore children. I just wouldn’t want to be in a bad position in case my husband and I ever had a surprise. Thank you for positive answers to those that do choose to answer!

  52. Courtney Reply

    I often have abdominal pains in my left side and stomach during and for a few days after intercourse. What could be the cause of this it’s usually around time for me to get my monthly.

  53. MAK & CHEESE Reply

    My husband has been having severe abdominal pain. CT ruled out kidney stone, masses, blocked bowel, but the report says there are two loops of small intestine that are thickened. The doctor put him on antibiotics for inflammation, and we go back in 2 weeks, but I am worried about this being something serious.

  54. cardskid22 Reply

    I recently hurt my neck and shoulder and because of this, doing crunches is very painful. I still want to continue working out and doing exercises to flatten my stomach, but I don’t know of any other effective exercises to do this. Can anyone please recommend some good abdominal exercises other than crunches? Thanks for your help!

  55. friendly 4 Reply

    How to reduce abdominal or tummy fat? I like to have a thin waist and broad chest. I am a gym beginner and i like to know what equipment i have to use and what manual exercise i have to do for that.
    in addition what dieting habits should i have to keep my abdomin toned?
    Any answers, information or comments please!

  56. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    I do a few abdominal exercises that involve weights, usually 3 sets of 3-5 different exercises. Is it okay to work the abs a consecutive days?

    Also what about pectoralis muscles? Any suggestions on increasing chest muscle mass in 30 days?

  57. ademuth93 Reply

    I have an almost flat stomach, and I’d like to make the lower abs a little bit tighter. I a lot of sit-ups as it is, but they don’t seem to be targeting my lower abs. What are some exercises that will help to tighten my lower abdominal muscles? (And possibly my waist?)

  58. Wooooody Reply

    What about an STD would cause abdominal pain? Is this a serious sign? Why or why

  59. andresumoza Reply

    I’ve been having anxiety problems for a long time now, and the severity varies greatly.
    But recently, I’ve been under a lot more stress due to school and other things.
    I’ve been having abdominal pains the past few days and was wondering if it could be anxiety.

    Are there certain types of abdominal pain that are more likely to be caused by anxiety?

  60. forahobby Reply

    Ok so I do core exercises and they always say tighten you abdominal muscles when you do this. How do I do this? Am I suppose to hold my stomach in? Are is there some else I am suppose to do.

  61. mendhak Reply

    When I go on the treadmill and jog I get abdominal pain after, it kind of feels like that feeling when you have really bad diarrhea except it’s not diarrhea, and then I also get vagina discharge. What could this mean? I’m not pregnant and it’s not possible for me to be, so it isn’t anything like that.

  62. Samuro Reply

    Recently I have developed abdominal pain, large quantities of gas from my mouth and my behind, and I have suddenly obtained the ability to burp on command (for which I have tried my whole life and never managed). What is wrong with me?

  63. kamikami Reply

    My boyfriend and I had sex, and I am a virgin – it’s been two days, and I am having severe abdominal pains – we had sex the day my period ended. I’m nervous about everything, being pregnant, and rupturing something. It feels like a combination of gas and soreness. Opinions?

  64. mike s Reply

    Well in expiriencing burning feet soles daily and a sharp pain on the lower right abdominal side ( almost on a monthly basis) I have gone to thegp but he just told me to take paracetamol.Its really not helping any advice?

  65. John Reply

    Is it possible to see a babys heartbeat through abdominal ultrasound 3weeks/4days after conception date? When is the earliest after conception date to see a heartbeat?

  66. Lasagna delivery guy Reply

    I just started having an abdominal pain a few minutes ago. I haven’t had abdominal pain in quite a while. It’s been a really long time. But it just came right now. What do i do to help it get better?

  67. balinderk2000 Reply

    I have been having upper abdominal pains for about a week along with menstrual cramps. I saw some dark brown blood (spotting I usually get right before my period) in my underwear two days ago but i haven’t started my regular flow yet. Are my upper abdominal pains connected with my period. . or what’s going on? I know I should go to the doctor so please don’t comment saying so. Thanks in advance.

  68. MAK & CHEESE Reply

    I have a very strong abdominal region (I can do around 115 crunches in 60 seconds). However, I have a flab of skin. Is there anyway to increase the tightness and elasticity of this skin?

  69. Marlon P Reply

    This may be TMI, but this has happened several times. I am not on my period nor am i going to start it any time soon..
    But sometimes i get these bad cramps that are painful and make it hard for me to move. It occurs in my lower abdominal and my rectum. Lasts for about a minute and goes away.

    What could this be?

  70. Cliffy N Reply

    My abdominal is a little loose from having a baby i have been excersizing every day except for weekends. I do situps with a five pound ball, i run on the stair machine and a couple of other machines i dnt kno the names of but is there a certain way to work out my abdominal that will help tighten it.?
    I dont want to lose weight i just want to tightn my abs

  71. Salam Reply

    I want to build my abs. What kind of exercise should I be doing to target my core body, and how many times a day? I am already thin enough so I don’t need diet or weight loss tips.

    I want to achieve noticeable abdominal muscles by the beginning of July. Is there a way I can do this in 5-6 months?

  72. mr flibble Reply

    Can low back disc pains cause abdominal pain? Or would it be 2 different things going on?

  73. kiltakblog Reply

    Today, my mom is having a full abdominal hysterectomy. She is going through menopause and her period consistently wouldn’t stop. She became anemic from all of the blood loss. I was just wondering what are the risks of having this procedure and what are the steps in doing this?

  74. louisewoods1984 Reply

    How to develop muscles and increase strength of abdominal? and how can i increase stamina and muscle endurance? please.

  75. Maggie Reply

    My father has been told here in Canada that he has an abdominal aneurysm. I am trying to find out if there are any new procedures as far as treatment goes. He may have to travel to the United States for private medical procedures. I am also trying to find out the cost. Anyone who has just been through this type of ordeal and lived to tell me about it now so greatly appreciated.

  76. JackReynolds Reply

    I can’t do sit ups properly. They also strain my back as well as crunches.

    So I was wondering if there are any other abdominal exercises that I can do without hurting my back?

  77. Praveen Reply

    when is the best time of day to do abdominal exercises? somewhere i think i’ve read to exercise abs on empty stomach like first thing in the morning. i want a six pack what exercises and when should i do them?

  78. Tyler H Reply

    im 13, 125 pounds (around there) 5’3 very atheletic, full muscle except a lil bit tummy, and a girl. and everytime i do abdominal exercises my stomach feels a little hard but its like sharp pains in it too. is it normal?

  79. Mc L Reply

    I heard that the stomach muscles are already there you just have to eliminate the fat. So why do the abdominal exercises if they’re already there. Can you get a 6 pack without doing ab exercises?

  80. EzioAuditore1459 Reply

    What is the ideal weight/BMI to being doing abdominal exercises.

    I’m 6 foot and a medium frame. I weigh about 190 pounds.

    I’m wondering if I should keep doing cardio until I get to a lower weight before try to get a 6 pack.

  81. David Reply

    I have a recurring bulging disc in my lower back so pretty much all normal ab exercises hurt (i.e. sit ups, decline sit ups, oblique twists = all bad). Are there any recommendations for abdominal/core exercises for people with lower back pain. Please support with links to demos.

  82. shahedC Reply

    Apart from the original “sit up” & ” leg raises” does anyone know of a abdominal exercise that really works?

  83. Andrew S Reply

    Hello, I was wondering what are some good Pectoral and Abdominal exercises that I can do at home that don’t involve weights. For the Abs, I’m mostly looking for exercises that will help me trim the fat around them so that I can actually see them. Any ideas?

  84. Elijah luv Reply

    I always think i’ve put on weight after doing abdominal exercises. I feel it working, i’m no heavier, but look very bloated. Is this normal?

  85. Mackenzie P Reply

    If it’s ok (or necessary) to eat right after the abdominal exercise, what is the best food? If not, how long should I wait?

  86. Patrick Reply

    Just wanted to know if anyone knew of any standing abdominal exercises that are effective. Have tried doing sit-ups and crunches and they just don’t agree with me, I practically can’t lift my self up.

  87. xLittle21Yaox Reply

    I’m having trouble with abdominal exercises- one side of my abs uses the obliques too much so that the upper and middle abs are not being used as much as on the other side, and this is resulting in my abs becoming uneven.
    Does anybody know of any abdominal exercises that do not use the obliques at all while exercising the middle and upper abs?


  88. Jose B Reply

    I’ve noticed some guys have these wierd v’shaped muscles near their lower abdominals.

    I found a great picture, and ive outlined it to show exactly what im talking about:

    What are those?

    And more importantly, how do you work those out to achieve that type of definition?

  89. Patrick Reply

    I’m writing a paper for a class and I need to know the average abdominal circumference of a 5 month old baby. I’ve searched through the internet but all that keeps coming up is the circumference for fetuses in utero determined by ultrasound.

    Does anyone know? Or does anyone with a 5 month old (or any infant really) care to share what their baby’s AC is? I’d really appreciate it!

  90. Blake Reply

    I have just started running 4km per day but I don’t know whether or not this distance is enough for me to be able to loose fat around my lower abdominals. Please give me your advice.

    P.S. I am currently 15 years old and 5, 10″

  91. Brody S Reply

    My abdominals seperated during pregnancy and I heard that doing crunches will only worsen the situation. So what is the correct exercise I should be doing?

  92. lucasg615 Reply

    I am trying to develop some washboard abs here. When i flex, they are pretty sweet, and you see 4 and like half of the last pair. But when i don’t flex, my stomach is pretty flat, but you only see light outlines of the abs, and its kinda squishy. So does this mean i need to burn more fat doing cardiovascular exercises, or that I need to be doing more abdominal exercises? Or both?

  93. Travoiz Reply

    My dad has a big belly, although he does exercise a lot in the gym(he goes every 2 days) it doesn’t seem to be working. At 51 he’s pretty fit & healthy, he doesn’t have any illnesses so working out isn’t a problem for him. I keep telling him he just eats a bit too much for dinner, & that’s probably the reason why his stomach isn’t getting any flatter. Does anyone know of any effective abdominal exercises that my dad can do?

  94. toysruslover Reply

    I need an exercise where, combined with cardio and other exercises it will give you a strong core. An abdominal exercise I can do over and over again, which is effective for most of the ab muscles. Also anyone that has done any of these, could you please share you experiences. Thank you :)

  95. Marlon P Reply

    What are some effective at home abdominal exercises that i can do?

  96. Ryan Dunn Reply

    For a little over a week I’ve been having lower abdominal cramps. It kind of feels like mentral cramps, but a little bit duller and feels more like it’s gas that is stuck there. I sometimes do have gas with it and sometimes it feels that it is difficult to pass almost like it feels blocked by something. Usually when that happens I end up having to use the bathroom but that doesn’t seem to relieve anything or not that I’ve noticed. I’m not pregnant, my period isn’t due, it’s not my appendix or anything of that sort I’m VERY sure of. It just feels like gas that is stuck and won’t leave. Sometimes it’s on the left, sometimes on the right and MOST of the time it’s both straight across. Has anyone ever had that feeling? It’s really annoying. I mean, I can tolerate it, but it’s just really damn annoying.

  97. Rishi Reply

    I have really bad abdominal pains and a very bad lower back pain. I have also emptied my bowels a lot for the last two days, I’m feeling very tired and week and emotional, what could it be?

  98. The Dark Knight Reply

    I have abdominal pain a lot..not like cramping but just hurting and sometimes it feels like cramping,,,sex is usually painful starting off and yesterday at the doctors they said the found a little blood in my urine and since i have had implanon for two years and rarely get cycles that it could just be my cycle trying to start…I’ve had this for a little over a week now and been to the doctors twice but they do not seem worried at all..any idea? is the doctor right? its just never done this before in two years.

  99. Arminator Reply

    I’ve been weight training for a long time now and I’m pretty strong and lean, however, I always have a problem with certain ab exercises because my legs are really long. Some exercises include: V-ups, tuck-ups, jack knife, windshield wipers… the ones that include using my legs to contract my stomach. Mind you, my abs are pretty strong and toned, but how can I improve on these certain exercises? another problem is that since my legs are long, it’s hard for me to round my back when i’m lifting them up off the floor (shoulders too) to hold that position. My back naturally arches because my legs make it unbalanced. There’s so many abdominal exercises i’m missing out on! what can i do!??!

  100. Paul M Reply

    Hey everyone!
    I have a question – please only people with some medical knowledge answer. I’m a medical student, so i have some idea about this stuff, but i’m at a loss!

    I have had a 5-6 month history of episodic right lower abdominal pain. To quickly summarise my history – i have endometriosis, which i had a laparotomy to treat in July last year, at which time I also had a Mirena put in.

    So i started having this pain, and it was originally roughly once a month. I assumed it was related to the Mirena, or cycles, or something.

    However, in the last few months it has become more frequent, and more severe, and completely unrelated to whatever ‘cycles’ i may have while on the Mirena. It disappears between 6-24 hours after it began.

    Its also always in the same place, roughly midway between my bellybutton and the top of my pelvis, and 3-4 inches to the right.

    The pain can become very severe, and i feel very nauseous at times.

    So heres my actual question. does anyone have any idea what it is????
    The fact that it goes away makes me think its not my appendix. Its too lateral to be my uterus, too frequent to be ovulatory pain….
    I’m at a loss!

    My GP dismissed it (in fact didnt even let me finish desribing it)- I’m not worried that its something thats going to kill me, but i’m sick of it as im on practical rotations and I would like it to be gone!! My problem is that without having an idea, I have no idea what kind of doctor to see.

    Please, anybody, help!

  101. NC Baller Reply

    What are some advanced abdominal exercises (I’m tired of doing crunches)?

  102. Moore, Ron Reply

    soo i havent got my period yet…on the other hand i did have sex with my bf like 2 weeks ago he ejaculated in me but i wasnt ovulating..but ive been getting headaches,and bad abdominal pains and feeling really nauseated..and weird mood swings..mayby its a virus idk anyone know why could this be happening?
    idk if its all in my head..

  103. andresumoza Reply

    I have a dull pain which has been there for a few days. It’s in the left side of my abdominal area near to the bellybutton. It’s starting to give me a bit of discomfort. Other than that my appetite has not changed and my diet is fairly healthy. I do get run down a bit as I exercise a lot and get 6 hours sleep most nights, any suggestions? Could it be serious or just something that will pass over time.

  104. happyha31 Reply

    I feel constant pressure /bloating feeling near my upper right abdominal area for almost 5 months now. I recently got an blood test for the Cea Ca-125 Alpha fetoprotein; they all came back negative. I also got an MRI that shows an unconfirmed report of liver lesions
    , they say I need a follow up until next month… Can liver lesion cause these symptoms or is it liver cancer? Also I got a gastroenterology test that says I have an small ulcer in my stomach with a inflammation. I am on omeprazole for 3 weeks, but the symptoms are still there. Whats wrong? Can this be liver cancer?
    Thanks, Also this pressure is relieved when I lay down? Why does this happen?

  105. Blake Reply

    how to do abdominal crunches more effectively?
    ive been doing crunches and my abs were sore at first, now its not and i dont easily feel the burn.
    is there any more effective or harder way of doing crunches?
    and plus i do lots of different kinds of crunches including lef lifts
    thanks :)

  106. Joe M Reply

    Severe Abdominal Pain in entire abdomen?

    Hi, I’ve had this pain for the second time in a year and a half. It’s excruciating. I can Barely breathe without it causingmypain toworsen.I’ve beentoa doctorbutthey say its just IBS.

    Pain described: Stabbing Sudden then worsens Entire abdomen It hurts to breath, walk, talk, andmoveingeneral.

    Other info: BM are always changing Blood in stool and on Toilet paper on occasions Nausea a lot (not pregnant recently started using nuvaring) Pain before pregnancy was so bad I couldn’t move out of bed (I stayed in the fetal position for an hr) Pain went away after gettin.g pregnant Pain reoccurred 8 months after having son.

    I have no medical now, so I have to refuse to see a Dr until I get approved.

  107. friendly 4 Reply

    Few days ago I felt pressure in my lower abdominal. Then it got pretty painful. It became difficult to use the restroom. It was even hard just to urinate. The pain got worse and at times I was unable to move. It hurt just to twist and turn while lying down. Pain worsened every time I moved my torso even by a little bit. What do you think is causing this problem? I’ve been thinking that maybe it is caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Or I thought maybe my ovarian cysts came back. But what are other possibilities? I am in my early 20s.
    Also I have hard time trying to straighten out my back and sit in certain ways. And even when I am in a position where I don’t feel much pain, just one slight touch to any part of my abdominal causes more pain.

  108. Keegan Reply

    the mri report that I was given, for back pain, says that I have sevaral small abdominal retroperitoneal lymph nodes, and a 8 x 13 hepatic lesion on the liver, and that I should find a doctor to check this out.

  109. che-che Reply

    At what waist measurement is a female considered to have abdominal obesity?

  110. opurt Reply

    On both sides of your abdomen. I’ve had 3 ultra sounds over the course of the last year or so, and they can’t find anything out of the ordinary. I know that the majority of my family has IBS, but I’m not sure of the symptoms.

    I also have lower abdominal cramping, as well as an upset stomach from time to time.

    Any ideas??????

  111. Denali Reply

    During the past couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I haven’t had much of an appetite and dark fecal matter but not black (no blood). The worst of it all is the rectal/abdominal cramps. What could it be? Please don’t say go to the hospital now or something like that because quite frankly 1. that will scare me and 2. I would rather wait to go to the doctor.

  112. davemc74656 Reply

    I have been having upper left abdominal pain for about 8 months usually occurs after i eat or drink anything..or when i am full..when i burp or or feel heartburn type symptoms coming..i am very curious what this pain is it has been driving me insane..i have read many suggestions online but no symptoms seem to be the exact same as the ones i am feeling..if any one has any suggestions or have the same pains occuring i would appriciate some suggestions..when first telling my doctors they said it was normal and they were not worried about it..but its been occuring for so long and is starting to get rediculis…thanks for your the way i am a 19 year old male 6 foot 1 about 220 pounds

  113. shahrukh Reply

    I have had lower abdominal pain, fever, heartburn, and nausea for 4 days now- what could this be?
    The pain is very low- possibly pelvic area. 2 weeks ago I had same symptoms on my right side- now it is on both sides. I’m 99% positive it is not pregnancy. 2 weeks ago I thought maybe it was appendicitis, but it went away. To add a little more graphics, it feels like I need to “go” but I can’t.

  114. Kevin Reply

    I’m 25F army spouse-I had a lapascopy and tubal ligation on 3-20-07,
    next day I had severe pain on my left side I went back on base the
    next day with a nice ambulance ride due to a bruise and pain they
    just gave me some morphine and I was discharge the same day. 4 days
    later I ended up off base in another hospital with a 12cm*10cm
    abdominal wall hematoma and was hospitalized, then discharged and to
    the ER about 4 times after that. They told me I had to get a drain
    Back on base to have another surgery to put a drainage pump with
    another incisition on my navel. I been through hell and back with
    severe pain, unable to work and do anything plus I suffer from ddepression. I been taking percocets 5/day n been going to pain
    managment and now they are sending me to the neurologist. I can’t
    seat for a long time, raise my left leg for exercise is very weak,
    nor use my stomach muscles because the pain on my left side about 5in
    from my navel kills me. what can i do?
    Well I had antibiotics in the second op the drainage pump, but they never put me on anything after the first surgery which I think is what they usually do. THe chief GYN on base kept me with percocets for 3months and then thePain DR took had me do a CT scan and it said the hematoma was nearly gone. He cut my dosage down to 3/day and gave me some elavil for depression, but I have my wellbutrin already and just added this for my sake. I tried to do it but the pain was driving me crazy so He said he can’t do anything else, so adjusted my percocets back to 7.5/3 day instead of 5mg/5day he thinks it might be a nerve so by me going to the neurolodgist, he can block the nerve and the pain could be gone. I truely hope so, So I can live my life and enjoy it with my 6yr old daughter. I know that the only thing that has kept me sane is my faith. I have been really patient doing what they tell me to do but is been almost 6mths and I’m worse than before this damn surgery. God Bless N Thank U

  115. Moore, Ron Reply

    So lately I wake up in the morning with upper abdominal pain. I think it might have to do with my sleep. Last week i went to bed any where from 10 p.m.- 1 am. And get up at 6 a.m. The time I went to bed at 1 a.m. the pain was worse. I wake up and after a few seconds then pain starts to come. Should I go to the doc? My mom doesn’t want to because it doesn’t happen through the whole day.

  116. Gundown64 Reply

    Hi, I’m 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and have had abdominal cramps on and off for the last week. The problem is that last night I woke at 3 am with severe cramps in my back and abdomen. Unlike previous times when I just changed position and it went away it stayed for about half an hour and was radiating right around me, not really so much in the middle but the sides and back hurt. Is this normal? I’ve already had one miscarriage and I’m really worried. I’m seeing my doc tomorrow. Thanks.
    I’ve not had any spotting/bleeding whatsoever.

  117. xLittle21Yaox Reply

    just saw an advert on a heath site claiming having identified 5 foods to burn abdominal fat for men.
    I’m concern about been ripped of again with a miracle cure.
    Has anyone checked it out?

  118. Harry Reply

    Hey, I’m a 15 year old guy and am 130 pounds. I am not a super chubby kid at all but for some reason all my fat seems to collect in my abdominal region. I really want to get rid of it somehow. I eat pretty healthy and I get good nutrition n stuff. I also swim for 2.5 hours every day on the swim team and do a lot of deck work (crunches, leg lifts, ect.) there too. I don’t know what to do about it. Any help? Thanks!

  119. blarg blarg Reply

    what is the meaning of abdominal ptosis it’s symptoms and causes?

  120. Maggie Reply

    I have been having abdominal pain in the right lower side for months now. DO I have irritable bowel sydrome or chronic appendicitis or something else? Please help im so sick of this! WHAT CAN THIS BE? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! IT STARTED OUT AS A DULL ANNOYING PAIN IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY. AND NOW ITS GETTING MORE PAINFUL!! WHAT IS THIS???? IM NAUSEOUS FROM THE PAIN! PLEASE HELP ME! IM SOOOOOOO SICK OF THIS AND WANNA FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS!!!!


  121. Sonny Reply

    I am 33 years old, just finished my period 4 days ago, and for the past 24 hours have had lower abdominal pain, goes away when I take tylonel, feels like pulling/cramps…………i do have a doc appt but not until Thurs, any ideas?

  122. The Villain Reply

    I have really bad abdominal pain where I fell to the floor last week in pain, went to one doctor and he told me that it could be my appendix yet when I went to see a different doctor he did some tests and told me it was a bladder infection. I was given antibiotics for 5 days but only took it for 4 days as one of my family members put it in the bin by mistake. I still have bad abdominal pain and I am always tired but I am not pregnant. I used to have very bad abdominal pain and got loads of tests done in the hospital about a year ago but they didn’t find anything wrong and just turned around and told me it was probably due to stress but this pain is a lot worse. Any ideas? Thank you

  123. Alina Elliott Reply

    I have had reoccurring abdominal pain for a month this lasts about 3-4 days being 2 weeks apart. This time I am getting small red spots/patches on me in random places( wrist, under chin, under eye) but there are only a few.
    Is this something I should be worried about?

  124. Bryan J Reply

    My mum is lying on the couch nearly to the point of crying… she is complaining of unbearable abdominal pains and she has not slept all night. She has been sitting on the toilet and throwing up the majority of the time… she claims this is the worst she has ever felt… anyone who can help PLEASE ANSWER! No stupid answers either… Thank you!
    I’m thinking it may be Kidney Stones…

  125. NC Baller Reply

    When having both an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound done for say lower left pelvic pain, does the sonographer only look at the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus) bladder and kidneys?

    Are they able to view your colon and bowel as well? If you say had an enlarged lymph node or a hernia in your lower left pelvis and had a pelvic or abdominal ultrasound done, would this be seen on the ultrasound or picked up if the sonographer wasn’t looking specifically for these things?

    I’m just trying to figure out what can and can’t be seen with a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and that if you have a palpable lump in your pelvis (and it was not a mass (cyst), what else could it be that would/could be seen on the pelvic or abdominal ultrasound?

  126. xiM Clutch Reply

    im a 15 year old girl… ive been having a pain in my lower left abdominal area, it feels like a cramp. i went to the doctor for it, got urine & blood tests and they came back normal, they felt around and didnt feel anything. but today i felt the pain again (because it comes and goes) so i felt around and felt kinda deep and felt a lump.. well more like a longish one and its tender. what could this be? whenever i run thats where i get my cramp, and sometimes when im just laying down. its random. but if this could be something i wanna know!
    also my hips have been hurting when i walk, usually in the mornings, hurts a lot

  127. Sriram R Reply

    I’m having trouble understanding why the abdominal aorta is sectioned into “proximal, mid and distal”. Shouldn’t it be sectioned into superior and inferior sections? If proximal means closest to the point of attachment, when referring to the abdominal aorta, is the point of attachment the heart? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  128. Krazy Bob Reply

    Hello. I started having severe abdominal cramp “attacks” today for the first time in my life (I am a 16 year old male).

    The pain was not as bad at first, but as these cramp attacks went on, the pain became worse and worse. At one point it became so excruciating (for about 30 seconds straight, it felt like 30 MINUTES) that I felt that it wouldn’t stop and that I was going to die. It felt like the pain I imagine a woman would feel when giving birth, but most likely 10x less severe. The most I could do was stumble to my couch, breathe in and out very intensely, and wait for the pain to pass. I tried to massage my stomach area, but it only made the pain worse.

    One affected area was a portion of the skin between the belly/appendix area and my private parts, my waist area. The pain was aligned dead center to my belly button. The other affected area was the bottom of my butt, the area right below/on the bottom of my bladder.

    I had the urge to poop the whole time, but every time I sat on the toilet and tried, I would start cramping again (I had to push/squeeze as the excrement wouldn’t come out on it’s own). During my worst attack, I mustered enough energy to stumble to the toilet. I felt like I was going to die, so I had to “push”/”squeeze” as hard as I could to take my focus off of the pain.

    During this time I excreted a large amount of waste (my stool was mainly soft), and the pain went away almost immediately. However, a couple of hours later I started having both those cramps again and the urge to “go”, so I did, and the pain went away. The cycle repeated itself once again after that. I “went” three times in one day. I do not remember if I went to the bathroom to poop yesterday or not.

    Now, I just feel this constant, unwavering pressure in my lower abdominal area. However, the pressure is painless and does not prevent me from doing my daily activities.

    I posted this question to see what kind of condition I have.

    Thanks for your answer.

  129. encyclopath Reply

    abdominal mesothelioma symptoms

  130. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused Reply

    I went to the ER due to an abdominal pain. When I got there they didi series of test and was told that I Will need a ct SCAN. the technician misread my test and did a ct scan of my abdominal. After the scan, he told me that I have a fibroid and send me to ultrasound. well the ultrasound shows that i’m 7 weeks pregnant. I’m worried about my unborn baby and the impact of radiation on him or her. Please has anyone been through this before. Pls help i’m really worry.

  131. Malcolm Hudson Reply

    my lower back started hurting after i was on the computer for a couple of hours this morning. gradually it got worse, but not too bad. i just masturbated (clitoris) and then got an excruciating abdominal pain where i could barely walk correctly for a minute or so. its been about 5 minutes and the pain isnt so bad, except when i move too much. im a virgin but i skipped my period this month…i was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong? thanks!
    i also skipped last month…if that has anything to do with it.

  132. lucasg615 Reply

    I am a 27 year old male and for the last couple of months i keep getting woken up bout 7/8 in the morning by an abdominal pain it’s like I’ve been punched in the kidneys and I’m winded as soon as I get up 4 a bit the pain eases takes bout 20/30 mins. I’ve been to the doctor who said it might b kidney stones but that has come back all clear now there saying it could be muscle related problems but all I know it’s not getting better if anyone could shed any light on this I would b so pleased as it’s really starting to ruin my life!!!!

    Thank you
    Kevin paice

  133. Brian Reply

    I have a sick feeling but I don’t have a fever or anything. I also have abdominal pain whenever I cough, sneeze or laugh and I also feel nausea sometimes. Sometimes I also feel numbness in different parts of my body but I always get that. I’m 14yrs old and I just got back from our camping last night.

    My shoulder hurts as well, just to let you know…

  134. xLittle21Yaox Reply

    Over the past four years I have been having infrequent attacks of severe abdominal pain. After some investigating, my doctors thought this was related to my gallbladder, but the ultrasound showed nothing. They ended up treating me for an ulcer. The attacks are still happening even after treatment. Ultimately, it was decided the problem was biliary cholic.
    I get these attacks about four times a year. Each attack results in a trip to the emergency department, where I am given injections of gravol and a narcotic pain killer like Demerol or Dilaudid for the pain.

    The pain is from my bellybutton to where my ribs meet – and sometimes wraps around my ribs migrating into my back. X-rays and ultrasounds always come back fine. My bloodwork shows an elevated white blood cell count. Liver, kidney, and pancreatic function are always normal. I’m being sent for a HIDA scan soon. Does anyone have any ideas of what this pain could be if it isn’t my gallbladder?

  135. Big Banger Reply

    I came off using citalopram 10mg i was on the medication for years, i came off it about 2 months ago and since coming off i been having bad lower abdominal pain with i get 24/7 and sometimes the pain goes round to the lower back and also get nausea allot for no reason.

    I been to the doc who gave me pills for acid but it has not done much, i was also told by someone else that this might be due to anxiety and if i go back on citalopram the symptoms im having will go away.

    So at this point i dont know what to do because what if i go back on citalopram the the symptoms still persist? that means i have to come back off it again which was a bad experience the first time i did and dont really want to go through that again.

    Any thoughts or help on this would be great! :)

  136. Alina Elliott Reply

    I think I have adhesions from my 6 abdominal surgeries. What are the symptoms of bowel obstruction due to adhesions?

    My symotoms:

    Severe left flank pain (7 out of 10)
    Abdominal pain (lower around navel mainly 6-7 out of 10)
    Vomiting almost immediately after eating (within 15-20min and not every time)
    Nausea constantly
    Reduced bowel movements (maybe 1-2 a week)
    Also runnier movements when I do have a BM
    Blood in urine
    Passed 4 kidney stones in 1 year (2012-2013)
    2 kidney infections in 9 months (after csection and hysterectomy)

    My surgeries:

    2007 – ovarian cyst removal
    2011 – gall bladder removal (26wks pregnant)
    2011 – myomectomy (7+lb fibroid)
    2012 – appendectomy (9 wks pregnant)
    2012 – csection 2013 – hysterectomy (laparscopic leaving left ovary)

    Any advice would be great. I’m in a lot of pain right now. I went to ER ALOT bc of no ins before I found my current pcp. So ers are relunctant to help with my pain. I do have a dr appt tomorrow. Please help.

  137. Sonny Reply

    I want to do exercises to achieve well defined abdominal muscles (six pack).

    I know that you have to eat really nutritious as much as you train. But I already have almost no body fast, because I have a really fast metabolism.

    Also, when I tense my abs, I can already see the creases where they are supposed to be, even though I never worked out my abs. And I’m 13. But don’t say I’m too young, because I know several kids in my school who already have a six pack.

    I tried the bicycle crunch, but it’s too hard to do perfectly. I always mess up with the pedaling motion with your feet.

    So is there any other good ab (and oblique) exercise, that doesn’t require equipment?

  138. Dana G Reply

    during sex i started gettin cramps in the abdominal region and ive had diaherra for two weeks someone please tell me what this means

  139. Dom L Reply

    Is it when your belly stands out??? Or/and flabs?? How does abdominal weight gain look like and what is it??

  140. whites are not the only racists Reply

    Only this evening, I started to get a stitch feeling in the upper left abdominal. It’s only mild but it’s really annoying and gets worse with movement. I don’t have any diarrhea or vomiting. What could it be? :)

  141. D3ZZY Reply

    My doc is closed today and since 2 days back I’ve been feeling:
    Abdominal and pelvic pain
    Constant Urination
    A constant headache
    and now a slight fever

    If it helps, I do have cysts in my right ovary and am taking birth control pills about that.

    What’s wrong with me guys??

    Thanks :D

  142. ConfusionnaJob Reply

    so I used to get hemorrhoids every now and then and so when I would have them and go to the bathroom there would be a tiny amount of blood when I wiped. Then a few weeks ago out of nowhere I got extremely sick my fever was around 102 for two days and I was completely out of it. I had severe pains in my lower left side. They thought it was a kidney infection from a bladder infection but when they sent it to the lab it came back negative and the symptoms had gone away. Now I’ve been having abdominal pain again after I get heavyish bleeding in my stool. Like, I feel like I’m getting a period out of my butt when I go to the bathroom, heavy. What is this and what should I do about it? I currently don’t have any hemorrhoids unless theyre on the inside but it doesn’t hurt when sitting so I don’t know…
    i called a doctor and I have to wait over a month for an appt

  143. sarah w Reply

    i usually don’t get too bad of monthly cramps, due to the fact im on the depo shot, but i got my shot about two weeks ago, and a week later i had sex with my boyfriend without the use of a condom, but ever since then i have had very painful cramps and abdominal soreness. im not sure if its because i haven’t been sexually active for about a year, and if my body is adjusting or if its something i need checked out.

  144. Yoshi Reply

    I have pulled my abdominal muscles but i was told i could still play in a football game. Throughout the game I felt really breathless so I was wondering, is this normal for people who have pulled their stomach muscles? Also, what can be done to treat the pull?

  145. Cpt Excelsior Reply

    so lately i’ve been having abdominal pain and sore breast( comes and go and its just a mild sore) and i’ve been bloating a lot. belching like crazy. i had unprotected sex but we were very careful. i stopped taking the pills because my period went haywire.well anyways, I bought two packets of the pregnancy test and i was so curious to know whether i was pregnant or not so i used one and it was negative. i took the pregnancy test 4 days before my period was due. i was just so curios and anxious.i a very worried. i was wondering, how many percent can a pre-cum make a woman pregnant? in need of help. thank you.
    i used to have abdominal pain but it wasn’t as painful as to what i am feeling now. maybe it is better if i try to calm myself and not to stress out myself so that my period will come. in need of proper advice. thank you so very much.

  146. Harriet W Reply

    For the entire afternoon I’ve been trying to find out what the cause of my abdominal pain could be, but searching hasn’t yielded much results because apparently my symptoms dont fit anything specifically. While I dont expect to find the exact answer on Yahoo you never know who else has experienced these things.
    Background; I’m a bit on the heavy side and live with my boyfriend who is a heavy smoker. Developed a cough from it, but he’s since started moving outside to smoke. Dont eat 3 meals a day (cant afford it), stressed almost constantly, and I get less than 5 hours of sleep a night due to work and family obligations.

    Okay, so this sort of happens every so often, but the last time I can remember is several months ago, where I’ll get a growing pain in my upper abdomen (favoring no side) that sort of feels like someone dug fish hooks into my innards and is pulling them in opposite directions. The pain worsens during standing, and if I distend my stomach. (anytime you throw ‘distend’ into a search for abdominal pain a whole slew of different problems comes up. My stomach is not distending on it’s own, the pain increases when I physically distend it by pushing my stomach out).

    Today the pain started like that, just a growing fish-hook discomfort, but its started increasing a bit in magnitude regarding the level of pain. Normally it just hurts and I let it pass, but this time the pain is a little more centralized on my right. (It’s still the same pain on both ends, but when I distend my stomach purposely the pain increases in the right a little). Sitting helps, sitting forward and standing hurts a little more too. Yawning, which causes my stomach to distend, is the most painful, and will stop me in my tracks, but if I hold my stomach down when I yawn then it’s fine.

    As of now the pain is subsiding, but I cant find symptoms like this anywhere on the web. I’d like to avoid the doctor since I already have to see them for a couple lumps on my lymphnodes (basket case I am) and I already owe them 200 I cant pay back so yeah. Personal experience or advice would help great. If I have to go Dr….I’ll figure something out.

  147. Xbox Gamer Reply

    Just looking for some really good exercises to tone my lower abs as it pokes out quite a bit compared to the rest of my abs. Thankyou!

  148. fattiemanny Reply

    i been trying to get results on my abdominal area, you know the six pack and i feel like i don’t work it hard enough I mean i do feel the burn on my stomach when i do leg raises, bicycles…etc. for like 8 min
    but i just can feel my abs but can’t see them, yes i do cardio 20 minutes a day on my incline treadmill
    my point is “how long is an effective abs workout?” so i can make it visible.

    please give me a good answer.

  149. Jason Reply

    no matter what abdominal exercises i do, i don’t ever feel like i get a “burn”, i’m never sore the next day. believe me, i work them out and try doing different things. i’ve never had a really flat stomach. my personnal trainers having remarked that i am stronger than i look.

    what can i do, to REALLY work them out. i have used the slant board with weights, ball, medicine ball, leg lifts…


  150. sethburger Reply

    I am 20 and I am not too skinny.Now i am starting 100 push ups daily in sets of abdominals not good.i want to grow muscle of abdominal and deltoids muscle.suggest some home exercises…Thank you.

  151. PillowMan1234 Reply

    as i have 2 kids (4yrs & 10 months old),both C-section babies,it is difficult to find find time 2 go to gym.

  152. altair Reply

    I already do 40 minutes of cardio every day and my stomach has shrunk as I eat really healthy, don’t snack etc and have a treat maybe once a week. I would like my stomach to be really flat and I’m working on my top abs, but I only know a few exercises for the lower part of my stomach, tips or exercises for lower abs would be much appreciated !

  153. zaclo Reply

    its raining outside and i feel really bloated, any good exercises i can do to not feel so bloated??

  154. ConfusionnaJob Reply

    Hello there. One of my main problems is that I can’t seem to workout my obliques or get them sore/tired like a typical muscle after a good workout. That, or I just don’t know any good oblique exercises. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

  155. veemodz Reply

    I put together my own ab workout routine in attempt at 6-pack abs based on several instructional videos that I have seen. I am only 17 and I was hoping that someone with a little more expertise in the field could offer some help.

    Ab Routine:
    1. Stability Ball Ab Crunch
    2. Bicycle Crunches
    (Sorry I don’t know the names of the exercises so I will refer to the video I got them from.)
    3. First exercise seen in the video below.
    4. Second exercise.
    5. Third exercise.
    6. Last exercise.

    *Note* I am also doing cardio, running 2 days then resting 1.
    — Thanks!

  156. Clayton Cottrell Reply

    more specifically, my quads seem to pull/tighten when i should be feeling the effect of my sit-ups etc in my abs
    any idea why this happens?

  157. Roar me R Reply

    Well as the title says, I get pain in my lower back whenever I do Abdominal exercises. What could be the reason for my back pain? Weak lower pain? Poor form? Im just a little confused and not sure what to do.

  158. therundown2k3 Reply

    I do about 400 sit ups and crunches a night, but for some reason it feels like it is only working out my upper abs and not my lower ones, i want to include my whole abdomen and not just a section you know? What exercise is good for the lower portion of your abdominal muscles?

  159. sethburger Reply

    I have doing my Abdominal Exercise since last two Months but i can’t able to reduce my lower Abdominal Fat it is still there so, please someone post me the Exercise for reducing lower Abdominal Fat.

  160. nick s Reply

    I am trying to get a more toned stomach. Before December comes? And what is the best exercise to tone your waist and whole stomach region? Any advice?

  161. Kevin Reply

    I really need some well-working ab exercises!! Some tips on getting a flatter stomach would be great too. Pleaseeee help! I’m not fat but I’m a gymnast working on a full-twist and I feel that having stronger abs will definately help. Thanks lots!


  162. Cpt Excelsior Reply

    The title pretty much says it all…what are some good (and preferably easy and cheap exercises) that I can do to have a great stomach by summer?

  163. DuckieM10 Reply

    recently while exercise i felt a pain in my groin. it happened after 10 hours of the workout i started recieving poain it doesnt have any hernia symptoms and it has improved drastically. im just making sure.

  164. Shay H Reply

    I am now on 12th postoperative day of emergency laprotomy. please suggest when can i start my exercise & what exercises can i is for bilateral ovarian cysts & sigmoid colon adhesions with posterior wall of uterus & right ovary.

  165. floydian8717 Reply

    i have an exercise ball and i want to keep doing my regular routines, but i wanted to make sure it was safe..

  166. slipknot0129 Reply

    I know some ab exercises but will doing the plank actually help you develop a six pack? Also can someone give me a weekly schedule of what i can do to develop a six pack. I’m 6’2” 180 pounds. Thank you.

  167. lucasg615 Reply

    Hi. Since I have this bulging disc problem and cannot do any abdominal exercises like sit up. The problem is my belly is getting bigger and bigger but can’t do any exercise in abdominal parts. Is there any abdominal machine out there that I can buy for this particular problem? Please help. Thank you so very much

  168. callofduty5123412 Reply

    Ok anyone with half a brain knows situps work your hip flexors, and crunches are just as retarded. I know that really seeing abs is more a function of having low body fat. I am in the process of losing that body fat though, and my abs are really coming in well. But I do want to build more muscle there.
    What is a good HIGH INTENSITY AB EXERCISE. By high intensity I mean an exercise that I can do isometric or very low reps (3-6) and hit failure. Sorry if I come across as rude but 95% of the people on here have no clue what they are talking about. I would love to hear from someone with real bodybuilding experience

  169. Andre Reply

    exactly what it says,
    anyone got any tips?!

  170. krow147 Reply

    Ive always was told that it was okay to do abdominal exercises everyday, like crunches, sit-ups etc… not needing to worry about rest days, but some people tell me i CANT workout my stomach muscles everyday, and some still say i CAN… can i or CANT i? Thanks :-)

  171. Sophia C Reply

    I just want to know which abdominal muscles does the normal plank work. Can it contribute to getting a six pak? How many minutes should I do to get six pack.

  172. diggn4richez Reply

    Because of genetics any ‘extra’ fat I have goes to my abdominal area, now im not fat but im not skinny either and I’ve noticed this also with men in my family. I want to know what exercises (simple ones) target abdominal fat.

  173. Jason Reply

    Hi I have started to do abdominal exercises everyday but I am starting to wonder if this is bad and like weight training and there should be a day of rest?
    I currently do
    50 x crunches
    50 x reverse crunches
    30 x squats
    50 x oblique exercises

  174. Xbox Gamer Reply

    What conditioning drills and exercises do you recommend to build up your abdominal strength? What exercises do you do and how many reps?

  175. Oilers Reply

    Okay so I’ve done crunches in all positions and can’t find a single one that works my LOWER stomach. HELP!? and any other good exercises because i have a feeling im doing it all wrong. ANYTHING is fine to suggest. im just tired of being fat.

  176. Courtney Reply

    I am 5 ’11 and weigh 130 and a female. I want to lose weight I am on a diet and I exercise a lot but I have lower ab issues. My question is what are good exercises for lower abs I am fine with my upper.

  177. Thomas Lopez Reply

    I’m really wanting to lose weight, and I know ‘spot’ training, or whatever, doesn’t work, but I’d really like to work on my abs/stomach.
    Have any exercises besides the original crunch?

  178. sam N Reply

    I don’t have any equipment at home, I can’t afford anything fancy, nor a gym membership. What would be some good exercises I can do at home that will help with weight loss and toning of the muscles? I have bad knees (patella femoral syndrome in both) so I have to be careful about certain exercises so it doesn’t bother them too much (squats for instance, my doctor doesn’t want me to do too much of).

  179. Spider Pc Reply

    Can someone give me a list of abdominal and pectoral exercises?

  180. Scorch Delta-62 Reply

    I don’t have any equipment at home, I can’t afford anything fancy, nor a gym membership. What would be some good exercises I can do at home that will help with weight loss and toning

  181. llb443 Reply

    I am losing fat now, so who can tell me how to lose abdominal fat fast?
    The more the better !
    Thank you all!

  182. Mistry Reply

    Okay, so I’ve been dieting and I’ve already lost 7 pounds. I’m currently 125.8 and my goal weight is 119-120. Since I am losing the weight, now what I need are some good abdominal exercises so I can really start focusing on my mid section. I do 50 abdominal crunches on the Ab Lounge daily as well as 40 oblique crunches on each side, however I am becoming ‘conditioned’ to that even when I up the number of reps. I’ve always heard that’s it’s about intensity not quantity so any suggestions anyone has as to how I can work my mid section harder is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  183. Michael K Reply

    I am losing fat now, so who can tell me how to lose abdominal fat fast?
    The more the better !
    Thank you all!

  184. Coffee t Reply

    Is this a good ab exercise? sry about video quality :P

  185. David Reply

    I’m looking for any lower abdominal exercises video or inner thigh exercises

  186. whites are not the only racists Reply

    I don’t want to sound conceded, but I like my body, except my tummy. It’s not fat, but it’s not flat either and I am very self-consious and I want people to like how I look. If you have any good exercises please help!! thank you!

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